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  2. Rugby Soul Club - 15th Anniversary Allniter

    worth it and more.......
  3. Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    It's not long till Christmas, and for our December 15th Friday night bash we are delighted to announce our special guest will be Mick Waddington. We're in for another top night with a class act to entertain us. We're close on the shortest day and it's a bit nippy out, but there's always a warm welcome at the Horti', as we bring you the finest rare and underplayed soul music, always only on original vinyl, with the best DJs we can find. We will continue to run on the 3rd Friday of the month, from 8.00pm to 12.30am and entry is still only £3. Why not come along and enjoy great and knowledgeable company, excellent beers and a warm, friendly atmosphere.
  4. The MOD Reunion at Low Moor Club

    2 more sleeps! Can't wait.........
  5. Likely Lads star Rodney Bewes RIP

    Whatever happend to the Likely Lads, brilliant comedy still watch it now, know it off by heart.
  6. was reactivated in 1979 /80 at cleethorpes did not know it had been played earlier cheers for info
  7. I started going to nighters in 76. Al Foster had been and gone by then, but I did hear it at youth club nights earlier than that, probably played by older youths etc. Cosmic Sea is unknown to me now, so certainly was then. Was it a mecca track?...
  8. Poll: Strictly Northern Soul - aftermath

    A bit of a non event, but I would suggest those involved need to have a word with themselves.
  9. Michael Gibson

  10. A big thanks to you guys for having me. John!!!!! Your set was just as good as mine,would love to own records like Eddie Whitehead & Grey Imprint. Hey Chris Churm and Phil Etcelles,how about your plays,both Brill sets.
  11. Any publicity is bad publicity .

    Wiggy-I have No.'s 55 and 89,both in really nice condition,if you're interested.Let me know details re.price,postage etc Thanks,Michael
  14. If you could go back in time and actually be there

    I thought the Soul Tribe Canadian 'Groove City' re-issue was an alternate take? So must be at least 2 takes?
  15. Today
  16. The ball boy is a diver
  17. If you could go back in time and actually be there

    Would've liked to have been at the Torch when the Major's live recording was made
  18. comedy sale of the week

    really thought it odd my mate sent it me i think the story originated on FB but don't quote as i'm not on it
  19. A Huh thing. A bit of colourful, lightweight nonsense. It's been, it's gone, it's forgotten.
  20. Great alt version! Also never heard it. Ed
  21. “If Only I Could Be Sure” Rare Jazzed Up Version Magnus Carlson – If Only I Could Be Sure / Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy – Swedish Tri-Sound MINT £100 Fantastic rare Jazzed Up alternative version of Nolan Porter classic plus nice up...
  22. Poll: Strictly Northern Soul - aftermath

    much a do about nothing
  23. Poll: Version Battle - I Got The Need

    Chuck's vocal edge carries it for me, the others are a little too bland imo.
  24. Best Intro. To Record

    quite a dramatic intro on this one - willie makkitt 'all my love'. Again apologies if already mentioned..
  25. Wednesday Mixed bag

    UK recorded delivery £2.50. Please send payment as Paypal friends and family. Cheers Charles Perry - How can I - Magnum [classic northern mid tempo] M- £40 Star tels - What more can I ask for - Lamar [60's crossover perfection] M- £25 Tony Lo...
  26. if NS was a person they could sue for defamation of character.
  27. comedy sale of the week

    Oh ok serial offender??
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