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  1. waynep

    Lack Of Knowledge, Or Just Deep Pockets ?

    That has got to be one of the best posts that i have ever read on this forum.
  3. waynep

    Gambian Soul Club

    What a great day/night, had a great time from when we got there ( The Mays and myself) , till we left, music was spot on from all the dj's, well done to all the organisers of this event, highlight tho for me was getting shot of that bloody unicorn, lol, look after it Baz. Wayne (son of John and Dian)
  4. waynep

    Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

    Got to agree with you both, two great sides IMO. Wayne.
  5. waynep

    Margret Little 45?

    Think this record is well overated and a pile of shite, sounds like a drunken pub singer, this is of course my opinion, and i do not wish to offend anyone who likes this tune. Wayne.
  6. waynep

    People I Miss Hanging Out With

    His second name was Saul, like you say he was one of the nicest lads on the scene, great knowledge of the music, and a well liked person, sadly missed. Wayne.
  7. waynep

    Rare Soul Pets

    I used to have a bulldog, called it Luther. Wayne.
  8. waynep


    See you there Brett.
  9. A few bought recently, Jean Wells- What have i got to lose-Calla Jesse James- If you want a love affair-20th century Brothers of love- You changed me-Blue Rock Johnny Johnson-I don't know why-EMI Sonja Grier-Right here,right now-Spirit Wayne.
  10. waynep

    Stoke/sheffield Threads Charity Alldayer

    Hope this dayer is a great success, and that you all have a great time , will see some of you soon. Wayne
  11. waynep

    3 Greyhounds, 11th February

    Last night was( for me) absolutely fantastic, if only it could have gone on for a couple more hours,superb sets from all the dj's. Well done to all involved.will be back. Wayne.
  12. waynep

    'blazing Soul' & Chilli Funk In Brum

    Any chance of any playlists. Wayne.
  13. waynep

    Bought Anything Good Lately

    Marc Sadane-One Minute from Love. Wayne.
  14. waynep

    3 Greyhounds, 11th February

    Might even go aswell, Wonder if i can get a lift of the Mays Wayne.
  15. waynep

    Xmas Day Plays

    After Champagne, Cava , and wine, decided to put a few sounds on, In no order, cus i can hardly see what i'm typing, Billy Jones-I,ll Keep Holding On Lorraine Rudolph- Keep Comin Back For More Margie joseph- Ridin High BobbyBland- Call on Me Margie Joseph- I Can't Move No Mountains Sharon Jones- My Condition Ed Summers- I Can Tell Seb Williams- Get Your Point over Brotherly Love- Whole Lotta You The Lovelites _ My Conscience The Checkmates- All Alone By The Telephone The Voice Masters- You hurt me baby Debbie Taylor- Just Don't Pay Thelma Houston- Saturday Night Maze- joy & Pain + many more, Wayne.


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