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    Rick Scott Mr. Cleethorpes/Pier/Winter Gardens
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    Richard Scott
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    Everthing Soulful
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    by my side (cover up) Modern soul perfection
  1. Bloody Hell * My old T.J. Hudson and the Hit Men - 'Run For Cover' Ex C/U From back in the Day * Nice One Mick *
  2. Happy RSD

    Is that on a 7' or 12' Steve....... Thanks Steve, Enjoy Yourself
  3. Big In My Front Room

    Haven't put anything up here for a while but this tune has been getting a fair bit of rotation of late "In My Front Room", although may be a bit of a Marmite thing to most, but it's good to share, it does get under your skin after a while though The Horn Wor...
  4. Best invention ever

    Cheers for that, feel better about it now, though it did remind me of a stupid thing I did as a child when the bulb blew in my bedroom and i got a replacement out of the cupboard and decided to replace it myself, i stood on my bed to take the bulb out, and tr...
  5. Best invention ever

    Sorry my friend, was intended to raise a smile, not to offend, true it could have been quite a different outcome so again i am sorry, i should have thought about it before i posted, Rick
  6. Best invention ever

    You could always use the two Dansette arm scars as a template for a tattoo, Could look quite fetching
  7. Best live performance

    Jesse James Sunday 17th September 1989 All Dayer At Romeo & Juliets (George Street Hull) A Two Room Event with The Sounds Of Cleethorpes In One Room (Romeos) DJs Steve Croft * Poke * Rick Scott * Sam Dees Live * Soul Sam * Rob Wigley * Bub * ...
  8. Best invention ever

    Easy, Radio Stations, Radios,Record Players,Records, All Types of Music Tape Players (Reel To Reel Cassette Etc.) The Juke Box Where would we be as MUSIC FANS without them ?
  9. Any northern records

    Yea, I used to play this to Death and still Do
  10. *WOW* There's Nothing Else To Say Baby!!!!
  11. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    I have never heard of this "GAME" so Googled it, WOW, Certainly not for the "FAINT HEARTED" and so many Variations. Shows how inventive the Human race really are, Puts APES at the back of the Que when it comes to Entertainment
  12. If the term northern soul had not come about ?

    Quality Records Will or Should get a dance floor reaction based on my own experience, All these Big ticket Shit Rare records are just that, RARE, but can't compete with good quality soulful records with a Dance Beat at more sensible prices, It Should always ...
  13. Fabulous Record i confess haven't played out enough, will have to rectify that pronto, Beautiful
  14. Morning Rant - Record delivered or not as the case may be

    Like i said, main gripe was i have to do the chasing about to be able to have my parcel and the funny thing is the message on the slip stuck on the back of the package states, THIS PACKAGE CAN NOT BE DELIVERED UNTIL THE CHARGES ARE PAID, Which is a joke becau...

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