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  2. The Peony has finally flowered. I'm always away in Tenby when it happens but obviously with the covid rubbish going on I can't be on holiday so here's a picture
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    You'll be able to relax and enjoy a bit more this week mate
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    Two from me please Simon- Odyssey-Battened ships Sisters Love-Give me your love Both on Mowest. Cheers wilxy
  5. "Right Now! I've Gotta Know Right Now..." MINT RCA VICTOR issue of Rose Valentine's "I've Gotta Know Right Now" £175 inc. Special Delivery postage (£185 for Intl. Tracked & Signed) Please PM me... Simon
  6. Hi Still looking for a copy of this if anyone has one Many Thanks Dave
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  8. where is the engagement? As far as am aware nothing been posted yet on here about the current situation, though that could be more due to our hard current affairs policy (members only forum and our current affairs topic being locked) rather than any lack of engagement With uk responses growing and news media featuring 'George Floyd death: Liverpool players take knee in picture at Anfield' along with other uk based reactions now being reported and causing more public awareness of the situation, then as you say am sure members would like to discuss and pass on views etc, and this topic seems to be the most suitable...
  9. News/Article/Feature Highlight: All the top dollar 45s for May 2020 listed, hindsight city.... View full article
  10. Ebay Results - Mays 2020s top dollar 45s listed Soul Record Auctions - Recent Completed Soul Auctions [sorted by value] Funk Boogie Charles Marcus So Fine Wine Roses Vg Hear $5105.00 ended 18 May Sweat Band Ft Jeff Floyd Fellows Be Kind Modern Soul.. $4050.00 ended 12 May Ice Reality Ultra Modern Soul Original Ice Mp3 $3160.00 ended 11 May Hopkins Bros Shake Cheri Your Kiss Of Fire Magnetik.. $2839.00 ended 19 May Eddie Parker But If You Must Go Mam Miko Promo Hear $2827.77 ended 17 May Al Dos Band Doing Our Thing With Pride Exc Condition Mo.. $2781.68 ended 20 May J T Parker - If You Want To Hold On - Academy - Mp3 $2719.69 ended 25 May Super - Dynamics - I M A Lonely Man B W Dig This - Dy.. $2450.00 ended 18 May I J Harris All Ready To Go Ultra 70 S Soul Funk Cash.. $2247.00 ended 11 May Orig 74 Anderson Brothers I Can See Him Loving You G.. $2225.00 ended 07 May Jimmy Wallace I Ll Be Back Alpha Vg Hear $1592.89 ended 18 May Bill Bush - I M Waiting - Ronn - Mp3 $1525.00 ended 25 May The Equatics Doin It Original Ultra Soul Funk Lp Pri.. $1500.00 ended 18 May Yvonne Baker - You Didn T Say A Word - Parkway - Mp3 $1175.00 ended 25 May The Movements Cockstrong Ultra Virginia Funk Sounds Int.. $1136.00 ended 07 May Billy Prophet What Can I Do Sue Vg Promo Hear $1136.00 ended 17 May Modern Soul Boogie - Zeal - Life Goes On - Bluesong - V.. $1136.00 ended 24 May Jimmy Mack My World Is On Fire Palmer Hear $1100.00 ended 17 May Bobby Lindsey Sugar Booger Baby Obscure Funk Delta Mp3 $1087.00 ended 11 May Essence Of Love - Yes It S You - K-city Original Modern.. $1049.62 ended 29 May Leon Haywood Baby Reconsider Fat Fish Styrene Promo Hear $1037.00 ended 17 May The Voltaires On Bacone Near Mint My My My Baby .. $967.89 ended 30 May Billy Hamlin If You Ain T Got No Bread Bethlehem Northe.. $963.00 ended 08 May Blendels You Need Love Dontee Mp3 $926.29 ended 11 May Little Richie Just Another Heartache Sound Stage 7 Vg .. $910.00 ended 17 May R B Soul Leonard Lee Miss Lulu S Wig Trumpet Vg Hear $910.00 ended 18 May R B Mod Soul Frankie James I Don T Care Isabel Hear $898.00 ended 18 May Deceptions Of All The Hearts Sweet Soul Funk Brooks Mp3 $857.00 ended 11 May Ernie Washington Lonesome Shack Chattahoochee Vg Hear $850.00 ended 17 May Joe Matthews - She S My Beauty Queen - Thelma - Mp3 $810.00 ended 25 May Flashback - All I Ask Why Piece Of Mind -- -- Soul F.. $809.00 ended 06 May Garage Funk Acetate 10 - Unknown - Your Love Machine -.. $787.00 ended 03 May Funk Deep Soul - Bob Coswell - My Baby Is All Right - P.. $776.88 ended 24 May Billy Chears Free Your Mind 70 S Soul Funk Chearston