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    Two-step Soul, modern soul, Jazz , smoothjazz and bossa nova
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  1. souldennis

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, in a few hours, on my second broadcast of 2018, I'm going to present songs from Soul, Gospel and Jazz music scenes. I will also have the pleasure to present a short tribute to Denise LaSalle who passed away a few days ago. My broadcast starts from 8pm to 10pm (GMT+2). I'll be glad to see you on air! My playlist Bill McIntosh – Me And Mrs Jones 2001 (CD) Chuck Brown – You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine 2014 (CD) Tyrone Davis – We Were In Love Then 1979 (Lp) Larry Santos – We Can’t Hide It Anymore 1975 (Lp) Paul Jackson Jr – SaSsay 2016 (CD) Karl Frierson – Walkin’ In New York 2006 (CD) James Mason – Funny Girl 1977 (Lp) Mari Nakamoto – Never Too Late 1982 (Lp) Rita Cantos Cartwright – Give Me The Light Of Jesus 1981 (Lp) Cynthia Clawson – Stop This Haulin’ Water 1981 (Lp) Larnelle Harris – Because He Loves Us 1982 (Lp) Dick Pierson – At My Worst You Found Me 80s (45") The Frierson Family – Joy 1979 (Lp) St. Clair Pickney – Summer Breeze 1987 (Lp) Wilson Williams – I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine 1978 (Lp) Elusion – Living On The Verge Of Leaving 1981 The Bob Crewe Generation – Welcome To My Life 1976 (Lp) Roy Glover – Missing You 2007 (CD) Deni Newton – Like A Summer Samba 2014 (CD) The Judy Roberts Band – You Light Up My Life 1979 (Lp) Nancy Wilson – Moments 1977 (Lp) Denise LaSalle – Feet Don’t Fail Me 1978 (Lp) Denise LaSalle – Come To Bed 1983 (Lp) Denise LaSalle – This Real Woman 2000 (radio cut) (CD) Denise LaSalle – I’m Loved 1990 CD www.Coni-OnAir.com http://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476/
  2. souldennis

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Happy New Year my friends with health and happiness. I present every Sunday a broadcast on the web radio Coni-OnAir. On my first broadcast of 2018, I'm going to present songs from the New Orleans music scene. I will have the pleasure to play songs by artists like Alain Toussaint, James Rivers, Dr. John, Wardell Quezergue, Amadee Castenell, Ceasar Elloie and so many others. My broadcast starts from 8pm to 10pm (GMT+2). I'll be glad to see you on air! www.Coni-OnAir.com https://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476/
  3. Hello my friends, Happy Holidays to everyone. Today I will present an unexpected broadcast with some jazz, soul and of course Christmas songs. We will try to get you in a festive mood and feel the Christmas spirit, me and my friend OMIROS as a guest. My broadcast starts an hour later than usual, from 9pm to 11pm (GMT+2) (Greek Time 21:00-23:00). I'll be glad to see you on air! www.Coni-OnAir.com https://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476/
  4. souldennis

