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  2. What's your favourite End of Night finisher

    Played See you in LA LP version tonight as my ender
  3. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    (Fri) days like this
  4. Lombardi Brothers"Does He Care"Lum

    Last call @$125.00 usd
  5. Middlesbrough Xmas soul and Motown night

    Always a cracking night, brilliant soul venue, no. 1 DJ's, cheap bar prices and great atmosphere.
  6. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    JJ Jackson:-But it's alright. A great record to start off the weekend! Regards Fred.
  7. Middlesbrough Xmas soul and Motown night

  8. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    The Five Stairsteps, what an all time class record! ATB Fred.
  9. Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Absolutely brilliant sound!.
  10. I Never thought I'd see the day that Julian would part with his fav all time record! . All the best Fred.
  11. Yesterday
  12. 1600 People Three Rooms 12 Djs One Venue ( and what a venue)

  13. Village choir - talk to me sometime (SCM)

    Christian, there are currently numerous copies for sale on Discogs. You may ask to contact the sellers to enquire about audio quality tho.
  14. Thanks for that, could`nt have put it better my self.
  15. Import duty?

    This is the case here in the UK too, so it's all too easy to slip over the threshold & incure a VAT charge, which then triggers the £8 "handling fee" levied by Royal Mail.
  16. Vinyl M- has a bit of label rub on B side. Very small ( and I mean small uplift on outer edge NAP) £250 Elijah - Rockin' with soul - Call me VG+ £100 original Marjorie Black - One more hurt - Sue WD - EX lovely clean labels £225 Postage £2.50 r...
  17. Import duty?

    Best to have records sent to a convenient point in the States and have a mate post them in batches. If the import duty is ridiculously high, just don't pay it; leave the packet at the sorting office and it will be sent back to the States. The seller will...
  18. Import duty?

    German customs include postage when calculating import duties. Meaning, it's not just the cost of the record you pay duty for but also for the postage.
  19. The Third Position Trio ‎– She Loves Me

    STill looking
  20. Lk76

  21. Not seen this before - Colin last hour
  22. Bobby Foster

    Bobby Foster 'Where Do You Go' Saw a copy on here last week...can't find it now...if it still available ? Thanks in anticipation
  23. Always liked this one as well - again recorded at Archway studios
  24. Import duty?

    I copped it big time a few weeks ago when the American seller I had bought an issue copy of the Trends - Thanks for a little lovin put down the actual price I had payed him on the package $520 I started getting worried when I checked the tracking and the reco...
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