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  1. soul_jerker

    *** New List: Northern, Crossover, Modern ***

    Really nice price on this one, I paid double for mine, also with water damage
  2. soul_jerker

    Jimmy 'soul' Clark On Karen

    Hi, still looking for this one
  3. soul_jerker

    Jimmy 'soul' Clark On Karen

    Looking for a nice Ex-Nm copy of this one: jimmy 'soul' clark - i blew a good thing - karen thanks!
  4. Hi Paul, the audio link doesnt work for me. many thanks
  5. soul_jerker

    Sales 4

    Hi, PM sent, thanks
  6. soul_jerker

    Philly 45S. Mintish Tsop And Pir... Dirt Cheap

    3503 iss Ebonys - You're The Reason Why/Sexy Ways. djstol £2.50 Awesome tune! The Ebonys - You´re the reason why - PIR -
  7. Title: ebonys - you're the reason why - pir Artist: ebonys Track: you're the reason why Label: philadelphia int Record information:
  8. soul_jerker

    Dj Melismo Podcast

    Hi boba, you will find this info in the spanish blog Soul Portrait: http://www.flickr.co...s4r/3876789923/ And some more Melismo´s podcasts: http://www.flickr.co...tags/djmelismo/ Hope it helps! Manuel
  9. soul_jerker

    Midas Touch List 60 (5Th Anniversary)

    Hi, Pm´d you thanks
  10. soul_jerker

    Some New Items

    PM´d you thanks
  11. Hi there, looking for this one... ERNIE JOHNSON - DISCO MUSIC KEEP ON GOING ON - ROWAN Thanks, Manuel
  12. soul_jerker

    King Solomon

    This question was answered here: /King-Solomon-t82865.html The Magnum release is completely different from the Mader one, much better in my opinion: https://www.soul-source.co.uk/rare-northern...aration-mader-d
  13. Anyone knows if it was released on 45? All I know is that it was included on the "Heaven Only knows" LP (CBS canadian pressing). thanks!
  14. Talcum R&B and Soul session http://www.flickr.com/photos/soul_jerker/ Saturday November 15th 2008
  15. soul_jerker

    Donnie Ray "are You Ready For Me"

    I´m also looking for the Donnie Ray cd, cannot find it in any shop. Thanks


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