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  1. Black Earth Plus Band - How Can You Say You Love Me (Calgar) EX+ 200 GBP Stunning Copy of this funky banger. Still under the Radar? Needs must be hurts to let go... Paypal as Friends.
  2. The Profiles - I still Love You/ Be Carefull (Bamboo) Ex+ (drill hole) 50 GBP Mitchell Braithewaite - My Woman Needs Me/You´ve been a long time coming (Probe Promo) Ex 35 GBP Billy Harner - Ive Got to Check you Out/Fool me (V-Tone) Ex 60 GBP
  3. Hello, Nice list of recommended stuff from 16 € to 75 €. Lot of bargain in here, you probably won't find them cheaper on the net that this. Price plus p+p. Richard Knight - Show Stopper (Allen) Ex 16 € Vicki Anderson - No more Heartaches No more pain (King) Ex 20 € Sanders Sisters - Stone Man (Cannonball) Ex 20 € A.C. Caldwell - Wail/Joy Sweet Joy (RJM) VG+ 30 € The Jay Vons - Maybe I loved you/Never take me back (Cryptovision) Ex 35 € Old (M) Pressions - Right On (Brooks) Ex 22 € Esquires - How Could it Be (Bunky) Ex 20 € Frank Williams -
  4. Nice copy in Excellent shape at a nice Price. 100 GBP plus p&p.
  5. Windjammers - Poor sad Child/ Pt. II (Boola Boola) Ex 90 GBP Fantastic Copy! + p. & p. Regards.
  6. Hello, if somebody can help i would love to get one. Best.
  7. After a Copy of Showtime one and Two - Showtime/Whispers (Candy Floss). Please PM me if you an help.
  8. No it is the black vinyl federal green release with picture sleeve.
  9. Hello Have a spare unplayed copy of the first issue. Not the now released second with green vinyl. Asking for 85 GBP. 75 GBP Get in contact if you need it. All the best. Sven
  10. ..., much appreciated. Showtime One and Two - Showtime/Whispers (Candy Floss) St. James Infirmary - Don´t take your love away from me (Mazel) Early Clover - Freedom (Dove) Revolution of St. Vincent - The Little you Say (Wirl) Buster and James - Count the Tears (Cee-Jam) Joe Garland - that´s his girl (eastwind international artists).
  11. Grier Bros - Wheeping Baby all the time (Melody Disc) ex 200 gbp Mighty fine Doublesider seldom up for offer. https://youtu.be/QtIZ7Ue8QaE
  12. PETE MAYES - Peace (Ovide) Ex 100 Euro Top Copy, ever in demand.!!!
  13. The Variations - I wanna take you uptown/Instr. (Right On) Ex 210 GBP Funky Mover on the collectable label. Rarely turns up and in awesome shape too! give the sample a Listen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQas-ov1SAc
  14. After "Count the Tears" by them Contact appreciated. Best. Sven
  15. Pete Mayes - Peace Ex (Ovide) 100 GBP Frank Williams & The Rocketeers – ‘You Got To Be A Man / The Spanish Flyer’ – ( Phil-L.A. of Soul) Ex 60 GBP light ringwear The Variations - I wanna take you uptown/Instr. (Right On) Ex 210 GBP The Precisions - If this is Love/ You Soon be gone (Drew) Ex 35 GBP The Herbs - Never, Never/ Questions (Smoke) Vg+ 50 GBP Samantha Lee - I´m Minnie EX/VG+ (Peanut Country) 25 GBP Billy Harner - Don´t want my Login (KamaSutra) Ex 20 GB
  16. Samantha Lee - I´m Minnie EX/VG+ (Peanut Country) 35 Euros Billy Harner - Don´t want my Login (KamaSutra) Ex 25 Euros Vibe Creators - Don't Wanna be Lonley (Lontano) Ex 30 Euros Betty Swan - Closed for this season (Capitol) VG+ 15 Euros needs a bit cleaning maybe King Floyd - Times Have Changed (Pulsar) Ex/VG+ 40 Euros Styrene ex light ring wear on the label.
  17. Lil Bob - I Got Loaded/Nobody But You NM 190 Euros Unplayed Stock! Light wear on Label
  18. 4th Generation - Take My Love (Debrossard) ex 95 GBPplus p&p. Nice Dancer on the same Label as The Rotations. Under the Radar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKtacLsANNo
  19. Hi i am after these two Arnold Albury - That's a bet (DADE) Phonetics - Don't let love get you down (Trudel) Thanks.

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