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  2. 124 mainly Detroit records on eBay in less than perfect shape. Most were my personal copy until I found an upgrade, and most play pretty well despite gradings. Some great stuff including Duke Browner on Impact, Peoples Choice on Palmer, Tokays on Brute, Flint Emeralds on Gatewood and more. Here's the link:
  3. Soul Source music video feature announcement - Just added to our video feature .... Name: Praque Northern March 2018 Category: Events Live Date Added: 2018-06-23 Submitter: source team Video Description: Prague Allnighters watch now... Praque Northern March 2018 Soul Source Soul Music Video Feature 2018
  4. Prague Allnighters
  5. Yesterday
  6. Bobby Hebb 1955

    Knottingley Town Hall - Five Towns

  7. Reyes Mfdz

    Buen Camino!

    Spanish people, we all love Catalonia and the Catalans, like we love the rest of the regions, Galicians, Basques, and so on. ‌The Civil War was hard an cruel to every single Spanish person. You must feel sad for all the Spanish people at that time. Not just for one region. My Castillian grandparents were persecuted by the Dictatorship. In Castille (centre_north) only Castillian language, commonly known as Spanish is spoke..
  8. Span

    The Solid State – Rainy Night All Over

    Hi, I'm sure i have this somewhere, I will find it tomorrow and send pics/conditions. Neal.
  9. Neil Lee

    R&B 45s for sale

    Willie Jones & Charles Sheffield Sold, offers welcome on others.
  10. Got jackie wilson pete but never heard aretha's great m8 thanks ♥ baz
  11. Winsford Soul


    Hope to get there myself early evening. Have we got to have the football on. It's a Carlton reunion never watched a match at the original club. They never even had a television. Steve
  12. The Detroit symphony Instumental version was massive at Wigan in 1975 , think it was emidisc copies only at that point , i have a white label copy with a stamp saying ( ithink ) re spin records and the title , with Barbara Mcneir on the other side , from maybe ten years back. Would imagine these are around still for around £15.00 - £ 20.00 ish .
  13. Stuart Mcintyre

    Garland Greene

    GarlandGreene.. Girl I Love You Revue. .. Vg+++ £160. Plus £3 postage Superb double sider.. listen here Please pm
  14. soulie13

    Short List

    Gonna post a couple small lists of some 45s to move on to better, more appreciating homes...PM for pics/more info...USD/offers+shipping...paypal friends/family...marc Nolan Porter - If I could Only Be Sure/Work It Out In The Morning - ABC - VG (label is clean..slight skip at beginning, plays fine after) - $50 La Mafia De Oscar & Leonard - Try Me/Hurt - Diana - VG+ (chicano soul, styrene w/ small bent lip, does n..
  15. Nah , he said "I've never even been to a Wigan all-niter , but I've been to a couple of all-niters ..... "
  16. Jimmie Raye ‎– That'll Get It (Moonshot) Lovely clean labels, vinyl is ex £125.00 you tube link for ref only
  17. hi everyone, looking for the following in nice condition: INTENSIVE HEAT: keep an eye on your close friend (Soul Mate) MAJESTICS: key to love (new world) CONNIE AUSTIN: ball of fire (King) LEE HURST: whole lotta your love (A&M) SWEET POPPA'S SHOW STOPPERS: i love you to the bone (Ar'nett) SHIRLEY LAKE: true love (Parral) NEW CREATION: elijah knows ..
  18. This is just an insult to Edwin. Doni Burdick cant sing! If it wasnt for the quirky foible for liking crap white artists who happened to have brilliant Detroit backing tracks behind them they wouldnt get half the attention.
  19. the yank

    love the gloves

  20. Peter99

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Just playing a nice happy go lucky song - could have played Jackie, but my mood tonight says Aretha. Playing from the album with lots of great stuff - she's top cat! Ave it. Pete
  21. goodisonturf


    Lots of people emailing me today to say they are coming some haven't seen each other for 30-40 years , "It's Gonna Be a Big Thing ! " - REMEMBER FREE ADMISSION although there will be a collection tub for Kidneys for Life based at Manchester Royal Hospital
  22. No it's the Old Grey Whistle Test feature on Northern - in which he says "I've never been to an allnighter" - he was a punk at the time. Dx
  23. Casino76


    5 Originals For Sale. Len Barry-hearts are trumps-cameo promo west coast one small scratch other wise EX £20 Henry Lumpkin-soul is takin over-Buddah-couple of very faint paper scratches, other wise EX £20 Bobby Wilson-Feels Good-Volt a few lite scratches, plays EX £20 Red beans & Rice-That driving beat-Chiswick (Germany) NM £35 Otis Leavill-When the music grooves-Blue rock-Drill hole, label..
  24. Thanks, appreciate your response.
  25. nakanomy45

    Pablo and the Diatones

    looking for Pablo and the Diatones - Barrackhill Barrackhill.
  26. Great price on this very hard to find record. Reduced price! Nadine Brown - leave me alone / sine i fell for you - 45 663 - M- £1000 postage included in price. Please PM me if interested. All records are originals. Records are sent from US.
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