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surrey soul junction presents real soul

tsu tomatoes
[font="Verdana"][u]Surrey[/u] [u]Soul[/u] [u]Junction[/u] [u]Presents[/u]:

*[b]Real Soul[/b]*

For the charity 'Help For Heroes'


[u]SATURDAY[/u] [u]OCTOBER[/u] [u]23rd[/u]

[/font][font="Verdana"][b]Westfield & District Cricket & Sports Club
GU22 9QJ[/b]

(Between Guildford & Woking, Surrey)

[u]7:30[/u] [u]PM[/u] - [u]12:45[/u] [u]AM[/u]

[u]£5[/u] [u]OTD[/u] or '[u]Tickets[/u] [u]In[/u] [u]Advance[/u]' (all proceeds for 'Help For Heroes')


[b][u]DJ[/u] [u]Hosts[/u]:[/b] (7 x DJs)

07:30 - 09:00 = [b]Mark 'Binsy' Taylor & Marcus Bell[/b]
09:00 - 10:30 = [b]Mark Houghton & Neil Forbes[/b]
10:30 - 12:00 = [b]Shaun Robbins & Zane Hunter[/b]
12:00 - 12:45 = [b]Kenny Mac[/b]


"The Soul of London ensemble"

*[u]True[/u] [u]Soul[/u]*
*[u]Filthy[/u] [u]Soul[/u]*
*[u]Treacle[/u] [u]Soul[/u]*
*[u]Majestic[/u] [u]Soul[/u]*
*[u]Monumental[/u] [u]Soul[/u]*

for *[b][u]Real[/u] [u]Soul[/u][/b]*

[/font][i][font="Verdana"]The music policy for the evening will be just 'real' Soul ...
All tempo's will definitely be catered for ...
ballads, mid-tempo madness & dancers ...

[/font][font="Verdana"][i]Lamont Dozier to Carla Thomas
Curtis Mayfield to George Jackson
Jerry Butler to Shirley Brown
David Ruffin to Betty Wright[/i]

The emphasis being on "quality" Soul ...
Flyer, inc. more details to follow very soon ...

Come & join us for an evening of wonderful Soulful sounds all for such a worthy cause ... ![/font][/i]


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