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    guess what...could it be music?
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    nolan porter if i only could be sure

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  1. looking for SY HIGHTOWER & THE NEAR FUTURE cold man LP on GJ Records pm me with price please - thanks!
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  3. looking for a nicely playing copy - must not look perfect, as long as it's playing loud and clear without too much noise - pm me with price please - thx
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  4. canny wait til friday, only 2 days to go....cu there!!
  5. Title: bacchus - i've never found a girl Artist: bacchus Track: i've never found a girl Label: medallion usa Record information:
  6. Title: bacchus - our love will survive Artist: bacchus Track: our love will survive Label: medallion Record information:
  7. thanks, got one now
  8. Wanted nice clean USA Checker Joy Lovejoy - In Orbit pm via soul-source please - thanks, Jane
  9. hello chris, are you still looking for another copy?
  10. http://cgi.ebay.de/N...=item3cb542c3a7
  11. Title: robert l boyd - i'm Artist: robert l boyd Track: i m Label: fox century plaza records Record information: robert l. boyd - i'm
  12. Title: little jimmy gandy - cool 13 Artist: little jimmy gandy Track: cool 13 Label: roulette Record information: little jimmy gandy - cool 13
  13. Title: barbara lynn - disco music Artist: barbara lynn Track: disco music Label: jetstream Record information: barbara lynn - disco music flip to "movin on a groove"
  14. Title: barbara mason - on and off Artist: barbara mason Track: on and off Label: wmot Record information: barbara mason - on and off
  15. Title: carl carlton - you times me plus love Artist: carl carlton Track: you times me plus love Label: soul-tbc usa Record information: carl carlton - you times me plus love
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