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    Rick Scott Mr. Cleethorpes/Pier/Winter Gardens
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    by my side (cover up) Modern soul perfection
  1. Terry Callier C’est la vie

    I made a mistake, so seems the track in question is an EXTRA TRACK on the CD version only, So sorry for any confusion i may have caused, Rick
  2. Terry Callier C’est la vie

    Discogs got some vinyl LP's of the L.P. Timepeace which was released on Talking Loud/Verve Forecast which as far as i know is the only way you will get this track, No 45 single release that i am aware of, They are tucked way amongst the C.D.s so check careful...
  3. Most ridiculous cover version of northern soul record

    Playin' Hide And Seek -Dave Antony. Yea Soul -Slider, i still like it too, more a 'Mod' thing as you say and more a kin to that Scene, and i still have my copy, I thought i had got rid of it years ago. And just looked on PopSyke and one recently sold for £10...
  4. Big In My Front Room

    For those that like their soul a bit down beat 'n' Soulful..............
  5. Big In My Front Room

    Thanks Woolie Mark, The idea of the thred was as it says on the tin and with no restrictions,You have to admire the creativity of a lot of the Hip Hop Guys as in the track you posted,I have bought a few albums myself but mainly for what fits the Bill for...
  6. Sly Johnson try my love

    Hi Jazz, As far as i know that is the case, i bought mine back in 2011 for that one Track, (Syl Johnson Mythological) The Numero group Chicago,IL They did a vinyl album called the complete Twinight singles collection too on a 2 LP Gatefold lp...
  7. Best Intro. To Record

    Have to admit back in my youth i could not dance to this sort of record, just wasn't good enough as i would get my feet and legs in a right muddle, preferred things a bit more steady ( and still do these days ) Have to say if i ran on to the dance floor these...
  8. Big In My Front Room

    Just the one To think about my friends, As deep as it gets, and then some.................. Rick.
  9. Top Tips for Soul Sourcers

    Poke did that naturally (Sound Muffled) when he DJ'd at The Cleethorpes Pier All Niters, So Many People used to say, "can anyone understand a word he's saying', Sounds like he has a brick in his Mouth" But he was a thoroughly Nice Guy.
  10. Most ridiculous cover version of northern soul record

    How about this one, and sad to admit i did spin this at the Cleethorpes Pier back in the day I'll Get My Coat And Switch The Lights Off On The Way Out
  11. Welcome aboard Keri, Hope you enjoy And thanks for the Seasons Greetings
  12. Thanks Mike For All You Do. Happy Holliday to Mike and all the others that make this Wonderful Site work it is So much Appreciated, You Guys 'Make It Happen' And to all the wonderful friends i know on here, and some who i will probably never ...
  13. Big In My Front Room

    This out now on vinyl if you like the likes of John Legend, Very Nice i Think GODBLESSCOMPUTERS - SOLCHI LP - TRACK - HOW ABOUT U
  14. Cover versions -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ?

    Jeez i remember those bad boys, Yea Deffo candidates for the " Ugly Bin"
  15. Cover versions -The Good, The Bad, The Ugly ?

    Some great title been thrown up on here up to now some unexpected ones too, great stuff. A couple from me. WILBERT HARRISON - LET'S WORK TOGETHER ( SUE ) 1969 CANED HEAT - LET'S WORK TOGETHER (LIBERTY) 1969 I Love both of these tunes, tak...