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black magic sounds 2nd two night weekend affair (barcelona)

[size="1"][b][size="2"]FRIDAY 19th MARCH & SATURDAY 20th MARCH

Hello Everybody!

We are happy to announce the second edition of the "Two Night Affair Weekend".The first weekender took place in the now shut and deeply missed "New York" music venue in Barcelona a few years back. As part of the the Black Magic Sounds club program of events (with the priceless collaboration of Moonshot Reggae Club) we return with what is going to be without any shadow of a doubt two vibrant nights for all soul and Jamaican music fans.

We will start on Friday at the "Rock Sound" venue with two young local DJ´s, Oriol "One Top" from the Blow Up Club and Carlos Armengol member of the Barsoulona DJ´s collective. Oriol co-organises the "Blow Up Meets Tribian" parties, he has spun records at several weekenders and allnighters as; Lex Luthor in La CoruíĮ’í" '±a, Straigten Up Boss Sounds Weekend, Sant Pol´s Scooter Rally or Boss Reggae just to name a few.The week before his session with us he will be Djing at the "Sombrero Club" in Turin in a tribute party to the Jamaican legend Jackie Opel.Oriol specialises in Jamaican rhythms of the sixties and beginning of the seventies, so we are expecting the cream of the crop when it comes down to ska, reggae and rocksteady music. We also have great pleasure in having Carles Armengol join us to DJ, a passionate devotee of black American music in all its forms, from late fifties right up until eighties sounds.The word that best defines his style is SOUL, he plays Motown, Crossover, rare soul, 70´s, Modern and more.Carles has played at many festivals including Euroyeye, Beat Goes On, Wet Dream festival and Uppercut in Valencia. We can not think of a better way to start off the weekend than with these two young Djs.

On Saturday we will continue the weekender at the "Estraperlo" music venue in Badalona, sounds spun by the two star DJ´s of the night; Laurent "MTP" and Edu Domingo. Laurent comes from Montpellier, he co-organises and plays at the Buttshakin Parties since 2004.Those attending many local Scooter Rallies and other events like "Mondo Jerk", "It´s Gonna Be A Big Thing" in Valencia have already enjoyed and danced to his spectacular sessions.Crossover, modern and 70´s Soul are the styles he specialises in, so you better get ready!. The other star DJ of Saturday night is Edu Domingo, who needs little introduction as he has been a fixture in practically all the black music events across Spain for the last 15 years.His ability to make people dance to the sounds of early-soul/R&B, northern, modern soul, funk, ska, rocksteady and reggae have been proved time and time again, do not miss out on it!. We foresee a packed dance floor right up until 6 in the morning on Sunday, by that time our exhausted bodies (and sore feet) will know that the weekend has come to a happy conclusion!

The two night´s warm ups will be in the very capable hands of Dani Alpha Boys (Moonshot/Straighten Up) + Roger (Black Magic Sounds/Daily Records).

[b]DJ'S TOP TEN[/b]

1. Getto Kitty - Stand up and be counted
2. Dave Carbony - Magic Lady
3. Janeen Jordan - Mr. Magic Man
4. JNB - I'll be the one
5. Mel & Tim - Forever and a day

[i]BLOW UP![/i]
1. Gayletts - Son of a preacher man
2. Sound Dimension - Time is tight
3. Prince Buster - Try a little tenderness
4. Slim Smith - Somebody to love
5. Uniques - Too proud to beg

1. The Manhattans - I can't stand for you to leave me
2. Darrell Banks - I'm The One Who Loves You
3. Larry Davis & The Marvels - The Magic Is Gone
4. Collins & Collins - Top Of The Stairs
5. Lew Kirton - Heaven in the afternoon

[i]MOVIN' ON[/i]
1. Prince Buster - Dallas Texas
2. Shark Wilson - Make It Reggae
3. Spitting Image - JB's Latin
4. Charles Sheffield - It's your voodoo working
5. Mark Lou Williams feat Leon Thomas - Chief Natoma From Tacoma

[size="2"][color="#ff0000"][b]ADVANCED WEEKEND TICKET: 12 EUR[/b][/color]
(on sale at Daily Records)[/size]

[size="2"][b]FRIDAY 19th MARCH[/b][/size]

TICKET: 5 euros.
TIMING: 22.00 A 3.00 h.

[b][size="2"]SATURDAY 20th MARCH[/size][/b]
C/ Isidre Nonell 9
Pol. Ind. Can RibíĮ’í" '³, BADALONA

TICKET: 10 euros. (1 birra inclosa)
TIMING: 00.00 A 6.00 h.
- Last train: 23:05
- First train: 05:15
TAXI: 932250000


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