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    With Regards, Lee List 57.pdf
  3. Wonderful music as usual, but great to hear ‘Uphill climb’ getting a spin, some of those early 80s independent label sounds have been long neglected !
  4. See you in about 3 months then !
  5. The Weekend Starts Here Show with audio

    Yes, great video. I hadn't seen it before so thanks for pointing that out. Glad you like the show. cheers
  6. Oh dear, this link just fell in my favourites list

    Oh yes Tony!!
  8. Is it, time to sell up.?

    I totally agree, I never give up on the idea of collecting again, just not today's prices, but tomorrow's?
  9. mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies All-niter

    Last one was off the scale...the music was absolutely 'on the nail' . Same again on the 9th.? You bet
  10. Today
  11. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    He obviously going to Lend a hand to someone. Hat, coat , door. That's a fantastic picture my friend Steve

    Mick has some wonderful music in his box guys .....one not to be missed
  13. Great time again ! 2 stand out records for me Johnny adams Your love is all i need Kals kids long lonely broken hearted

    Great guest Dj this month guys .....Micky Boyle

    Hi everyone just back from Jersey had a great time. The good news is our dear friend Chris Lethbridge will coming along and spinning a few tunes and then he will show us all how to dance, great guy and fantastic wife Sandra, looking forward to seeing you both. Al
  16. mark freemans 100% Wigan Oldies All-niter

    0800-0900 Jimmy Temple 0900-1000 Andy Baskett 1000-1100 Ian Parker 1100-1230 Mick Taylor 1230-0200 Mark Freeman 0200-0330 Pep 0330-0430 Rob Smith 0430-0530 Paul Collinson 0530-0600 Mark Freeman
  17. Show Us Your Great Photos (2018)

    Finally got my brilliant picture of Bobby Hutton, which I bought from America last year, in a lovely frame.
  18. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    A combination of memory and tenacious googling Al Matthews was for me at the time essential Saturday night listening on Radio 1 (!) and so an early education. It seems he's living in Spain these days and auctioned off his record collection about 18 month...
  19. News: Record World US Mag Online Archive

    Thanks for letting us know 👅
  20. News: Record World US Mag Online Archive

    Isaac Hayes TOP JAZZ ARTIST 1970 ?👅🎶
  21. These 2 also jumped out- in the May7, 1966 issue, George Blackwell "Can't Lose My Head" got a 3 star review and was described as "perfect for 1966 dancing styles". Christine Cooper got a 4 star review for "Heartaches Away My Boy".
  22. Burscough British Legion Soul and R&B Night

    Yeah Burscough never fails to deliver. See you all on Saturday Great music. Great crowd. Brill
  23. Rare doublesider on Lisa Records NM 40 pounds, includes free registered worldwide shipping Paypal as a gift, or please cover the fees audio and pictures from copy for sale: https://vocaroo.com/i/s0FnWVbiLAJ6 https://vocar...
  24. News: Record World US Mag Online Archive

    My Mrs has just left me , thanks for posting 👏🎶🎶👅
  25. Just looked at the May 13, 1967 issue of RW- both Jimmy Mack "My World Is On Fire" and the Younghearts "Little Togetherness" received Four Star reviews !! Who would have thought that ?
  26. Modern Soul Sales

    Hi all, a few nice modern collectables for sale: Audio Do You Really Really Want Me Girl 12" (Mote) mint - £20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwhFQGXgvLw Pokey Cold ‎– Let Me Love You 12" (Kangaroo) Mint - £20 https://www.youtube.com/watc...
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