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  1. penny

    What The Hell Is Happening?

    That's a great post and you're totally right of course however... i can't speak for anyone else but I love a lot of stuff and what a love I really love. I'm interested in a lot of stuff too. But you cant just focus on those good things all the time, you'd be a hippy or something and it'd be irresponsible - there's a good chance that while you're lost in your own music paradise, doing that happy whistler thing, living and let living, some fools have taken over and are telling you you're not allowed this or that any more... so you've got to keep an eye on the shite and maintain a war-like mentality. Today it's northern soul thongs, tomorrow it could be gulags and bar codes in your necks. A lot of people...well if you dont hate em you're just letting em off the hook ;-]
  2. penny

    What The Hell Is Happening?

    You cant define commercialisation as any transaction between two parties. Commercialisation is the exploitation of a market for profit, at it's worst, the creation and exploitation of a market as in 'create a product no one apparently requires and then try to sell it' like boy bands, fashion, lady gaga perfume, gold plated dildos etc I ran a club, it cost to put on, was I supposed to fund it myself? I couldnt afford to or I might well have done. I took the same or less than the guest djs and put any surplus back into the event. Hardly commercialism. the opposite or the only alternative to commercialism or capitalism is not giving things away free. However, I've given plenty if records away free, you want to find better mates ;-) ]
  3. penny

    What The Hell Is Happening?

    Dont understand what point you are making here, sorry. Can you clarify in plain english?
  4. I got one on ebay last year for £10, although I wouldnt sell it for that. I'd say 75 tops, its rare and good but not mind blowing
  5. penny

    What The Hell Is Happening?

    You make a contradiction there. If acolytes dont need to learn the 'elite secrets of the scene' then why learn 'the northern soul dance', as if there's a 'right' way to dance to northern soul. Why not just learn to dance - like the old disco dancing style ? as in all areas of life, shit things still have standards and rules, they're just shit ones. ]
  6. Cheers for info, never knew that re ward singers but did describe it earlier in thread as a gospel record and always thought of it as such, and let's have it right, gospel is more about emotional intensity than it is about songwriting craft, nearly every song adapts or borrows from a previous one. it has that amateur somewhat naive feel of a gospel record too, maybe why some folks arent feeling it
  7. Really? There must be loads. Can you really imagine someone liking soul but not liking 'love starved heart' for example]
  8. penny

    Another One: Bro Robert-Alcohol

    Only one bro robert, the other is credited to robert jay no? Hard record, always regretted not buying it off Manship for 150 around early 2000s, hardly seen any since.
  9. penny

    John Manship Auction Results 2-4-2014

    that tv clip is what I was thinking of Pete. Back in those days everyone was buying 45s, a TV appearance would surely have generated a few 1000 sales? Especially of a track as catchy as that. There was obviously promotion behind it, vault did demos, so where are they?
  10. penny

    John Manship Auction Results 2-4-2014

    is that all there is on Popsike, two from 2007? Genuinely rare record that and not the smallest, worst distributed label, or lowest profile artist so wonder why so rare? love the record but it dont sound 2 grand if you know what I mean
  11. it isn't a miracle of songwriting or singing for sure and, like a lot of pure dance music, doesnt work as well on tinny speakers cos it's real genius is the absurdly fat and modern sounding bass line and the arrangement. forget the beginning, this tune's all about the atmosphere and the build up to the grand finale. There's that slightly suspect vocal middle 8, then that brass instrumental section, then it comes back in with that funky guitar taking it up a level which comes from nowhere, then just when you think it cant build any more, it does that repeated turnaround to the outro with the horns which is the musical equivalent of well, you know...busting a nut.
  12. penny

    What The Hell Is Happening?

    On one hand, I suppose jive and tango etc came out of folk culture originally and no one would complain about people learning those dances but on the other, there's something a bit shit about this prevailing trend of easy, quick-fix dipping into culture without really caring about it or getting involved in it. if you cant learn to dance gradually by going to dos year after year then why do it at all? It's like putting on some ice boots and a down coat, taking a photo of yourself with a flag and thinking that you've experienced climbing Everest. it's the same with re-issues and pressings - an easy way of mildly interested people to pretend to be really interested people. A whole industry dedicated to letting lazy and poor people be DJs. Great. It's like legal graffiti, teaching awkward white people to rap, short people to play basketball...the point of a lot of things in life, particularly art and sport, is that people have a natural inclination to certain things and you can't contrive it. Basically, if you're not already doing it, for reasons way to complicated to quantify, it's unlikely that making a decision to do it cos it's cool will lead you to anything but adding to the dead weight.
  13. penny

    Album Vs. 45 - Biggest Price Gap?

    sorry yeah, that's what I was thinking of
  14. penny

    Album Vs. 45 - Biggest Price Gap?

    Gloria scott - case of too much love making...rare 45, italian only?
  15. Maybe it's best that it doesn't last another 10 years then, as those traditional tastes are becoming more irrelevent and maybe have more in common with the nostalgia nightmare that's going on these days. the younger generations have to keep the thing going and define their own anthems - and for anyone under 35, and plenty over, this would be one of them. to my ears, its an oddball funk gospel club track, as I said, never expected northern soul purist types to like it, or gave a fuck if they did (but glad that some do)... but one thing you cannot say is that it's poorly produced! Thing sounds crystal clear and fat and loud like a house 12", I've rocked warehouse type parties with this ]


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