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  1. Hamilton Movement on ebay

    Also , not only does the Lambretta look fantastic , when you kick it up and sit on it that's when the fun really starts . Try sitting on a copy of the Hamilton Movement . That's when the fun stops. Your £4000 "investment" is now in two pieces and worth f...
  2. Time will pass you by - Toby Legend

    A horse....A horse....My kingdom for a horse.......that is the equestrian.
  3. dunmiedin

  4. Sunday Stuck with flat tyre at Donnington Services near East Midands airport. Anyone able to help ? Need either spare wheel for Lambretta or a lift to Selston M1 J27 mobile 07788703053 or 01773 780811 now 2.45 pm cheers
  5. 'send Him Back' On Radio 2 Drivetime

    Wasn't he the guy that first urged us to "Keep the faith" That's Jesus not Benji btw !
  6. I 've often thought there's quite a few cults from the 70's that are now back again. I can't help being disleksick
  7. Vibrations - Shake it up / Make it last - Chess DJ m- 225.00 A stunning copy of this hard to find in-demander Impacts - Jerkin in your seat - Counsel - ex 125.00 Pm me. Thanks

    If anyone has room for one more I'd appreciate a lift from Sheffield (S7). Late notice I know; went via Lambretta in August but tonights weather looks pretty grim. Pm me on here . Thanks John Kingan
  9. Edward Hamilton - I'm Gonna Love You

    Any DJ who talks over the drum intro to this should have his mike stuck where the sun don't shine !
  10. Chosen Few - The birth of a playboy / Taking all the love I can - Maple Dj M- 100 Gbp SOLD Irene and the Scotts I'm stuck on my baby - Smash issue M- dh 110 Gbp SOLD Paypal as a gift please. Thanks for looking Pm s please
  11. Best Intro. To Record

    Great minds Patto!
  12. Best Intro. To Record

    The 5 seconds long drum intro to Edward Hamilton's - I'm gonna love you
  13. Irene and the Scotts - I'm stuck on my baby / Why do you treat me like you do Smash issue M- dh £125 inc. UK. post. Paypal as gift. Pm me. Thanks for looking
  14. Birth Of A Playboy - Chosen Few

    The Chosen Few-The birth of a playboy / Taking all the love I can - Maple demo ex - 100 Gbp pm if interested. thanks