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    by my side (cover up) Modern soul perfection

    Gobbing Snotting And Diving

    Don't go to football matches anymore but used to be an avid 'Armchair' football Fan But am gradually being 'Switched Off' by footballers who feel the need to Gob (Spit) and Snot (Clear their Nose) During Football Matches. Only time it would be excused would be a facial injury to Nose or Mouth. Bloody off putting as it is Usually during a time of day or evening when you are having a Bite To Eat. Before anyone says "It's because they Run about a lot" I don't think so, The Referee does as much running about as anyone else and have never seen one do it. Have seen lots of 'Substitutes' do it as soon as they WALK onto the pitch and not touch the ball. Whats That All About? Must be some sort of tribal ritual thing we don't know about? Love to watch Ladies Football too and never found it an issue with them? Now here is an idea..."DIVING"... Why don't the TV or Football League have a 'Name and Shame Chart' made up of players who have been carded for diving at the end of the Season With Monthly or Weekly Updates of players deliberately trying to get players red carded and sent off, We could have a red card Chart and players would be awarded a * 'Bronze' * Silver' * or 'Gold * 'Tomato Medal' at the end of the season, Mind you, who would be brave enough to attend the award ceremony to pick up their medal.......Might make some them think about their Actions.... Or would it.... Any Views Anyone?

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    A Happy Feel Good Friday To One And All with another track from my 12" Play Box (1983) From the Wonderful Ronnie Dyson 'B' Side of All Over Your Face, Crank Up The Volume And Enjoy!......Rick

    Happy Birthday Steve S 60

    Hey Up Birthday Boy, Hope you have a safe flight and a Well Good Time in Sicily, Take Care and Stay Safe
  4. Been a While Part two.......Great intro too by the way! Enjoy **Rick**
  5. well, been a while so.........Enjoy **Rick**

    Folding phone available - world first

    Brings back memories of an article i read way back maybe 'Blues and Soul' or 'Black Echoes' of promotional and Test Pressings of EMI Related stuff (Motown Etc) being dumped in a land fill site by the truck load, i think it was stated at the time it was so it would not effect Sales of records at the time of release, came to light when music fans were caught rummaging around to salvage what they could, bit of a stink about it at the time. Another article around that time was also mentioning Recycling Vinyl in the USA during an oil shortage to be able to keep up on the release of vinyl records, think it mentioned that styrene was not recyclable, Anyone one else remember reading these at the time?

    Folding phone available - world first

    I received a Mobile Phone as a Early retirement gift from work back in 2014 (the thought of another 12 months work s**t me up) It's an old Samsung Galaxy Y (young) I've NEVER had it connected to the net, Just use it for phone and text use-age, I use my Mac for internet use. Previously i had never had a mobile phone of my own (only a work phone) which was handed in when i left work, previous i had a works Pager before Mobile Phones, remember those pesky suckers? but seeing all the picture of all those phones in the above posts does make you think how wasteful Most of us are, (just think how it would have been if phones had remained just phones) not so much waste as there is now as everyone just wants to be up there with the latest this that and the other on their phone, and Shineheads post about phone/tv sets wasted because we have to up grade or have a box to use it is mind boggling, To be able to watch or listen to stuff we are constantly been forced into having a new modem or a new tv box etc, currently i have two old tv's, 2 computers + monitors 2 out of date surround sound systems various old obsolete tv boxes that still work but had to replace to continue watching TV etc. and an old satellite dish on my wall, ok a lot of stuff can be re used or recycled but hey (but how much actually does, funny enough on a tv program i was quite surprised when a Top TV personality admitted he has Never had a mobile phone and had no desire to have one, he said they were just a constant irritation, and he wasn't on his own with that one either.

    Folding phone available - world first

    I suppose this is a natural follow on from the roll up tv screens that you can flatten on to the wall or take outside unroll and watch anywhere, loads of demonstration videos on YouTube, Quite fascinating if you are into this sort of thing.

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Morning Campers! Thought i would share another "End Of The Nite Finishers" i used to play At one of the Soul Doo's i used to run back in '76 and a track i had all but forgotten about, "Words" by the wonderful Donny Gerrard, N-Joy.....Rick

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    Here You GO.... N-Joy

    Knee injury from dancing

    I usually put my left hand in the blender, hurts like hell but makes me forget about the pain in my knees, next patient please, now, what seems to be your problem?............ On a serious note though, up and down the stairs does my knees in, so ibuprofen 200gs over the counter tablets do the trick for me, just take one as required.

    The blurred line...

    A couple that came out (and were massive on the Dance Floors) for that Funky Shuffle Style Dancing were these Bad Boys that Rattled A Few Bars! with People.

    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    One from me this Beautiful sunny Friday morning. From The Man, The Voice, The Wonderful Jackie Wilson, Alone At Last. Have a Great Weekend One And All. Rick

    Soulful House / Garage Picks


    Feel Good Friday - Get them up now!

    Pleased you like it Chris, There are just a few copies about on Discogs Etc on Vinyl, so worth picking up while they are there, and yes He is very good at what he does, This one is certainly Out Of Left Field But Brilliant with it, Have Fun and a Great Weekend, Rick


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