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  1. 71TRSC

  2. Soul Galore

    A night of pure vinyl pleasure in aid of http://www.shelter.org.uk/
  3. The Aristocrat, Wendover Road, Aylesbury, Bucks courtesy of Aylesbury Scooter Club Free Entry confirmed DJ's Mark Reeves........ Vernon Evans...... Mike Collier.......... Clive Allen........... Scott Horward..... poss....Lee Evans.
  4. A bit late for the exhibition. Looks like it was interesting. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:nYKfu9HhhWMJ:www.blackmuseums.org/exhibits/soul_soldiers.pdf+soul+soldiers&hl=en&gl=uk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESgywIMWDEw4eoeH0Y7SlHjQtB...
  5. Who Is Nosmo King?

    There was another Nosmo King who predates "our" Nosmo but it must be where he got the name from. He was a music hall artist of the 1920's who liked to "black up". The original Nosmo is buried in Thorney cemetry near Peterborough. My family are buried there...
  6. The Bloody Snake

    Sometimes when something comes on that you haven't heard in years, it gets a new lease of life. That doesn't apply to the snake. Ever. Pure Fromage.
  7. Got mine today, you sir, are a toff and no mistake. simply make your self known to me next time you are out in Buckinghamshire and I will provide you with an organic cider of your choice.
  8. Strange Places To Hear Northern

    I went to see the Go! Team at Oxford Brookes University last year. Its a big venue that holds a thousand or so punters I guess and before the band came on they were playing the usual indie tunes. Then just before the band appeared they played Exus Trek whic...
  9. http://www.manchu.org/sounds/ This is a website with some very evocative original 60's sound clips from American Armed Forces Vietnam radio and Radio Hanoi. Includes some familiar sounds and the original good morning vietnam dj.
  10. Allnighter Venues - Seedy Or Smart?

    Big echoey victorian ballrooms seem to set off certain records better like the Ivories rather than small compact carpeted venues. But apart from that sh1ttier venues like the Dome just seem right to me. The old unicorn club was good but Luton Rugby club doe...
  11. Brussels Record Shops

    I'm going to Brussels at the weekend, does anyone know if there are any decent shops/record fairs to look out for? ta
  12. Soul Britannia

    The BBC points of view message board link is below. I suggest if you feel strongly about it you register and if enough people vent their spleen they might realise they have made a mistake. I wouldnt mention if you havent got a tv license though... http...
  13. New Soul Series On Bbc4 Starting 2nd Feb

    Just watched this. I thought it wasn't half bad. Until the narrator mentioned mods on mopeds sweet baby jesus
  14. Fights At Soul Do's

    I've seen 1 fight in about 20 years. It was at a nighter in Coventry in about 1989. There was a rave going on upstairs and a stream of weirdo's in day glo underpants and glo sticks walking past the entrance. The dancefloor was concrete and then some bloke ...
  15. Any one be kind enough to post this up? ta