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  1. Very sad news..RIP mate dave and stefka x
  2. will miss you mate! dave and stef xxxx
  3. Thanks very much for all your messages, texts and visits .....really really touched by them !!!! Stef said i died twice in the ambulance ( gotta find out the young paramedics name etc) then straight into theatre to repair stent. Just gotta take it a bit easy now ( only 10 tablets every day now!!!!) Ive been lucky twice over! My advice would be if you ever feel even slightly unwell ! Dont hesitate dial 999 every minute can be and is crucial Again thanks so much from Stef and I xxx
  4. Just got back from hospital, Dave doing fine ....Being released on Wednesday... All he has to worry about now is me driving him home. Thanks again for your well wishes. I'm sure he'll read them all personally when he gets back home. Love Stef x
  5. As mentioned earlier, Dave is bored and would appreciate any vistors. You have a captive audience! He is in :- The University Hospital of North Staffordshire Harsthill road In a side ward of the Coronary Care Unit Visting hours are 3.30 pm to 4.00 pm & 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm (Monday & Tuesday this week) This would be much appreciated by me. Thanks Stef
  6. Thanks to you all for your get well wishes. I will pass them on. He really frightened me this time as his heart stopped 1 minute away from the hospital. I thought he was a goner this time. The police outside Stoke were brilliant and called an ambulance at once. Thanks again to Pete and Gail for their support, I couldn't have got through it without them. Left him feeling very restless, it as noisy as hell with all the monitors going off don't know how anyone can sleep through them. Once again thanks for all your kind thoughts. I'll let you know of any further updates. Regards Stef
  7. thats the original the boot has the instrumental on B side i have different coloured one than all the others iv ever seen will post it up later . as far as i remember dave burton and i sold the first one found to mr minshull at the torch , still a wonderful sound.
  8. Latest news is that have been informed by Pontins management that after our request for day passes etc. we can offer day passes @£15 also full weekend passes ( no accommodation) for £25. Which is great news!!!! From Pontins Website Once again Pontins opens it’s doors the soul fraternity giving you classic SOUL from current floor fillers Stafford monsters to Wigan anthems bringing you the best in our SOUL. We have some of the top soul spinners Soul Sam Mick Smith Chris King Dave Rivers Snowy Phill Threlfall Ted Massey and loads more… Soul Source Event gu
  9. have just been informed by Pontins managment that after our request for day passes etc. we can offer day passes @£15 also full weekend passes ( no accommodation) for £25. which is great news!!!!
  10. My remit for Southport weekender was to get together the best djs on the scene, which i believe i have achieved. I will change most of the line up every year, so that we have "new /different" names every year. They have also been told " no repeats-no excuses" during that session! We want to involve all aspects and styles, and in the future want the younger djs who are making their own style of scene to feature too,but it will take time! The first time i went to prestatyn there were 400 + and it gradually built to what it was at the end.
  11. i have asked him , hes busy this year bui next year might possible!
  12. Then look no further! southport weekender rare room has some of the best djs in the country ,check out the djs and see if their the ones you want to hear!!! the oldies room also has some of the most popular djs and quite a few who will play beyond the top 500 !!!

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