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, I want to inform you that tomorrow, Sunday from 8pm to 10pm (GMT+2), I'm presenting my broadcast "Souldennis'Time" on Coni-OnAir. My show includes songs from Soul, and Jazz music scenes. I'm going also to play some songs from the album Pure Magic featuring Pam Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod which was released in 1978 on Motown Records and includes only 34 samples as a portofolio of songs of Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod. Both are known with the famous song "Love Hangover" that wrote for Diana Ross. I'll be glad to see you on air! My Playlist Arthur Adams – Midnight Serenade 1977 Lp Kevin Mahogany – Moonlight In Vermont 2005 CD Deborah Silver – Pennies From Heaven 2016 CD The Leslie Drayton Orchestra feat. Barbara Morrison – When Will You Be Mine 1984 Lp The Johnny Otis Show feat. Barbara Morrison – Hey Boy! I Want Ya 1976 (45") The Attractions – You Can Have Me (45") The Jones Girls – The World Will Sing Our Song 1981 Eloise Laws – You’re Incredible 1977 Lp Rodney Franklin – Return To The Source 1981 Lp (vocals by Phyllis St. James) Mark Adams - Check Your Soul 2006 CD The Keane Brothers – You’re Running Away 1979 Lp (Produced by Lamont Dozier) The Spinners – No Other Love 1982 Lp Earl Van Dyke – My Cherie Amour 1970 Lp The Temptations – Aiming At Your Heart 1981 Lp R.B.Hudmon – This Could Be The Night 1977 (45") Ray Farr – Let Me Love You Just A Little 1983 Lp The Duke Jones Project – Topaz 80s (45") Scherrie Payne – Keep Going On 1982 CD (previously unreleased) Gary Bartz feat.Tawatha – Keep Goin’ On 1980 Lp Jack McDuff – Juggy Boogie 1982 Lp Pure Magic feat. Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod – Different Kinda Different (sample) 1978 Lp Johnny Mathis & Paulette McWilliams - Different Kinda Different 1980 Lp Pure Magic feat. Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod – Lovin Fever (sample) 1978 Lp High Inergy - Lovin Fever 1978 Lp Pure Magic feat. Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod – You Made My Life Beautiful (sample) 1978 Lp Maxine Nightingale – You Made My Life Beautiful 1978 Lp Pure Magic feat. Pamela Sawyer & Marilyn McLeod - If I Could Meet You (sample) 1978 Lp Dynamic Superiors - If I Could Meet You 1976 Lp Best Regards www.Coni-OnAir.com https://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476
  5. souldennis

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, I want to inform you that this Sunday from 8pm to 10pm (GMT+3) (Greek Time 20:00-22:00) during the second hour of my broadcast on Coni-OnAir, I'm presenting a tribute to my favorite singer and musician Grady Tate. It will be a great moment for me because Grady Tate has affected my musical life. For many years I was looking for a rare vinyl record which includes a fantastic song that today is one of my all-time favorite songs. In 1984 the composer, producer and guitarist of jazz music, Rudy Stevenson booked the A&R Recording Studio in New York City so as Grady Tate and Gwynne Micheals to record his songs "Love Winds" and "It's Time To Settle Down". Both songs were included on the vinyl record which was released on Zeus Records. During my effort to find the vinyl record Rudy Stevenson and the trumpet player Barrie Lee Hall Jr. died. I had tried to come in contact with them before they passed away. I found the vinyl record in 2013. Best Regards www.Coni-OnAir.com https://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476
  6. souldennis

    O.T. Sykes Stone crush on you

    I don't know about the address. Concerning the time scale, maybe there is a difference because his name on 12" is mentioned as O.T.Sykes and on 7" is mentioned as O.T.Sykes (The Singing Dentist).
  7. souldennis

    O.T. Sykes Stone crush on you

    Hi, the vinyl record with "Come Be My Lady" and "Stone Crush On You" was released as a 7" and 12" respectively . "Stone Crush On You" is shorter on 7" than the 12". There is a difference of time between both versions about 1 minute.
  8. souldennis

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, yesterday on my broadcast on Coni-OnAir, I had the pleasure to present some songs from Mel Bolton's career and his band Mighty Fire. Here below is my playlist. My Playlist (15-10-2017) Lonnie Liston Smith – Once Again Love 1984 Cecilio – Lisa Love 1983 Jimmy Messina – Free To Be Me 1979 Johnny Mathis – The Best Is Yet To Come 1984 The Cecil Holmes Soulful Sounds - Across 110th street - Ben 1973 (mix by Souldennis) Fern Kinney – Pillow Talk 1979 Van McCoy – My Favorite Fantasy 1979 Tender Aggression – Tender Aggression 1976 Ronnie Foster – Me And Mrs Jones 1973 Jimmy McGriff - Sweet Love 1976 Nydia Caro – Softly 1978 Freda Payne – Just The Way You Are 1980 (unreleased) Freda Payne - Can't Wait 1979 (unreleased version and a little different than the original) Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye – Include Me In Your Life 1973 (co-written by Mel Bolton) The Nu Page – A Heart Is A House 1973 (Mel Bolton member of the group) The Dynamic Superior – If I Could Meet You 1976 (Mel Bolton co-arranger) Mel Bolton’s Mighty Fire – Bring Your Love Closer 1979 (previously unreleased) High Inergy – Love Of My Life 1979 (Mel Bolton played guitar) Pure Magic feat. Marilyn McLeod – Perfect Timing (Guitar and Rhythm arrangments by Mel Bolton) Marilyn McLeod – I Don’t Wanna Dance Tonight 1979 Mel Bolton’s Mighty Fire – Love On The Shelf 1979 (previously unreleased) Mighty Fire – Love Fantasy 1981 (Mel Bolton member of the band and solo guitar) Mighty Fire – Just A Little Bid 1982 (Mel Bolton member of the band) Mighty Fire – Missing You 1981 (Mel Bolton member of the band and co-written) Flakes – Love On The Hour 1981 (Mel Bolton member of the band, co-producer and co-arranger) Mighty Fire – Sweet Lady 1982 (Mel Bolton member of the band and co-written)
  9. souldennis

