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    MODS, Soul, Scooters, Clothes and whatever takes my fancy at the time!

    Co -Director of Modine(201) Entertainment Management Ltd.
    Run and promote events for MODS showcasing MOD bands and new dj's
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    Sheryl Swope - Cant Get Him Off My Mind
  1. I used to go to the Alniters at the Ritz in the 90's with my old friend Simon from Sth London. We also went along to a couple of Rarest of the Rare alniters and they were awesome. I thought the venue had been lost forever when Mecca sold it a few years ago. G...
  2. Hi, Anyone got one for sale? Vg+ upwards If so please inbox me. Thank you.
  3. DJ'd for the first time in 4 years at the Modzine Weekender :-)

  4. Ian Levine Productions And Songs

    Hello,I quite like some of the work Ian has produced over the years but I must stress I do not wish to be involved in the slanging matches I have read on this thread. Ian, please can you inform me as to what Ebony Alleyne is doing now and if you will be ...
  5. The awesome Shotts Allnighters

    I went a few times. Catford Chris used to come by from Sth London and pick me up in Watford. Joulie now his wife and Caroline used to be in the car too plus others but can't remember who they were. It was wonderful arriving in the village so far way...
  6. 100 Club 29th Anniversary

    Cheers Ady for running a great night. I have not danced to so much for ages. Been aching since...I must be getting old. Great to see Parliament Paul (Nice Suit Mate) and Ella and all my other long time freinds. Cheers to the couple from Ch...
  7. Studio 1

    Confirmed. I will be bringing a box full of Club RnB and Soul and a few unknowns I like. Andy Brazil has got us all moving.. many phone calls last night whilst I was watching the Twin Towers prog on BBC1. Just got the directions...
  8. Eddie's My Name?

    I bought it in 1983 for £4.00 as it was big sound then being played by John Buck at RSG in Hemel Old Town on Thursday nights and I well liked it and was thinking about and dug it out and played it at home. I had not heard it for years and I though...
  9. Any Recommendations

    Wow you got it right i one shot there Rob. Well done. Sure he is and always will be the master of soul. I miss him so much and I will never forget him.
  10. Any Recommendations

    I got this off a guy at work for 10p and I think it's a cracking good Modern soul sound So I offer no clues for a bit of fun so I ask can any of you: Name the Artist? Name the Title? Name the Year and Country r...
  11. Middleton Civic Allniter Sat July 15

    Glad you liked going M40 mate!
  12. Any Recommendations

    Got this for $10.00 about £5.40 Fay_Hauser.mp3
  13. Exsaveons - I Dont Love You No More

    Got my copy some time ago now think I paid £30.00. John Manship has one for sale at £50.00 www.raresoulman.co.uk/d/51600/EXSAVEYONS as mentioned the B side is a nice sound. Somewhere.mp3
  14. Hearing And Listening

    Mostly at around 3am from dealers in the USA who phone to say "have you heard/got this on such and such label"? I listen to it and ask how much and if it is not too pricey I say OK I will ahve it thanks. I have built up quite a collection doing th...
  15. cleethorpes 2006102-edited

    From the album Cleethorpes 2006