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  1. doowopmick

    The Jive Five

    Cheers, Tony have it as MP3 but it certainly is affordable on vinyl. Just found out one sold Ebay 4 days ago ah well. UA 50033
  2. doowopmick

    The Jive Five

    Anyone got any info on this record. i believe it is on UA. What's the value?
  3. doowopmick

    Help Needed Identifying Artist

    Think those 'Sideshow' boys BLUE MAGIC did a song 'Stop and get a hold of yourself'. Although Philly not Detroit, Black not white, 70's not 60's............I'll get my coat!
  4. doowopmick

    Tate - Liverpool

    Mate of mine has been given some tickets for this event on Sat May 3rd: 'Tate Liverpool holds its very own Northern Soul Dance with a rich line up of well known Northern Soul DJs and culminating in a secret performance to be announced. 'Long After Tonight', a film by artist Matt Stokes of a Northern Soul reunion, plays in the background while revellers revisit the Northern Soul dance halls of the 1970s. ' I can't mak..
  5. doowopmick

    Second Chance

    Joss Stone - You've been gone to long
  6. doowopmick


    Whether you love or hate her she sounds just like Connie Haines track 8 Cellarful of Motown 2. Mick
  7. doowopmick

    Northern Soul Injustice Dept

    As a serving police officer this is exactly the advice I was going to give Nick should he have pm'd me. Very well written phil and good luck with your new career. Mick
  8. doowopmick

    Northern Soul Injustice Dept

    Nick, don't normally advertise the fact, off duty, but if you haven't been to the police yet and want some advice then pm me and I will try and advise you. I learn alot from you lot so I will try and give some knowledge back. Mick
  9. doowopmick

    Funk Bros

    Tend to agree. I thought the 'larger' of the two ladies was a bit karaoke. Bit too OTT on 'What becomes of the broken hearted'. The guys sang well though Rob (the bassist) and larry Johnson. Does anyone know if Johnson sang with the Temptations last time they were in Manchester? Mick
  10. Coming back to the scene and tending, as probably many people like myself, to stick with oldies. I am curious to know how the scene has changed. Some of the nights I have been to in Stockport are oldies based so I wondered if there are any current cd's on the market that might tipify todays scene, if not,( as looking on here the current crop of top dj's still appear to cover tunes up) what five sounds would you place on a cd to sho..
  11. doowopmick


    Don't you think Gladys Knight feels a little peeved to say the least at Diana Ross getting the 'finders 'credit. Mick
  12. doowopmick

    Frankie And Johnny - I'll Hold You

    Cheers pete
  13. Just been listening to this on SoulClub, just wondering if these values are current? Hickory 1391r - 20.00, 1391 - 100.00, 1391dj - 80.00. Decca 250.00 + Cheers Mick
  14. doowopmick

    Top 5 (upto £20) 45s

    Top five at the mo! In the deep of the night - Dodie West Love makes the world go round (inst) - Betty Lavette Who is she - Lucky Laws Ain't no mountain - Marvin/Tammi Hello Stranger - The Capitols Cheers DWMick