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  2. Terrible Tom double sider

    Terrible Tom We were made for each other / Lovin cupMAVERICK Ex with M- labels£300.00
  3. The Sink Soul Club, Liverpool--Last One.

    Just a few hours to go till the very last Sink Soul Club downstairs in the original Magnet Bar venue---we will be unveiling our new venue for the Sink at the club this afternoon. Dont forget to arrive early as this afternoon will be a packer, especially if you want a seat. See you all later.
  4. Very rare Canadian President issue Pat Hervey with The Tiaras & Art Snider. "CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND" B/W "GIVE IN" (Canadian) President Vg+, some light marks DNAP, BB Hole. £100
  5. Please PM with any interest. Sound clips from actual records, not altered in any way. Paypal (friends & family option if that's okay). Please add post (£1.50 1st class, £2.50 Recorded, £5.00 Special), Cheers, Steve Fir-Ya - Keep on tryin' / Cry...
  6. Leeds Central - 1st Alldayer of 2018

    Really looking forward to spinning some Golden tunes for the first of the year. All resident DJ's playing their socks off to keep the floor full of happy dancers.
  7. FOR SALE or TRADE For sale or trade else make an offer – a couple that I am after as a trade are at the end of this list Youtube clips for reference only (not the actual record for sale) THE VOLCANOS - (IT'S AGAINST) THE LAWS OF LOVE - ARCTIC...
  8. Boynton, Watkins and Bland

    Tiny Watkins reduced to £70
  9. Today
  10. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    yep lookin forward to this today

    will be good to hear mr cunliffe djing cheers mark
  12. Boynton, Watkins and Bland

    Be in the post Monday Glynn. Thanks.
  13. Facebook.

    Lots of shite on there but there is plenty of decent groups on there. More soul talk, sales etc than anywhere else now. You can soon weed out all the crap and unfollow those that post there dinner etc.
  14. Welcome to the Soul Source Ebay Daily Look Forward to newsletter.... Ebay Record Sales Listings - The next 24 Hours of soul record auctions and sales The latest sales information direct from ebay. Listings of the next 24 hours most interesting, most ex...
  15. It was Dave who did the words, I just did the techie stuff
  16. can see how the offer system works with this real world offer in process deal https://www.soul-source.co.uk/classifieds/item/3-the-tsu-tornonados-one-flight-too-many-vinyl-lp/ when posting you can mark your sale as 'offer acceptable' - member...
  18. Vic Marcel Info ?

    From what I remember, there was only one 4 Bars group, who sang in The Baltimore/D.C. Area, and that was Eddie Daye's group, which sang during most of the 1950s and 1960s. I always thought that Eddie was their lead singer. They DID have member changes in tr...
  19. Facebook.

    My teenagers wouldn’t be seen dead using any form of so called social media. The bubble has burst for them. But there are still many adults who find solace in seeing what they look like as a member of the opposite sex, saying things they would never sa...
  20. hey friends, just thought this might be of interest... I bought a grand total of 107.000 records in the states & as I am currently raising funds for the transport to berlin I´m hearing offers on a "buy in". so you´d define how much you´d wa...
  21. York Huntington - Charity Northern Soul Nite

    Another cracking night at Huntington, a pleasure and a privilege to play out my tunes to such a great crowd, made all the better by my great friend Mick also a guest dj, doesn’t get any better! Hat’s off to Mike and Baz raising funds for a great charity!!
  22. Various Patches - on eBay Sunday night

    They go live Sunday night so will put a link as soon as they show mate .
  23. Price help please Frances Faye - Comin Home

    A vg++ promo sold for $510 (USD) in Oct. of 2017 An issue in vg+/ Vg++ sold for $464 in 2015.
  24. Yer yer yer 👍👌👏🎶🎶
  25. Yesterday
  26. Fabulous Chalky. Well done mate. The time and effort some folk put into our life longing music journey is truly laudable. Good lad, great job, many thanks. Pete 😉
  27. Boynton, Watkins and Bland

    Money sent bud glyn hanford 15 zetland street southport merseyside pr90sb
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