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    Mike H
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    llandudno,united kingdom
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    happy to be - jimmy ellis
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  1. mike

    World cup 2018 underway

    thought a decent performance from England last nite, best one I seen for a fair old while as been said that last goal could make all the difference to this campaign tournament picking up pace now Russia v Egypt being my match choice today TUESDAY 19TH JUNE 2018 GROUP A Russia 19:00 Egypt GROUP H Colombia 13:00 Japan Poland 16:00 Senegal
  2. ok that's it poll closed now 1. Which Version does it for you? Darrell Banks J.J. Barnes 65% to 35%....
  3. mike

    BabyBoyAndMyLass's Moderating sucks

    errr... this is in the right place Soul Source - Site Stuff Support & feedback site related feedback, questions, views, suggestions etc Please browse recent topics as your issue may have already been reported/resolved. seen yep? ------------------------ on rest of above thanks for all views , all feedback always appreciated am sur..
  4. mike

    fathers day

    always an up and down day for me
  5. most of the the 'old' topics can be viewed here members only - though attachments etc no longer valid
  6. mike

    Old Profile

    sorry Manus but to merge old accounts you do need access to the old account email - otherwise account security and privacy issues start cropping up can you not get in touch with your old email providers and try and get email back? mike
  7. mike

    Posting Youtube tracks.

    seems ok from here right now can you check again?
  8. mike

    World cup 2018 underway

    The world cup 2018 gets underway a great game
  9. check your pms!

  10. mike

    Events all mapped out

    visual event guide? the next 99 days of soul events looks like this...
  11. thanks for that the idea behind these is a bit of fun, get some discussion going and all that -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- closing shortly next one starting soon!
  12. Coming to the end of this battle Current score is 64% plays 36% for Darrel last chance to voice your choice
  13. mike

    events: weekenders

    highlight kick of this trial policy
  14. mike

    Old Profile

    pm'd ya
  15. mike

    events: weekenders

    a highlight kick of this trial policy