    Souldennis'Time on Coni-OnAir

    Hello my friends, I would like to inform you that I present a web radio broadcast every Sunday on Coni-OnAir from 8pm to 10pm (GMT+3). My show includes songs from OldSchoolSoul, Soul, Jazz, JazzVocals, SmoothJazz, Latin, Bossa Nova, Gospel! Best Regards Dionisis Dimos https://www.Coni-OnAir.com https://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476/ My Playlist (1-10-2017) Ed Calle – Desayuno (Café de Manha) 2009 Maggie Herron – Things Could Be Better 2014 Greta Panettieri – Oppure No 2016 Matt Bianco – Summer In The City 2017 George Duke – Yea We Going 1978 (written by L.Chancler Ndugu) Ndugu & The Chocolate Jam Co – Give Your Love 1980 Bama – Summer Nights (Are Made For Making Love) 1979 Thelma Houston – Summer Nights (Are Made For Making Love) 1980 (previously unreleased) Rozalin Woods – Sexy Eyes 1979 Dr.Hook – Sexy Eyes 1979 Bobby Glenn – Hey Love 1976 Mari Nakamoto – Ride To The Country 1982 The Two Tons – I’ve Been Down 1980 Sarah Vaughn – And I Love Her 1981 Dizzy Gillespie - It's Time For Love 1984 Teddy Pendergrass – It’s Time For Love 1981 Joyce Faison – Do You Wanna Dance 1981 John Kontol – It’s Time 1986 Buba & Bear – Maybe We Could Fall In Love 1982 (David Schindler & Rita Johns) Rita Johns – A Little Bit Of Love 1981 Dream Girls – Hard To Say Goodbye, My Love 1981 Lynda Seals – This Is Where Love Begins Judy Roberts – The River Must Flow 1980 Carmen Amez – The River Must Flow Leslie Smith – Don’t Shout The Door (On My Love) 1982 Pockets – Happy For Love 1978 Larry Carlton - I'll Be Around 2010
  10. souldennis

    A tribute to Tommy Tate

    Hello my friends, after hearing the sad news about Tommy Tate, I decided to present a short tribute to him on my broadcast today on (www.Coni-OnAir.com) from 7pm to 9pm (GMT+2) (Greek Time 19:00-21:00). I'll be glad to see you on air! You can also listen my broadcast on http://tunein.com/radio/Coni-On-Air-s248476/
  11. "One For The Road" is one of the best modern soul songs with great saxophone by Deric Dyer. Perfect vocals and fantastic arrangements. I have got the album Lp. One thing's for sure. I'm going to buy the new release 45"! http://souldennis.blogspot.gr/2013/09/gregg-jackson-one-for-road-1982-lp.html
  12. souldennis


  13. souldennis

    Features: Think About It Girl

    Remarkable article. Congratulations!
  14. souldennis

    Christmas Soul Record's

    Hello my friends, I wish you Happy Holidays. I suggest you a lesser known record by Randy Brown. It was released during Christmas days in 1984. You can listen it here below. http://souldennis.blogspot.gr/2014/12/randy-brown-at-christmas-time.html
  15. souldennis

    Waymond Hall

    I have a copy. It was released on Ja Mal Records in the late 70s. I have also a special notebook which includes biography (several pages with photos). I mean the single "(I Never Knew Love) Till I Found You / Dance, dance, dance"


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