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  1. brighouse civic hall(moved from ritz)

    still a poorly octopus to get in b4 9-15 and 7 squid after ,
  2. For ALL the old Mods :)

    an old but wiser mod
  3. Random Thoughts

    cant agree with this ;- the best thing ever devised are Blinds because without them it would be curtains for everybody , al get mi coit
  4. Anyone for coffee?

    dowie eggburts for me and Yorkshire tea , cant be arsed to muck about with these fandangley machines , boil, pour,brew, drink simples , as for tea drinking abroad forget it ,have never had a decent brew anywhere abroad other than when made by myself from Yorkshire tea ,
  5. its a crazy world , so much for OVO , like history ,authenticity is bunk .
  6. Allardyce - Shameless and Corrupt is Back

    theres some tripe being dished up on here , Big fat Sam is bent ,corrupt and self serving ,how people can hold their heads up and defend him, beggars belief , suppose its a sad indictment on our society that success and winning is everything no matter what the cost or principles involve, no doubt a lot a people in the know thought jimmy savile was ok as well .
  7. Walton 4/5 Soul Club (The Charity Club)Ticket event SOLD OUT

    getting as giddy as a sardine for this , Walton charity Christmas parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  8. Dont know whether

    you cant go wrong going to places like Lowton and others people have mentioned , now you have taken the plunge I will give you a tip , don't get into vinyl its contagious and addictive and will bring you down financially and mentally and could lead to making you think you could be a DJ ,
  9. What is 'Proper' dancing?

    still recovering from a broken left leg so trying to get back into my good old shuffle routine , I know quite a few world champion dancers including the most recent one and I can say some are reasonably good dancers.. I have seen much better , great dancers (IMHO) who wouldn't be seen dead on the competition dancefloor .the guy in the Whitby vid is a classic example ,think he is from Peterborough or Northampton seen him loads of times and is a joy to watch , used to watch a guy called Clive from Sheffield who passed away not long since and he had a unique and endearing dance style in which he was totally in his groove ,and could give many more examples of great dancers who would not be seen dead in a competition , think they demean the scene and are not what the scene is about , once again the promoters are grasping the lowest common denominator to get people in and involved , and as for dance lessons lordy lordy what ever next , talc spreading studies , bar towel hand stitchin sessions . FFS
  10. Soul at The Pie Hall - Denby Dale

    going to make this one , wont be doing much dancing though with this damn pot on
  11. Show us your great photos (2016)

    no this is not a sales site but the mrs bought me a new camera for Christmas and I have the EOS700D so I have the EOS 400D for sale ,its in good nick and looking for £150.00 , its comes with carrying case and charger .

    heres my two pennerth cant believe woy as left the most dynamic and best performing midfielder in Danny Drinkwater out of the squad and picked players who have hardly kicked a ball all season , its a diabolical choice as far as Im concerned , anyroads art I will be rooting for all the home nations apart from Scotland , so come on England ,Ireland and Wales ,
  13. New Top Gear - what does everyone think ?

    the Beeb are patting themselves on the back ,claim 4 million plus watched , wonder how many stuck it out to the end , for me its just another nail in the once great BBC, its now a playground for middle class overpaid talentless so called celebrities , the news is politically biased towards the present government and the reporters look down on ordinary mortals and the whole edifice wants tearing down and re-building from the bottom up .
  14. just watched the league one play off finals between Barnsley and Millwall . well done Barnsley winning 3-1 ,but the reaction of some so called Millwall fans who went into the Barnsley section and beat up women and kids is beyond the pale , they should have at a minimum points deducted for next season .