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  2. Wanted -Willie Tee - I'm Only A Man Lp - Capitol Thank's
  3. Mal C

    Buen Camino!

  4. Sunshine Girl

    love is the only answer

    Hi Joe This guy has Love is the answer for sale
  5. Ric-Tic WDJ's are super cute but I dropped the case (to have them all WDJ's) the day I found out that his very favorite one of mine 'I have faith in you' was available only on the red stock copies where all the WDJ's where double 'A' side !!!
  6. Yes ,it has to be Edwin for me , (were there any Ric Tic white demos of it ?). Doni Burdick s is also great .The rumbling intro heavy orchestration and backing singers combine with the vocal to put this in my all time top 5 .
  7. Mal C

    Buen Camino!

    Dia nueve / Day nine ”tal vez una pelea de perros cerca de una granja de quesos es simplemente una pelea de perros cerca de una granja de quesos ”Maybe a dog fight near a cheese farm is simply a dog fight near a cheese farm” —— like the farmers who have had the biggest laugh at us with their elaborate crop circles; Spanish Albergue owners are not beyond moving the goal post to make a fast euro! I t..
  8. James Rice

    June Sales Part 2

    Hey @pat and cat, We'd prefer multiple lists of this kind to be condensed in to one post. No worries for now but please remember for future posts as it enables more listings to stay on the first page and ultimately gives everyone more opportunity for sales. ATB, James
  9. Today
  10. grumpyfella

    Poll: Version Battle - I Have Faith in You

    Both great. Edwin pips it.
  11. Mod66



    Sorry it should have gone the “comments” section
  12. Edwin without a doubt for me too . I'd say it was one of the most Soulful records ever spun on the scene here. Always sent a shiver down the spine sung with feeling and absolute conviction.
  13. As with most of these comparisons, the actual technical elements of the recordings are of secondary importance to most people. The overriding reason for someone choosing their favourite is really down to when they heard them for the first time, and the memories said hearings evoke. Therefore, and for me, Edwin wins hands down. The original version, still just the better of the two,..
  14. source team



    review posted by a non-attending member dropped
  15. Is John Lias a member on here? What is the best way of contacting him? Thanks in advance Mats
  16. RareMusicDirect

    Make an OFFER, Sales 21 06 2018

    Please feel free to make OFFERS on anything you fancy Guide prices in £ PayPal and Pm to reserve please 1. Valentine Adams And The Hootenannys I Found A Love 521 Records 30.00 Near Mint (NM or M-) 2. Blues Soul Sock Some Lovin To Me / Rain In My Eyes TTT Printz Records 130.00 Very Good (VG) 3. Jackey Beavers We're Not Too Young To Fall In Love / When Something Is Wrong With..
  17. Edwin basically grabs it by the bollocks.
  18. Being cowardly again here sitting on the fence again both magic sounds what work in a slightly different way, Edwin,s vocals plead with you , Donni,s vocals in a sublime way work and get to you too I'm giving these two 50% each both fantastic sounds ML
  19. JOE SHEPARD - A Thousand Times / What's The Matter Baby (End) Wow ! What a superb double-sider Cracking R&B Mod popcorn gems on both sides they always pack the dancefloor In demand Condition: strong & nice VG to VG+, clean labels Price: £100 Listen the actual sound clips below: http://mropticalsound-records.c..
  20. dave pinch

    15 x nice 45s for sale

  21. dave pinch

    15 x nice 45s for sale

    15 x 45s needing new homes... PayPal as friends. . Bank transfer and cash is good too.. post is £7.50 special delivery or £2.50 sign for mail 1. Chubby checker - you just don't know (USA west coast parkway w/d) ex £800 Warped but looks and plays beautifully 2. Tony galla - in love (swan original yellow blue text demo ) vg + £800 3. The seven souls - I still love you / I'm no stranger (okeh w/d) vg + £450 p..
  22. Steve S 60



    Great weekend overall, but why can't the promoters get the sound sorted out for the acts on Friday night. Same complaint as last year. It is doing these great acts a major disservice and is a slap in the face for all those wanting to hear them. Margie Joseph's and Anne Sexton's vocals were inaudible. Nolan Porter, who came on last, was slightly better. From what I gather, the sound was much better on Saturday night, but I was put off by the sound quality on Friday night so went down to the Olympia instead of chancing it. Tempted to get dance only tickets next year to avoid the disappointment.
  23. SOUL 4 ME

    SevernSide Shrewsbury Soul Night

    Hi guys quick question regards music is this a proper across the board mix of music as I Don't no some of the djs , I have seen Mark Jones play out at grumpy soul and odd fellows and he played a great set at both nights ,so if this is the standard it will be a top night see you Friday
  24. For me, Edwin's version has a more heartfelt vocal performance, so it got my vote. Doni's version sounds like he's reading the lyrics off a sheet. However, the backing track does have a certain something about it.
  25. Peter Woodcock

    Asfordby Soul 16

    Another night of the best in Soul, Motown and R&B Guest DJ: Bob Fletcher of Willington Soul! Make sure you bring your best dancing shoes! Resident DJs: DJ Spanner, (Stute Soul Club) Peter Woodcock Maggie Woodcock Bar and Snack (including Hot Dogs!) 8:00 till 12:30 DJs 8:00 till 1:00, Doors open @ 7:30pm. £5:00 on the door
  26. Bobby Hebb 1955

    Knottingley Town Hall - Five Towns

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