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  1. Has a bit of noise, hear it. I think it's priced right and...free ship to UK! https://www.ebay.com/itm/223398476452
  2. I'm expecting a copy of this in the mail, hopefully today, and I've no idea what one side sounds like (I'm hoping it's great, of course). The a-side is So Full Of Love, which is available for listening on youtube, and which seems "popcorny" to me. The flip is called "This Is The Meaning of Love". Has anyone heard it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Interesting that in the cheap lots she's selling (linked below) she doesn't mention grandpa at all; instead, she claims to have bought several big collections and sold some for as much as $2,000. each. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nice-Lot-Of-20-45s-Records-1960s-1980s-7-Vinyl-Rock-45-Funk-Soul-Disco-45-/132082638541?hash=item1ec0bd1ecd:g:pzYAAOSwopRYgZEY
  4. I'd have to say there is no traditional market for soul 45's here. First, the truly top northern records are always going to go to the UK anyway; if any US buyers want them they don't even bother bidding on them when they're listed on ebay. Soul collectors here may trade with one another, which makes the value relative. Lower end records, like the Flirtations "Nothing But a Heartache" or something like that, sell on Ebay for just a few dollars (like...a quid, right?), and I always suspect that the British would pay more than that if not for the shipping cost. I never buy individual records, always lots (and always cheaply). In the spring and summer it means going to as many yard sales as possible, asking the homeowners if they have any records (most people, here in Pennsylvania, still have no idea that vinyl is "back", and if they do want those old records in the basement it's the LPs they want, not the 45s). In the fall and winter I'll buy lots on ebay, avoiding record sellers and looking for offerings from the uninformed. Most of those sellers don't offer overseas shipping, but I'm not sure it matters - I've won auctions for "peanuts" where good soul records are sitting right there in the auction photos but no one seems to notice or care. Otherwise, estate sales and auction houses are good prospects as well, but as with the yard sales you do have to stay one step ahead of the other record hunters. Often, though, that competition is more interested, and knowledgeable about, classic rock LPs than they are about 45s. I love soul, and I think the British fans have rightfully recognized the best of it, but my own collection consists mostly of the beat up copies - I sell off the best stuff so the hobby doesn't end up costing me too much money.
  5. That's true, but I think at least some of that is because of the internet - the "truth has out". For instance, Goldmine used to (probably still does, but they're daft) list a Crows "Gee" on red vinyl Rama as a $600. record. When Ebay helped sort out what is truly scarce on this planet, it became apparent that there must have been a whole lot more genuine examples of that record pressed than had been assumed - it's now about a $30. record in VG. It's true that northern soul is 90% a UK phenomenon, with the other 10% the rest of Europe, and that doo wop seems to be 100% a U.S. market. Or at least it seems that way to me, I'm in the states and I've sold both genres.
  6. Rare + Good = Demand. For 40 years people have been saying that interest in doo wop will crash as that crowd dies off; most of them have passed away yet rare doo wop 45's are still setting price records all the time.
  7. That ex-site is a tremendous resource, and the good news is that you can still use it! Here ya go: https://www.bigboppa.co.uk/45-sleeves/index.html
  8. Well, there, I'm comparing it to another WB promo from the same year, and they feel the same. The record is vinyl (I'm assuming that the boot is as well, otherwise no one would contend that they're hard to tell apart).
  9. Thanks everyone, I'm pretty much convinced mine is genuine because: a - most Popsike sales have the stars on Something New To Do side b - I have another WB promo that came in the same lot I bought, and it has the same radio station date stamp, and no one in the world would ever boot that record. c - The record can't be seen through when held up to the light, as one person suggested was the way to spot the boot, nor are the edges sharp as a Soul Source'er noted was a factor in the boot. I think Warners went with the flip first as the a-side, then changed their mind and reversed the stars for DJ notice, then the record died without a whole lot printed. The bootleggers chose that later version label to boot. Thanks again, folks.
  10. Alright, thanks for that Discogs info; when sent to the site by clicking your link, the photos match exactly what I've got, i.e. stars on the Something New to Do side, and not on the other. But the deadwax info listed above is NOT exactly as listed there in that both sides end with 1B. And it's interesting with this record that the flip has the lower matrix number, and the lower number is usually the "a" side of a record (note how discogs says that the Side A run-out ends with 1B, and the flip the reverse, which seems backwards to start.
  11. I have a WB 7644 promo (it's by Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead), which must have come out a week or so before the Bobby Sheen, and the edges feel the same to me. Both records have the same date stamp, and the same style of writing in the deadwax. They, and others, came in a lot I got from someone who says they worked at a radio station in the 70's. But, still, the person who wrote about the stars being on the wrong side (I think that was the point they were making), they say it looks like the boot.
  12. Hi, long time since I've posted, hope you experts can help me here. I've listed a Something New To Do, and I've received two inquiries about it. One person wanted to know if it could be seen through if held to the light (according to them, that's how you can spot the boot, which I hadn't known existed). No light can be perceived when holding the record up to a bright light. The other person " On the original there are two stars on the A side. And on the boot they are on the B side." Here's my listing; https://www.ebay.com/itm/371861057374?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 As long as you're being helpful, if you wouldn't mind looking at my Ballads; I don't even know if it has been booted, but now I'm a little worried about everything: https://www.ebay.com/itm/222402507856?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Many thanks in advance, soulies!
  13. https://www.ebay.com/sch/hrtshpdbox/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=1&_rdc=1 Thanks for looking.
  14. What about that hilarious Fife Piper thing, that gets no mentions? I mean, I assume it's supposed to be Northern, right? I know that whenever I find one I dutifully chuck it into whatever lot I'm flogging, laughing all the while.

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