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  2. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    Remember browsing through NOS USA import records here in Brussels and stumbling on dodgy looking (grubby label and hazy printings) multiple releases of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas 'heatwave' on Gordy and a Supremes on Motown (was it 'baby love') and they ...
  3. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    they used the same run of labels on the vinyl and styrene, so what? the guy we are talking about is Darrell Banks, not 'Darrel Banks' at least spell his name right
  4. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    Exactly so if they were press at different pressing plants the typefaces and or typography of the credits should be different as you can see with the 2 examples (and there are more examples) of the Parliaments 'good old music' and J.J. Barnes 'our love is in ...
  5. A selection of Feb radio show plays ....

    Track list . 1. The Spellbinders ‘baby i miss you’ (Columbia radio stn.) ‘Magic of’ LP 2. The Temptations ‘stay’ (Motown promo) 3. Tyrone Ashley ‘i want my baby back’ (Phil La of Soul) 4. The Fabulous Peps ‘love of my life’ (...
  6. SOUL VALLEY @ Iron Horse Pub

  7. The label might not have been in business but Don Davis and Lebaron Taylor were still in the business, so any later pressing may have been legit even though they used a now defunct label. Look what happened when Global simply ordered The Carstairs on Red Coac...
  8. Reggie Milner - Girl, I Can't Live Without You

    Still lookin' ! 🙏
  9. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    I have no idea what you are talking about. I have a pink label vinyl copy and grey styrene copy sitting in front of me and the typefaces and layout are identical
  10. Late 70's Jazz Funk Scene

    Is there anyone here who remembers when Radio 1's Al Matthews along with Hi Tension showed up at the Wigan Casino? http://www.radiorewind.co.uk/sounds/discobatin2.mp3 That might count as evidence of how fluid or even non-existent the boundaries were...
  11. My understanding is that Revilot went bust in 67/68, so maybe (I don't know), any pressings after that on the Revilot label would be unlicenced??
  12. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    The trouble is the "photocopy" kind of label of the Darrel Banks on vinyl. If pressed at another pressing plant, the typo should change like it's the case for these by example; But both those 2 "pink" and "grey" pressed on vinyl look like the...
  13. 5 X grapevine 2000 white demo`s

    a handful of mint unplayed grapevine 2000 white demos up for sale ..paypal as friends.. post is £2.50 sign for mail 1.the barons of soul - you need love GK2 155) £100 2.the masqueraders - thats the same thing ( GK2 157) £60 3. Johnny moore -...
  14. Peterborough Soul Collective

    Hi everyone, our night has moved to a Saturday now. Great venue, we are in the Tap Room to the rear of the main bar. Great selection of specialty beers and cocktails, plus very good Thai food if you want to make a night of it. We will be playing a selection of soul music from 70's rare groove through to modernn soul 8pm till late. We are very pleased that our friend Michael Gudge from Ease your Mind, Banbury will be joining us as many had asked if he would be joining us again. Also Ian Pass so between us a great selection of music for all tastes. Friendly people, who either enjoy just listening or dancing to the music. Free event, car park to the rear £2.50. Look forward to seeing you old friends and new.
  15. London soul nights in the 80s

    Some fine nostalgic flyers on this thread. London had a thriving soul club scene forty years ago and you could find something for everyone until the late 80s by which time the music was dominated by the likes of Hip-Hop and Jack Swing - less variety and on t...
  16. Jersey Northern Soul and Motown Weekender


    Well what can one say , only the best one yet , each year you think it can't get any better and each it has, the three nights have turn in to four nights, Thursday we had over 200 people over in Jersey staying the extra night ,So we open the big room , and what a great start to the weekend ,and from there it just got better and better , and then Sunday with the wedding of the year for Yocky and Mandy, what a great day/night it was, So big thanks to all the Djs Yocky / Jools / Danny Clegg / Lol / Rob Yates / Mick Jay / Jim D / Big Clive / Sam Moore / Paul Thornley / Rex / Chris Frost / Carl Piper / A ladie named Sue , and the rest of the afternoon Dj crew, A Big thanks to our Christine and Chris and all the door crew and all the staff at the Mayfair Hotel for making it a fantastic Weekend / Week We are now taking bookings for 2019 @ www.fitzsoul.co.uk
  17. For sale: Joe Williams "Some 'a dis 'n some 'a dat" / "She's warm, she's willing, she's wonderful" RCA Victor ‎8117 Ex+ £50 + P&P Please PM me if interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w98ODDo2lJg
  18. any idea what nice price the JM demo will reach?
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  20. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    you occasionally find the vinyl pressing here in Detroit I think the vinyl to styrene ratio is like one in 20 the sound quality of vinyl is better and I've no reason the suspect it's a bootleg, just a pressing sourced to another plant to meet immedi...
  21. Rainhill Soulies EASTER EVENT

    RAINHILL SOULIES are 'ON TOUR' and Keeping the Faith... join us with our favourite DJ's Chisser, Rob, Phil and Guests for another fantastic Northern Soul and Motown Night at the WEST PARK RUGBY CLUB, Prescot Road, St Helens. Entrance £5 on the door or tickets at the club. TIME 7.30- Midnight. Proceeds to Willowbrook Hospice. SEE YOU THERE Soulie Friends XXX
  22. Sales feedback via PM

    What about a Sales Want? If I sell a wanted tune and am very pleased with the buyer? Regards, Pian in the arse old man who ain't got a scooby about modern technology.
  23. Darrell Banks Open The Door - bootleg info

    And or bootleg$...
  24. The skegness northen soul and motown night

    on the night djs will include : Dj Stephen coulson snr Dj Stephen coulson jnr guest Djs Dj Laurence Buckingham Dj Leo d Dj Paul Mackenzie Venue: Grovesnor house hotel Skegness accommodation available at venue for more info on accommodation please phone 01754763376 £5 on the door time: from 8 till 2 will be nice to see you there ktf
  25. The record stayed in the U.S. charts for yonks so there will have been numerous legit re-presses done in the U.S. to keep up with demand, which would account for all the variations.
  26. I can answer that -because i bought one in the late 70s. -Demand. It was easy to get hold of on a Saturday afternoon and relatively cheap. Ive still got it -
  27. UK recorded delivery £2.50. Please send payment to barryclose6@gmail.com as friends and family. Cheers Carlena Weaver - Jealousy - Audel [in demand uptempo dancer] M- £120 Otis Leavill - Im Amazed - Limelight [60's mid tempo crossover] EX+ £30 ...
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