Mp3 $772.00 ended 11 May Hi-rise High Rise My Baby S Gone Obscure Modern Soul .. $767.00 ended 18 May Ann Caudell - Longing For You - Quick - Vg Mp3 $718.00 ended 25 May King Arthur Soul Messengers Lonely Blue Funk Deep.. $715.00 ended 11 May Marfil - Whats Wrong Latin Sweet Soul Costa Rica $710.00 ended 06 May Dynamic Melodyaires - We Will Serve The Lord Lp - Hse -.. $710.00 ended 17 May Beatles Rubber Soul Test Pressing Lp 1985 Mfsl Half-spe.. $699.99 ended 27 May Tony Middleton - Paris Blue - Mala 544 Promo - Double.. $693.56 ended 14 May Funk - Deloris Ealy - I Ve Been Looking - Velvet - Mp3 - $676.66 ended 25 May Jay Traynor Up And Over Abc 10845 Promo Orig .. $676.00 ended 29 May Teddy Cash You Are So Wonderful Sweet Soul Cha Cha Mp3 $648.00 ended 12 May Luther Ingram If It S All The Same To You Babe Hib $630.00 ended 26 May Hear Deep Doctor T - Love Is A Heartbreaker Love I.. $621.88 ended 17 May Modern Soul Boogie - Wreckin Crew Band - Cruisin With.. $621.88 ended 24 May Frankie Love Man Crocker - Ton Of Dynamite - Turbo Vg.. $620.00 ended 25 May Northern Deep Soul - Gerald Trotter - One More Hurt - M.. $620.00 ended 25 May Mary Saxton - Take My Heart Sad Eyes - Quality - Origin.. $618.00 ended 26 May Modern Soul - Chosen Few Band - What It Takes To Live -.. $610.00 ended 24 May Toni The Showmen Try My Love Beware Ten Star Unplay.. $580.00 ended 06 May Philip James Keep On Loving Mega Modern Longwood Hear $575.00 ended 19 May Prof Y S And His B B Band - Ewele Aya Decca Soul A.. $570.00 ended 18 May Chance Tony - Pretty Baby - Ann-v - Mp3 $565.00 ended 25 May The Natural Four Hanging On To A Lie Twelve Months .. $540.00 ended 02 May Susan Barrett What S It Gonna Be Stock Copy Rca Victor $537.00 ended 12 May Mint M- Original Press Judy Street What You Turn .. $532.99 ended 01 May Modern Soul Boogie Brian Zan Schemin On You Honey Hu.. $527.00 ended 17 May Vel-vets I Got To Find Me Somebody What Now My Love Hear $526.00 ended 05 May Mikebbi Big Question What S Wrong Nigerians Og Lp.. $519.25 ended 07 May Modern Soul - Barbara St Clair - Teacherman - Crosseyed.. $515.00 ended 24 May Unity Love Is All We Have Left Hear Nm Le Cam Ft Wor.. $510.00 ended 10 May 45 Soul J P Robinson You Can Be A Lady Alston .. $510.00 ended 24 May Entertainers - Beg Me - Bowmar - Mp3 $510.00 ended 25 May 70s Sweet Soul Sex It S You Baby It S You Super City .. $504.00 ended 17 May Appreciations - I Can T Hide It - Aware - Mp3 $500.00 ended 25 May Prince Conley All The Way I M Going Home 1961 7 Satel.. $491.75 ended 30 Apr Chappells Chapells - Help Me Somebody - Bedford - Mp3 $491.58 ended 25 May R B Soul Little Jimmy Ray You Need To Fall In Love Ga.. $490.00 ended 18 May Johnny Thompson Given Up On Love Soul Crossover On Ja.. $488.00 ended 14 May Jimmy Mcfarland Lonely Lover Rpr Promo Hear $480.00 ended 18 May Illustration Who Told You Obscure 70 S Soul Mountain .. $471.00 ended 11 May Gloria Relations Sweet Soul 45rpm Hook Line Sinker .. $465.00 ended 28 May Jamo Thomas I Spy For The Fbi Polydor Demo Dj Northern Mod $464.84 ended 08 May Soul Liberation - Who Are You Lp - Rainbow Sound - Mode.. $459.00 ended 18 May Bibleway - Tears Lp - Bwc - Soul Funk Gospel $449.44 ended 17 May The Blenders It Takes Time Soul A F O Listen $449.44 ended 24 May Hear Modern Test Pressing Patterson Twins Gonna Find .. $449.00 ended 10 May After Hours I Don T Wanna Cry Sweet Soul Condor Promo.. $449.00 ended 11 May Ex-ta-c Ecstasy Squeeze Modern Soul Ok T Mp3 $449.00 ended 11 May Modern Soul Boogie - Young Devines - Risky - Dass - Mp3 $449.00 ended 24 May Evangelist Rosie Haynes - He Can T Fail Lp - Sog - Disc.. $442.00 ended 17 May Noe And The Semitones Oh Darling What Shall I Do Tx G.. $442.00 ended 18 May Impossiveis My Old Friend 7 Brazil Funk Psych Disco Ou.. $440.00 ended 16 May The Tempos Countdown Here I Come Canterbury Wlp .. $440.00 ended 20 May Sweet Soul Acetate 8 - Gene Wade The Twilights - Cry.. $437.11 ended 25 May Bob Collins - Inventory On Heartaches - Main Line - Vg .. $437.00 ended 25 May Spiedels Dream Girl Providence Promo Mp3 $436.00 ended 11 May 5 Royales Catch That Teardrop R B Abc Paramount Mp3 $432.77 ended 11 May Sugar Boy Williams Little Girl Five Long