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Ended Soulful Kinda Music 30 Issues Auction

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About this item

Soulful Kinda Music 30 Issues

A chance to pick up 30 various copies of Dave Rimmers fine fanzine/magazine Soulful Kinda Music all in one go at a lockdown knock down price

A 30 issue package of Soulful Kinda Music, the issues range from, 37-72 and include a special discogs issue ( so 6 issues are missing from that given range)

March 1998 - March 2008 - 10 years!

most are in a vgc condition a few (3 or 4) have back pages missing, a few show signs of wear and avid reading, can see photos posted with this sale.


Note on auction

Am using this 'live' auction sale as a intro (run out) for our new members free and easy auction feature

Auction/Reserve starts at £15 (the final prIce will include postage see below )

Postage is included in the auction price for Royal Mail Uk 2nd Class only at £9

(All mags packed and ready for shipping weighs in at 3.4kg)

If any other postage is requested and the cost is greater than 2nd Class Uk quote, the extra must be added to the final price


Chance to get some lockdown reading at a knock down price...

Happy Bidding!



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