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  2. J Manship Auction Results 20/09/2017

    I thought this would have been quite a bit higher

    Not long to the second instalment of Quality Northern Soul at the stunning Anstice in Madeley, Telford. This Saturday 23rd sees some of the finest rare soul collections in the UK on display. The biggest sounds and best oldies guaranteed to delight your feet. Five and a half hours of great music for just £5 on the door. DJs Ted Massey, Pep, Gary Powell, Brian Taylor & Nik Krneta.
  4. Gloria Jones - Gone With The Wind -

    Looking for "Demo Copy" of Gloria Jones "Gone With The Wind" on"Soul Purpose Records". P M me with price & condition please, payment by Paypal only. Cheers Evdrybody thanks for looking, Dave
  5. Gloria Jones - Gone With The Wind -

    Looking for "Demo Copy" of Gloria Jones "Gone With The Wind" on"Soul Purpose Records". P M me with price & condition please, payment by Paypal only. Cheers Everybody thanks for looking, Dave
  6. Pages - Heartaches and Pain - reissue wanted in ex or better condition set sale only. PM please
  7. FREE POSTAGE IF YOU BUY THE LOT! THE FIFTH DIMENSION - TOO POOR TO DIE - LIBERTY (EX, slv VG+) £15 £12 Proper Old School Northern Soul, produced by Willie Hutch while they were still called the Versatiles. Impossible to find on german Liberty, especial...
  8. Pyramid - look a like boot

    Craig Moerer had multiple copies of Pyramid in the early 90s @ $70 each. I understand they came from John Anderson when Craig bought his warehouse remains.
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  10. J Manship Auction Results 20/09/2017

    Maybe somebody was hoping to get a rare mispress. Because Chuck wasn't released 18 years ago for the 13th anniversary. It was 25 years ago for the 8th anniversary. Fair price for the Herbert Hunter w/d, isn't it? I understand this is still sh*t rare.
  11. 21083181_10154909459405665_4360784472316710844_o.jpg

  12. Sam Cooke is often cited as the first soul singer, the impressions were also a fundamental influence on the transition of r and b into soul. Imho the first soul records are from 64/65. But this subject is a thread in itself!
  13. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Just seen that Butlins is same time same place in 2018. No doubt this 'real' event will clash again next year. Ed

    Mint copy if this indermand modern dancer.(wooden shed label.) £75 + post paypal friends & family to twinneal@hotmail.co.uk £3.50 recorded. £7.50 special del to U.K. Only thanks Neal.
  15. UK 70s and two 60s - Bobby Womack, Eddie Holman and more

    Could I have Bobby Womack Home Is Where The Heart Is please. Phil.
  16. Blue-eyed Soul?

    was there any reason [apart from the obvious] why Berry Gordy recorded more white artists on VIP underdogs-dalton boys-rdt-cc.............etc.etc?? & remember Dave Godin sayin' "do whats right, not whats white"
  17. Clean copy of this one if anyone is selling please pm with price,ta, Kev
  18. THE VIBE - Sandy, Beds.

    Get to this event next time its on these guys had it right on he money for me .Musically a great mix with variety with quality .d j s were excellent all night top sound for me buddy guy -buddys groove but there were so many The . guest DJ whose last track had the whole room bouncing what was that record please please ?Its been long time since ive seen a standing ovation and then we still had danny price to come with his box of magic ! Thanks to the promoters it is totally appreciated Warmest Wishes Martin L x
  19. Clyde Milton & El Count Executives

    Two to go folks. Clyde Milton - I'd Rather Leave On My Feet - Disco Tac VG+ Great modern/disco 45 that is seldom seen for sale £225 El Count Executives - I Want To Thank You - Cannonball Unplayed copy of the quality production from I...
  20. The Original Skegness Soul Weekender


    Thoroughly looking forward to playing alongside the other 'Young Generators' once again! Getting there early this year to attend The Cats Whiskers! See you all tomorrow :-)
  21. supremes stoned love (long version)

    Played the long version at Brighouse last Friday and 3 people asked me what version it was LOL, of course I told them it was an exclusive :-)
  22. 3 to go

    Is the festivals still available ted ? Will have it if it is atb baz
  23. supremes stoned love (long version)

    I prefer the shorter version , think the long version puts a different complexion on it that dosent sit well with me , maybe it s because i had heard the released version for over 40 years before i heard it . Saw the Supremes perform this live at Manch...
  24. Gerry & Paul and the Soul Emissaries. Cat walk.

    This is deffo the side that was played at the Torch, one of my all time faves and never gets played anymore more's the pity
  25. So where are all these records being found?

    I know for a fact that it's down to people selling up and moving on so to speak. I speak to top dealers on a regular basis and many say they are not short of offers for them to buy collections. Wondering if it's the 1980s scenario when many collectors and clu...
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