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  1. Top Guest DJ's, lots of great tracks played even the playmat boogie sound great (not) 4 times in a row....lol (Glenn :shhh::shhh:)

    Nice crowd in, saw lots of old faces / mates from years back, great to catch up. Enjoyed a few dances.  I'll add my playlist later today

    Watch out for future dates, events for Raggalds and continuing with my rarer - underplayed events at Mill Lane..

  2. Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended the All-Dayer at Raggalds.

    Lots of travellers who seemed to enjoy themselves, quite a few locals giving it large on the dance floor.

    Im really pleased with all the feedback so far, watch out for future dates. The venue works really well for an oldies event so YES there will be more to come !!


    To the DJ's... thanks for the selections, loads of stuff that ain't hammered to death. A refreshing change from the same 100 boots on a repeat cycle !

    I reckon we could have a winner on our hands. The staff are great, no grumpy miserable buggers.

    Top venue, great sound system, awesome tunes, £5 entry for 7 hours of original vinyl, a buffet and my good mate Lynn on the door to welcome you...(thanks again Lynn)

    I'll add my playlist here as I cannot find the page where I am supposed to show it...soz


    Bradford Soul Club @ Raggalds All-Dayer 13th September 2015
    In no particular order, early doors spot...2.30 - 4pm plus a few later on waiting for a late DJ !!
    You Hit Me - Kim Weston
    What more could a boy ask for - Spinners
    Ecstacy - Patrice Holloway
    Hangin One - Marvin Gaye
    The Man that said no - Bettye Swann
    Lada Edmunds Jr - The Larue
    Talkin' 'bout a Shindig - Sidney Barnes
    You got it baby - Volumes
    Shing a Ling - Cooperettes
    You Succeeded - Sandra Phillips
    I Ain't Lying - Ty Karim
    That's What Love Is - Hesitations
    Standing in the need of love - Dee Dee Sharp
    Andantes c/up
    Gotta get away - Tommy Good
    Mr Blue - Cody Black
    You've been in love - Vandellas
    Since you've been gone - 4 Tops
    Only you're love - Marvelettes
    Love Slipped through my fingers - Sam Williams
    Why Girl / What I Want - Precisions
    Love, don't you go through no changes - Sister Sledge
    I've got the need - Chuck Jackson
    Remember Me - Diana Ross
    One Step at a time - Madeline Bell
    I Like the way I feel - Darrow Fletcher
    Gotta Have your love - Sapphires
    This Heart is Lonely - Rose Batiste
    The Mighty Lover - Ideals
    Love & Desire - Patrice Holloway
    Ain't no mountain high enough - Supremes & Temptations
    Love's gone bad - Chris Clark
    Love Love Love - Len Barry
    Can't Shake it - Etta James
    I Spy - Luther & G Men
    The Next in Line - Hoagy Lands

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