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  1. I hope its ok to post this on here . for anyone going to Simon Cuerden,s funeral tomorrow 11th july . To join in the funeral cortege meet at the Wortley Arms , Wortley S35 7DB,. FROM 2PM . ... To go direct to the Crematorium @Skew Hill Lane . Grenoside ,S35 8RZ . from 3.15pm to go to the Wake @Cubley Hall, Mortimer Road ,Penistone S36 9DF
  2. Fat mod or fat greaser , could never make my mind up ,. and you think the soul scene is snobbish
  3. fook knows what the big lad would have said about this thread , once saw him play a record and after about 30 seconds with no one dancing . he stopped it ,said well nobdies bothered abart that then . and skimmed said disc to back of stage
  4. not a mod ,but back in the day a cracking DJ RIP Bub .
  5. I used to be able to fall back on a lot of records , but now I find I cant get back up
  6. some of these replies are loft on me .
  7. apparently the new owners getting worried , the birds singing that old Mel Torme number
  8. the worst tasting woodies are the ones that have been feeding off ivy berries .tastes vile
  9. no they can just let them fly like at some of these laptop gigs
  10. so you just want the opportunity to blow your own trumpet and use a few more euphonisms
  11. In China and Taiwan pigeon racing attracts huge betting. In both countries, particularly China they have mega rich fanciers who buy the birds as prestige over their fellow fanciers. The price paid is a prestige buy, and the money is back pocket because of their huge wealth Their loft set ups are managed by several employed as loft managers. The bird will be in a special aviary and not fly in open. It will have several ladies to keep it busy and the offspring will sell at high prices and some raced. Lucky pigeon. Lucky owner who it was bought off. Massarella stud at Leceister are the biggest buyers in England and they are outstripped with the Chinese Even so they bought a pigeon in the old days which set the record at £10,000 and flew to Belgium and picked it up So our Chinese owners may take pigeon flying up A fancier in Belgium packed in and sold his birds for several million pounds recently , and Massarella bought some and the youngsters off them are on sale now at around £500 each. People who buy them will not race them but sell young off them, poor man making a bit. Hence a lot of these sort of pigeons are what we call paper pedigree birds and do not race at all but are sold down the line for mini prestige.
  12. ar girt can make one by herself, she doesn't need three helpers
  13. Belgian pigeon fancier sells his top bird to a Chinese buyer for £1.2M Bit of a coup... makes our OVO deals look like chicken feed
  14. Barbra Mills Queen of fools

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