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wc oldies 2nd nov1979

From the album:

It was never the same after 1978

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I know I'm biased as it was I who took the picture but I still think it is one of my favourites of all the pictures I've ever seen of the inside of the Casino. It gives you a great idea of how big the main room was and just how busy it was on those oldies nights.

You might be thinking "thats a weird angle the photgraph was taken from" - well yes it was and I ain't seen many other photos taken from that position just below the ceiling looking from the left corner of the main room over the dance floor towards the record bar. It wasn't taken from the stage and nope I didnt have a handy pair of folding step ladders in my bag either.

Outside the mens toilets in the corner to the left of the stage were a flight of wide steps leading upstairs up the balcony. And to stop people sliding down the banister or whatever they'd fixed some vertical bits of wood from the ceiling to the banister. Well one of those bits of wood just happened to be missing and being the proud owner of a 28" waist at the time I was able to squeeze through the gap, lean out as far as I could and take the picture whilst avoiding the infamous prowling door staff.

Photo taken on one of those old manual Olympus Trip cameras.

This time I've added my initials and date onto the photgraphs as I've seen copies of my previously uploaded photos all over the place especially on You Tube.
I don't mind really as it was me that posted them up on a public forum in the first place and I haven't made them private or non downloadable.
Now if I could only figure out how to earn some money from them......


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Derek that IS a fantastic Casino picture. As you know I was too young to attend but looking at this fab picture I wish my mum & dad had got a move on emo far sooner than they did :wicked:

Erm also what is this at the bottom left of the picture? Two people snogging :ohmy: I didn't think it was that sort of place. Strewth people will want to make a love story type of film about the Casino next :wicked:

Great pictures Derek emo

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