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  2. micksmix


    Are they nervous smiles Len haha
  3. At a soul charity event for alzheimers some time back, a chap with a megaphone at the pre event rally... 'what do we want?..' we don't know!.. 'when do we want it?..' want what? '.
  4. Bob & Gene - You Gave Me Love/ Your Name. Original press (yellow label) Mo-Do. VG- condition see pictures for label condition. $150 PayPal only
  5. Today
  6. chalky

    Some history on this one please.

    Richard Searling at Wigan. Then went to John Vincent who played it at Morecambe.
  7. The heart is young...it's the knees that are old. Now where did the Wife leave her debit card and the front door keys? dean
  8. geeselad

    Some history on this one please.

    Who was the first to spin TR then chalky?
  9. themroc

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    Always worry about Jazz Trolls myself. Close your windows at night incase a journalist comes in and steals your good intentions.
  10. the man himself

    Sundays Got Soul Northern Soul & Motown Event

    We are ready for one great Afternoon of Northern Soul & motown Dj times 3/4 Rob Smith 4/5 Fitzy Fitzsoul 5/6 Steve Brown 6/7 Yocky 7/8 Big Clive H We've got some great music for you , see you all there
  11. Yesterday
  12. Russell Gilbert

    ' A youth culture left in the hands of old men'

    Well, as we get older we’ll all be underground at some point. Does that count?
  13. Driveller

    Cecil Washington - Prophonics

    I had one in the 90s which had some kind of discolouration on the label and was decent but not mint. I know it's been suggested from time to time that there is a large-ish stock of uncirculated copies (and maybe there are - or more likely were), but this one had definitely been out and about.
  14. Driveller

    Some history on this one please.

    I think that sounds like the magic bullet I was looking for, Mick. Thanks for that, and thanks to all who have helped narrow this down.
  15. Driveller


    Sorry, Tony, neither in at the moment, I'm afraid, but if I pick either of those up I'll let you know. Cheers, Nick

    East Anglian Soul Club patch for sale ON HOLD

    PM’s sent. Thanks for the interest shown. Patch on hold, sale pending.
  17. themroc

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    Zucchini or courgette? It's just squash.
  18. John Hart

    2nd Festival of Soul and Motown

    Hi Guys ,, Sounds Superb , Please Let me Know of future events,"I,ll Be There , " Johnny Hart ,Malaga Costa Del sol .LOL.
  19. themroc

    Your Top Jazz Tracks?

    Maybe we can get together and cook. Take a deep breath...... And release....
  20. Scotters

    SGR Sunday flyer 2018.jpg

  21. Kev Richardson

    Hydro Soul Club 16th Anniversary.

    No worries Andy. Catch up soon. Look forward to seeing you guys
  22. Mid 70’s patch in excellent condition. Blue border with yellow East Anglian Soul Club lettering, white centre with crossed black fists. Genuine patch just unpicked from 1976 shirt, never washed or glued so in really nice conition. PM to reserve or have photos sent. Priced at £15. Free postage to UK address. Payment via Pay Pal Buyer covers Fees) or bank transfer. Thanks for looking.
  23. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Hope he's getting well we had only been on the scene 7 months when we met pete and viv qnd they wer soooo good to us Xx baz
  24. Kevin Connor

    northern soul & motown

    northern soul & motown night at the london bar ( calle londres ) benidorm...8 till late..kevin connor playing the tunes
  25. Winsford Soul

    Pictures of Us

    Pete Coulson. n Viv had some good times over the years with them. even for a city can he's ok. Ha ha. He's poorly at the moment Baz. Steve P.S.. I've got one of those T shirts with lowton on from one of the anniversaries
  26. Pony Express


    "A NIGHT OF NORTHERN SOUL" Come and join us at Broken Cross Club Fallibroome Rd, Macclesfield, SK11 8TU Friday 15th June 2018 8pm til 12 Playing original tracks on vinyl Behind the decks - Melv Lloyd Fantastic Wooden Dance Floor Parking Bar £4 on the door Look forward to seeing you there Tickets available in advance £3 tel: 07917 430894 or 01260 273580
  27. baz1

    Pictures of Us

    Yes steve top bloke he was my best man when I married shell but he dint get there on time but we know what his time keepins like he's just real deal X miss him on the scene,went over to see him summer last year proper Xx atb baz .will get over soon steve/lou Xx let us know where ya goin ? We at whitchurch soon
  28. LEN


    .......And here's another tune for 'The Kenwood Suite'
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