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special guests on soul discovery 209radio


Dates for your Diary:
Special Guests on Soul Discovery
Brain Goucher:
Soul-Essence - Saturday 3rd June
Shaun Robbins/ Bob "The Crate" Smith: Solar í¢â"šÂ¬" Saturday 17th June
First Experience records í¢â"šÂ¬" Saturday 1st July
To Come:
Mark Houghton: A New Chapter
Joslyn /Lab Addicts: Soul Choonz
Unified Tribe (Again in September 2006)
The BigO & Taffy: The Plinston
Ady Croasdell: Kent Records
Steve Jackson
Mike Ward
Jimmy Young

Choices for June 2006

Mick O'Donnell / Soul@209radio.co.uk Tel: 07810142911
Larome Power "Are you Lonley" (Waldoxy) cd
Lawrence Welton "Good Loving" (Ensight) cd
Black Box's "Fall into my love" (Jap cd)

Rod Dearlove/ www.voicesfromtheshadows.com Tel: 01964631457
James Whitney "I stiil love you the same way" (Forte) 7"
Sharon Revoal "Reaching for our star" (Forte) 7"
Candi Staton í¢â"šÂ¬" cd- (Honest Jons)

Brain Goucher/ www.soul-essence.co.uk
Roy Roberts "Let's our love last forever" (Rock House) cd
(Stunning sax laden dancer with top vocals,real instruments, don't stand a chance. But I'm getting a great reaction to spinning this,Yarmouth,Colin Browns doo in Derby & Kar Boddington doo a couple of weeks ago)
Black Box's "Fall into my love" (Jap cd)
Probably the best dancer I've hear in ages,astonished at the artists bearing in mind the mindless nonsense they bombarded the charts with..
General Crook "Thanks but no thanks" (Wand LP 74')
A stunning dancer I've revisited having recently acquired a mint copy of the album,if this had made it to a seven then it would be three figures and then some,because everyone would want one.String laden dancer with a great arrangement and once again top vocals,which I spun at Thorne,Munster's Pitches etc numerous times.

Fish / www.firstexperiencerecords.com Tel: 01162375461
Rosie Gaines - Number 1 cd album (Susu)
Rosie's back with an impressive feast of midtempo soul.
Billy Griffin - Like Water cd album (Expansion)
Shades of Phil Perry on this excellent dancer - the title cut to his new album.
Maxine Braham - If 12" Remix (BKO)
Fantastic Bah Samba remix of this top tune that takes it to another level.

Mark Hougton/ A New Chapter
Stage 3 - Are you still in love - Mac
Charlie Brown -Let's go steady-CLM
Marva W Taylor -Nothing I'd rather be (than your weakness)-Forte`

The Big O / Plinston Tel: 01462672003
Bettye Swann "I Want Sundays Back Again" (You Better believe It Vol 2 CD *unissued)
Jackie Moore "Behind Closed Doors" (You Better Believe It Vol 2 CD * unissued)
The Servicemen "I'll Stop Loving You" (The Soul of the Street CD *Unissued)
Without doubt these 3 will remain my top 3 for the month, if not the year! They are all CD only tracks, all unissued and bugger me they are SOULFUL with a capital SOULFUL!!!! They are, in no order:
All 3 just beautiful midtempo Soul, check them out and do yourself a favour and BUY!!!!

Colin Brown/"Room at the Back" The Crown Inn Derby
Billy Bland "She's already married" (St Lawrence)
Captions "Don't take your arms away from me" (Millage)
Cleo Randle "Big city Lights" (Sta-Prest)

Steve Plumb - Three Orwellian spins
Tempests "Someday" (Smash) LP
Summits "I can't get over losing you" (Dontee)
Johnson Family "Peace in the family" (Atlantic)

Mike Charlton/www.soul-essence.co.uk
Morris Barnes"You can't be Real" Vertis 1993 (Promo only.2)
Curtis Walker"I Wanna Be in Your Arms to Joslyn night" (Jigga Ray) '7"1988
The Inclinations"The Harder We Try" Janus '45' 1972

Next Wednesday [b]7th June[/b]
A New Chapter" return Downstairs @ The Jam Bar, 123 Shoreditch High St London E1A


[color="#000000"]selection of tunes been featured over the last couple of months
Al Downing "I`m just nobody" (polydor) 7
Changing Tymes "You live only once" (AMG) 7
The Albert "One life" (Perception) LP
Jon Pierre Gee "Forgive" (Kandi) CD
Persuaders "Made to be loved" (It`s Soul time) CD
Miss Louistine "I don`t want to love nobody but you" (NWE) 7
Rev Donnie Hardiman and the Foundations of Soul "I can`t make it bymyself" (Sensational) 7
Little Milton "Guess how much i love you" (MCA) LP
Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye "My mistake (was to love you)" (Motown) 7
Roy Roberts -If you can`t put it out (Rock House) CD
Jimmy Ellis "Happy to be (the man you like to see)" (Century City) 7
Edwin Starr "Sweetest thing" (A.S.K) 12
James "Bootie" Tuten "I`ll never let you say goodbye" (Ultimate) 7
Daybreak "I need love/Everything man" (P&P) 7
Patti Stokes "Is it true" (Mir-a-don) 7
Fred Ross "When little Jesse hit the set" (Strokeland) CD
Dink Perry "Back to you" (KHP) CD
NYCC "Make every day count" (RCA) 7
Words of Wisdom "You`re a friend of mine" (9 Chains) 7
Topics "God and you" (Noodle) 7
James King "Easy Love" (Pyramid) 12
Conway Brothers "I can`t fight it" (Ichiban) 7
Clarence Carter "Danger Point" (ABC) LP
Kenny Shepard "What difference does it make" (Maxx) 7
Lou Pride "Love will make it alright" (Severn) CD
Joe Mcbride "I can never get enough" (Heads Up) CD
Tower of Power "This time it`s real" (Warner Brothers) 7


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