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  1. Fat mod or fat greaser , could never make my mind up ,. and you think the soul scene is snobbish
  2. fook knows what the big lad would have said about this thread , once saw him play a record and after about 30 seconds with no one dancing . he stopped it ,said well nobdies bothered abart that then . and skimmed said disc to back of stage
  3. not a mod ,but back in the day a cracking DJ RIP Bub .
  4. I used to be able to fall back on a lot of records , but now I find I cant get back up
  5. barney

    Pendlebury Social Club

    looks good ,all the best ,
  6. why all the fuss ,theres nowt we can do about it , don't watch the show anyroadsart am usually out and will be tonight , off to the Grovenor rooms to watch and listen to two of the best young DJs on the scene , think neither of them went to the Station Road Casino ,
  7. still a poorly octopus to get in b4 9-15 and 7 squid after ,
  8. its a crazy world , so much for OVO , like history ,authenticity is bunk .
  9. getting as giddy as a sardine for this , Walton charity Christmas parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. you cant go wrong going to places like Lowton and others people have mentioned , now you have taken the plunge I will give you a tip , don't get into vinyl its contagious and addictive and will bring you down financially and mentally and could lead to making you think you could be a DJ ,
  11. still recovering from a broken left leg so trying to get back into my good old shuffle routine , I know quite a few world champion dancers including the most recent one and I can say some are reasonably good dancers.. I have seen much better , great dancers (IMHO) who wouldn't be seen dead on the competition dancefloor .the guy in the Whitby vid is a classic example ,think he is from Peterborough or Northampton seen him loads of times and is a joy to watch , used to watch a guy called Clive from Sheffield who passed away not long since and he had a unique and endearing dance style in which h
  12. going to make this one , wont be doing much dancing though with this damn pot on
  13. barney


  14. cant miss this Derek is one of the best northern dj,s on the cct he has an ear for the next big hit and plays some brilliant sounds definitely not your same old same old
  15. barney


    another banging night at Eggybreadboro always ticks all the boxes , I know I am biased but Karen played a great spot .

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