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  1. Not sure if it has been mentioned on here but Major Lance’s daughter is the Mayor of Atlanta! Looks like him too. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keisha_Lance_Bottoms
  2. Hi Mike, apologies but only just seen this. No price, I was giving it away, I've given nearly all my records away to friends. Of the few hundred I've got left I'm auctioning on ebay and giving money to charity. I'm no expert so no idea what they are worth. Don't agree with the hypocrites that are so called soul fans that just want to rip people off. They bleat on about boots but doubt if they send a share of their profits to artists or labels. Makes me laugh.
  3. Got a decent copy for sale, selling most of my box on ebay as moving abroad but would prefer a good home for it and not a dealer. It's always been my favourite and not played this vinyl for at least 20 years. I'd say was excellent condition, although I'm not an expert on grading.
  4. Rocky


    Bldy hell, bad typo! Thanks, I'll change it.
  5. I'm selling off some of my vinyl and found a Garnet Mimms 'Looking for you' (mint) on a blank label with X5460/1002-1 in the runout. Is it genuine or a boot? .
  6. Anybody know anything about the origins of northern dancing? It was already prevalent at the Torch when I went so was wondering if maybe at the Wheel? This is the earliest video I've ever seen with 'proper' dancing on it (see the bloke on the left at 1:10) so maybe started as early as Mods?
  7. Rocky


    Great post Joey, I didn't give a toss in the 70s where I got the record, they were so hard to get, even the popular ones. No internet or downloads then and from my perspective as a spotty teenager, boots were all I could get and were doing me a favour. If an original was for sale somewhere, how the fk would I know other than spending hours trawling through boxes at the Casino etc (which I did)?!? Yes DJs only played vinyl then, that's all there was! Because other formats are available now it doesn't mean you have to play vinyl. Or should I still be playing cassettes in my car because they were the original format?!? Happy for the purists & collectors to admire each other but don't hold the moral high ground please.
  8. It's the ovo rule that kills it for me as if vinyl has some magic quality over the content. Maybe it does for it's owner (and that's fine for him and i respect that) but for the vast majority of us we don't give a toss when we're on the dance floor with 3 lagers in us and just floating on the sound. I gave most of mine away to friends who really cherish it but the music means more to me than making money from it. However I do applaud all those dealers (oops I almost said hypocrites) that give a percentage of their profits to the record label & artist
  9. Hmmmm, illegal or not it's a bit hypocritical if you sell a legal 7" for hundreds profit and don't give a penny to the artist or label don't you think?!?
  10. I’m with you on this. I gave most of my 45s away to friends when I stopped playing them and listened to digital recordings. I don’t like the blatant profiteering from some so called ‘bastions of Northern Soul’. If they love the scene so much, why do they want to rip their fellow enthusiasts off?
  11. We used to go to a nighter called the Blue Moon in Farnborough, Hants. I went in ‘69 and it had been going for a couple of years at least. They played all soul tracks, mainly imports and most would be classed as Northern. My fave they used to play at the time was O’Kaysions, Girl Watcher. The DJ had less than 100 records as they were so hard to get. It was a den of iniquity and got raided many times. The manager even brandished a shotgun when idiots tried to force their way in. There was a similar place in Southampton called the Marina, I only went once and can’t remember a thing! Good old days.
  12. until

    What's the nearest airport please?
  13. until

    ER, where is it?
  14. Manifesto - James Lewis & Case Of Time Longest intro ever and always got me running when I was young enough to do so!
  15. Rocky


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