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odds & ends
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    • yes I remember him well! I forget his girlfriend's name and recognise you from your photo. Me and my Brother Rob(r.i.p) used to go to Wakefield Tiff's(Mecca) remember The Dance team well. I think Ian Gourley has a bar or had a bar in Ibiza or Menorca called tin Pan alley. Last saw him at the Metrodome when he flew over for his Dad's funeral quite a few years ago Good times 
      Regards Fred Ward.
    • Oh that is so beautiful Pip!  18 hours for you to get to the mountain retreat on a bus though. I broke my ankle 4/7 and am struggling sitting on a sofa for 3 hours at a time !! 
      Aw that’s really kind of you offering the courtesy of your mountain retreat. It does sound the perfect place to unwind from absolutely everything, thing is, I probably would never want to come back to the UK ha ha 
      It is lovely hearing how you have a nice life over there with Melly, Widy & Tiwi.
      Stay Happy Pip
      Take care & bye for now 
      Ali x
    • Idyllic may be a bit strong, but a good life yes.  Widy and Tiwi are a blessing, but live in Jakarta and we are an 18 hour bus journey away.  Which leads me to extending the offer to you and all who knew me, to stay with us in our mountain retreat.  Its close to Jogja (Yogyakarta) which I think is the nicest city in Indonesia, which also means that its close to Candi Borobudur and even closer to Candi Prambanan.  Nevertheless it is very remote, no bars, no western food, no supermarkets, no doctors, no transport to speak of, poor mobile and internet coverage, but beautiful and peaceful (see photo).

    • Hey Pip
      Great to hear back from you. No it’s not me who knows Kipper so you have other followers ha ha 

      You wouldn’t remember me from back then anyway because I was shy and quiet unlike the gobby chatterbox I am now 
      Love your comment about how you used to park at the side of the van that Derek used to be in at Wigan without realising it. My memory is not what it is used to be either but I’m sure it was Derek I was with when we called round at your flat, I can’t think who else I would have been with. Next time I see Derek I’ll grill him ha ha 
      Oh my goodness your life over in Indonesia sounds idyllic & the girls sound an absolute hoot. I bet life is never dull with them around. 
      Great to see you still have a love of Soul Music and it’s lovely that Widy is showing an interest too. If only Widy could see how you packed that dancefloor at Bradford, that would be something eh. 
      Your wedding picture is beautiful!!. Melly is stunning and the girls are just as beautiful as their Mum. You don’t carry the Sarong as well as David Beckham did but I guess he didn’t have a knife stuck down the back of his ...  It’s a truly gorgeous photo of you all!!
      I’m happy that you’ve found a wonderful life over there.
      Ali x
    • Here is a picture of Widy, me, Melly and Tiwi on the occasion of mine and Melly's marriage.  I hope you like my outfit?  Yes I am wearing a sarung and have a keris (knife) down the back of it. Pip

    • Hello Alison.  Yes its definitely me I lived in Rusholme (Curry Mile), Manchester.  Although previously I had lived in Chellow Dean in Bradford!  I have no recollection of Derek coming round to my flat.  I recently posted that I also had no idea that he was in the yellow Wakefield Tree Surgeons van that I always parked next to outside Wigan.  Alison are you the person that knows my mate Kipper, he tells of someone who he went up Blackpool Tower with that knew me?  Sorry for the terrible amnesia. 
      But I am very well and live up a mountain in Java with my wife Melly.  However, right now I am at our other house in Jakarta with Melly's daughter's Widy and Tiwi.  Widy and I are listening to Dave Thorley's Crossing the Tracks.  Widy rides a Vespa and all her friends keep asking me if I know all these people who dj a bit of soul around Jakarta, and honestly I don't.  Maybe that amnesia again?  
    • Hey Pip !
      You probably won’t remember me but I’m a friend of Derek Pearson’s and came back to your place in Manchester (Uni area)  after a nighter (I think) many years ago with Derek. I hope you’re well? 
      I still have all the brilliant cassette’s you did at Bradford Queens Hall “Rita, Sue & Dove too..” “Season’s of a Dove” and the others. They were a quality addition to my soul journey down those sweaty stairs so thank you. 
      I truly hope this message finds you safe & well?
      All the best
      Ali x
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