Years Herald R.. $429.85 ended 09 May Children Of The Last Days - S T 12 - Soul Funk Gospel .. $426.00 ended 17 May Modern Soul - Power Of Attorney Band - Love For You - S.. $424.00 ended 24 May Modern Soul - Sudden Change - Used To Think - Blackout .. $424.00 ended 24 May 60 S Connie Questell Decca-31855 Give Up Girl Monst.. $407.00 ended 08 May Fred Bridges Baby Don T You Weep Versatile Promo Hear $406.99 ended 17 May Nolan Chance -just Like The Weather- Ultra Wlp 1965 Us .. $405.00 ended 08 May Creators I Can T Believe It S True Obscure 70 S Soul .. $405.00 ended 11 May Northern Deep Soul - Alfred O - Do What You Wanna Do - .. $405.00 ended 25 May 98 Singles-all Listed- All Nr Ex Mint $395.62 ended 24 May Don't forget we do also offer to all members, various ebay email tools, such as daily sends of the most popular ebay 45 auctions ending direct to your email box. 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  11. Looking for a good copy of Harry Deal and The Galaxies - I Still Love You Min VG+ Clean Copy Must Play Through Thanks
  12. waiting for this to drop through the door sometime this week, after starting buying again some 18months ago decided it was about time I got a few long time favourites,
  13. until

    Two from me for saturday Smoke "I'm so glad you came along" Chuck Jackson "The Silencer"
  14. I came on here wanting to share news of organised actions and responses that are happening in response to the murder and brutalisation of Black people in the USA at the moment. It may be just my bad search skills, but I can't find the thread(s)? I'm hoping that there are some discussions about this prescient topic that effects us all, and one that I thought would obviously be of particular interest to a site dedicated to Black (American)music: music that is connected to access, discrimination, politics, profit, financialization and black lives. Can anyone point me to the thread(s) please? Mike, can we pin the thread (if it's there) as it is of obvious relevance? Best Paul-s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEIhbtHqnQg #blacklivesmatter I wish Dave Godin were here to comment on this....
  15. The Majestics. I Love Her So Much It Hurts Me. Linda - Demo. Condition is Ex stunning example... £425 plus post. Pm please.
  16. Thx For Helping, Letting Me Know & Any Help Very Much Appreciated At Best - Copies Are VG+ Or Better Via SoulSourceGrading + Clean Lbls Would Be Smashing! But Pls Let Me Know Aswell If The Grade Is Not Like Mentioned - THXTHXTHX Pls Contact Me Via PM By Providing A Scan If Poss! Thx Again ALL THE BEST Zanetti LaBrenda Ben & The Vandellas ‎– The Chaperone / Camel Walk - MOTOWN Joe Buckman On SEPIA Demo Only William Valentine On MaeBar Curtis King On RONZE E Rodney Jones On CHARISMA! Wendel Western - Nag On Me Wilson Pickett - Let Me Be Your Boy - CORRECTONE Stocker Randolph Walker - Forty Love Street Bill Brandon - Rainbow Road - TOWER Stocker
  17. Hi Dave Will take Fantastic Four if still available. Dave
  18. Another night where Nick is home alone in the "Man Cave" playing with himself. Nick will be digging deep in his crates to bring you a selection of the finest soul music available. It’s sure to be a soulful show with a mix of tempo’s, styles and genres across the whole spectrum of black music. Stay tuned in at the link below for another enjoyable evening of soul and laughs. Tune in here for the show. http://www.purerhythmradio.net
  19. Any one got a reasonably priced one ? Issue or TP . Pms please - all will be answered.
  20. Hi I have the following 3 records for sale all on the original Okeh label. The Seven Souls - I Still Love You Ex £450 Tan Geers - Let My Heart and Soul be Free Ex £450 The Triumphs - I'm Coming to Your Rescue Ex (writing on label -see photo) £250 Payment by PayPal F&F or bank transfer Postage UK only £7.50 SD Please PM me if interested Thanks Colin
  21. No worries Mike, was worried that it may have contained something Nasty other than what was Visible (not a pleasant Sight) Better to let Someone Know rather than ignoring it, Cheers, Rick
  22. until

    Little Ann ....What Should I Do. Please cheers Jacko.
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