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  1. Thanks for that Chalky, some great stuff there ! John
  2. Also , not only does the Lambretta look fantastic , when you kick it up and sit on it that's when the fun really starts . Try sitting on a copy of the Hamilton Movement . That's when the fun stops. Your £4000 "investment" is now in two pieces and worth fcuk all.
  3. A horse....A horse....My kingdom for a horse.......that is the equestrian.
  4. Sunday Stuck with flat tyre at Donnington Services near East Midands airport. Anyone able to help ? Need either spare wheel for Lambretta or a lift to Selston M1 J27 mobile 07788703053 or 01773 780811 now 2.45 pm cheers
  5. Wasn't he the guy that first urged us to "Keep the faith" That's Jesus not Benji btw !
  6. I 've often thought there's quite a few cults from the 70's that are now back again. I can't help being disleksick
  7. Vibrations - Shake it up / Make it last - Chess DJ m- 225.00 A stunning copy of this hard to find in-demander Impacts - Jerkin in your seat - Counsel - ex 125.00 Pm me. Thanks
  8. If anyone has room for one more I'd appreciate a lift from Sheffield (S7). Late notice I know; went via Lambretta in August but tonights weather looks pretty grim. Pm me on here . Thanks John Kingan
  9. Any DJ who talks over the drum intro to this should have his mike stuck where the sun don't shine !
  10. Chosen Few - The birth of a playboy / Taking all the love I can - Maple Dj M- 100 Gbp SOLD Irene and the Scotts I'm stuck on my baby - Smash issue M- dh 110 Gbp SOLD Paypal as a gift please. Thanks for looking Pm s please
  11. The 5 seconds long drum intro to Edward Hamilton's - I'm gonna love you
  12. Irene and the Scotts - I'm stuck on my baby / Why do you treat me like you do Smash issue M- dh £125 inc. UK. post. Paypal as gift. Pm me. Thanks for looking

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