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  1. Nurnberg Soul Weekender


    Can´t wait for the weekend and to see all me Soulies ... :-) What about Karen and Pete? Are they also coming over?
  2. Thank you ever so much Susu & Malayka! That was one of the best events ever for me. You guys are really my balcony people... :-) Can´t wait for the Soul Experience 2011... :-) ATB & KTF! Ollo P.S.: I´ve uploaded a few images which c...
  3. Soulshaker Weekend 09 Bamberg

    Was a pleasure to have met you Mark. Can´t wait until 2010. best pots and dishes! Ollo
  4. Soulshaker Weekend 09 Bamberg

    Terrific... That was awesome. Thank you very much for this superb Weekender Susu and Malayka. Everything I could mention about this weekend was already said... Unfortunately time always runs fast when you feel like in Soul Heaven... Now try to recove...
  5. Soulshakers Weekender 2009

    Well... This is my nickname for him (never told him) and Iam not so sure if he likes it. He is just such a nice and kind fellow that I call him the Northern Soul Monk. No religious background neither... Call him Alex... See you soon! Kee...
  6. Soulshakers Weekender 2009

    That´s really a shame. But unfortunately I have to work and then also to make sure I have all my stuff moved to my new flat. My little Soul princess also arrives on Friday. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself... Well... We see each other on Friday ...
  7. Soulshakers Weekender 2009

    You mean this guy? :-p I was thinking he is called the Northern Soul Monk... :-) Can´t wait til Friday. See you all in Bambiberg! Keep the faith! Ollo
  8. Aachen Soul Weekender 2009

    Lazy, my pal, for sure we will be in Aachen 2010!... Thank you so much for this nice weekend again. You are a star! best pots and dishes! Ollo
  9. Aachen Soul Weekender 2009

    A few images from this stunning weekend: /Aachen-...-album2880.html Keep the faith! Ollo
  10. I want to thank Lazy for another stunning weekend in Aachen. Perfect organisation, nice venue, brilliant DJ Line up, good food, drinks and Soulies (and always enough talcum on the floor) what more can you ask for? Karen, Pete and Mr. Tolbertsen ... ...
  11. Tic tac tic tac... TGIF!!! See you in a bit guys... Yipieee... Can´t wait...
  12. For sure my darling! A german (Soul) Soldier never surrenders... Can´t wait to see all our Soulies and to dance until one drops... My foot is getting better so I won´t dance like a sack of potatoes (like in Frankfurt) anymore. See ...
  13. Soulshakers Weekender 2009

    I will do my very best... And if I come on cruches... :-) Or maybe Ba can carry me... Cheers Malayka. Have a wonderful weekend. Best pots and dishes Ollo
  14. Another Top Weekend In Germany

    Cheers. Iam honoured. Thanks also for the "young man"... See you and Malayka in Luzern Best wishes! Ollo
  15. Another Top Weekend In Germany

    A few more pictures can be found in the Gallery Section. Keep the faith! Ollo