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    Hello My name is Carl Hanson I'm a 40 something married 'Soulie' born & bred in Bridgnorth, Shropshire. I'm a lover of all things soulful but my main passion is northern Soul & all things NS related. Been on the scene since the early eighties when I 1st discovered & had my 'Eureka' moment when I walked into the Northern room during a Mod alldayer at 'The Top of The World' Stafford, a moment that changed my life for ever. Stafford was 'my Wigan' & has influenced my musical tastes to this day ( I can often be heard boring the ass off anyone who cares to listen telling people "I was there in the what I like to call 'The halycon days & saviour of NS' that is TTOTW Stafford. I still enjoy getting out & about, meeting like minded people & making new friends, I love having a good dance & a good laugh and I am lucky enough to have a Wife ( Nesta ) who also tags along & enjoys 'The scene'. That's about it for now I'll add more as I think of something interesting to tell you. I can also be found on FB if your interested. Carl

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    Carl Hanson
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    Lover of all things soulful,really enjoy getting out & about, meeting like minded people and having a good laugh.
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    'I'm Gone' .. Eddie Parker

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  1. Top of the World Stafford early 80's .... D.J .. Mr Thorley .. Larry Davies 'Ive been hurt' .... What an introduction into the scene WOW !! Sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.
  2. 1st got my attention when she was supporting none other than Al Green a few years back when I went to see him at Birmingham, I kind of remember her mentioning on stage that she was from Wolverhampton which took me back a bit as I only live a few miles away, & I remember thinking back then what a fantastic voice & great performer she was ( not bad for a yam yam ... only joking ) I still think her best stuff is yet to come, but imho she ranks way up there. Good enough for 'The Reverend' ... Good enough for me
  3. Great dancers great video & a great record have to agree there .. Check out another of RobBigCitySoul's video's for Silky Hargreaves .. Just pips it for me See what you think.
  4. Couldn't pick one particular tune from Keb,but I allways loved his style of Dj'ing, full of passion ( sadly missing nower days IMHO ) especially at Stafford alongside Guy Hennigan . You definately knew where you stood with him 'A spade was a spade' so to speak & he told it as it was. Classic quote from Stafford I'll never forget .... "Listen to this ... Fuxxing Shit Hot .. Now get get of your arses you lazy fxxxers" Brilliant !!
  5. Hiya Steve I'm the one of 'locals' & just to name a few that some may remember on here from Bridgnorth .. Simon Howley & his Brother Fred ( now dead unfortunately ), Les Jones, Barry Wilmore, Bickle & does anyone remember Meady ? 86 Club .. Crackin' nights & really good memories but actually started at Worfield Village Hall just a couple of miles down the road ( great liitle venue with great wooden dance floor & a balcony ! ) Can't remember why it had to move but it worked out well for Esher anyway. Don't mention the 'Redditch Girls' I ended up marrying one after meeting her there !! I have a flyer somewhere with my wife ( Nesta ) on the front that I will attach as soon as I find it, the other flyer on here has a photo of Nesta's best friend Lanie ( she's the one in the white suit ) I live in Bridgnorth , always have & was never a fan of Soul Nights too close to home but the 86 was a absolute must, I had a 1st floor flat in Low town, Bridgnorth at the time just a couple of minutes away that my now wife Nesta used to invite every man & his dog too once the 86 finished, people used to queue to get in ... Honestly ! ( you may have been one of them Steve, everyone was welcome ) names include :- Dennis & Julie Lee ( Cheltenham ) Jethro, Soulie, The curly haired Twins ( could never remember their names ) Chiddy , Don Forbes & Caddy from Shrewsbury to name but a few Eshers still about & lives in Broseley now but not too steady on his legs these days & I remember reminissing with him about 'the good ole days' at the 86 & playing the old 86 sounds shortly before him having to move abroad in a hurry ( don't ask ) I tried to retrieve his record collection when he left a bit sharpish but the Landlord got wind of how much it was worth & I believe sold them all on Ebay ... Tragic Like I said Great memories and it really nice to see theres still some of us left in Shropshire still going !... I'll dig out a few old photos from the 86 & bang them on here soon. Cheers Carl
  6. Nice one Steve 'Soulie' me ? ... Yeah too fxxxing right I am ! Always have been always will be & proud of it.
  7. Congratulations to you both Love & best wishes Carl & Nesta x
  8. Impossible to pick a favourite ...... It's a lot like trying to choose your No 1 Northern track, I just can't do it & it all depends what mood your in. Have to agree with Macca 'A change is gonna come' is perfection & has to be one of the most emotionally charged soul records ever recorded IMHO. One things for sure Sam Cooke was a musical genius and can do no wrong in my eyes ... Thanks to ALIVE'N KICKIN for starting this thread, he's reminded me of why I love Soul ....... I'll be playing Sam's tunes for the rest of the week now !
  9. Fuxxxng Great at least I know my £60.00 is being well spent ! ..... At least Andy's got the stripey shirt on, he only needs a mask & a swag bag for Tracey and they've got the set.
  10. we are supposed to be saving up for our wedding............... but may have to attend this one............... especially for Ted Massey..................Ted please if we attend would you spin JT Rhythm.................. for me (Tracey).... Tracey n Andy Am I just being synical or ........................ No they wouldn't have surely
  11. Same here Joto My cheque for £60.00 has also bounced but I'm not sure how much my bank has charged ME yet for their dishonesty !! .... I wouldn't mind but I waited another few days until Friday before I tried to cash it ( just to give them a few days grace just in case ) What a fXXXing trusting fool I was ! Like you I have sent Tracey & Andy Emails via the address THEY requested to stop us trusting Soulies 'Moaning' ( her words not mine ) on the SS forum, but as before they have failed to respond. Like a lot of people I had genuine empathy for them both when the event was cancelled but now I just feel like I have been kicked in the boxxxxks & ROBBED ! I know I wont have to declare my myself bankrupt for £60.00 or so but ................ It is MY MONEY and was sent to them both in very good FAITH, please do the honourable thing & contact all those who you still owe money to. I'm really sorry that people have to read this on SS but trust me we have exhausted all other avenues on this one & just want OUR money returned. C'mon Tracey & Andy don't dig yourself into a hole you can't get out of, give us and all the Faithfull people on this fantastic Scene of ours some reasurrence before what reputation you still have is not left in permanent tatters.
  12. So did ours last week .... But it bounced today !! Anyone else ? Uh oh 'ere we go again

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