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  1. The 60's Chartbound release does seem elusive as appose to the modern take above, not many sold or been for sale so unless collectors have been squirralling them away it does look like the chartbound release could be rare...
  2. Eh Eh Calm down lads its just differences of opinion we have all had that at one time or another and I know that there are a great number of true gentlemen on here that support the views of others whether they agree with the posts or not. Please Please Please lets not fall out over peoples opinions points of view or whatever you want to call it everything is open for discussion maybe this post should have been placed in freebasing to save any confusion. Just my thoughts Kirsty
  3. Anyone Help Me Sounds a bit Dean Parrish along the lines Lonely Girl Cry or Cry Cry Cry Can someone put me out my misery Kirsty (Who Is This) 1.mp3
  4. Been out on a few CD's but no Kosher versions Stafford DJ's A La Carte Soul Shack Kirsty
  5. Heres the booted version of Guys Not as good as Pats Kinettes as Chalky Rightly said later released with vocal by Secret Stash Kirsty
  6. Another for less than a tenner, yes i've been splashing the furlough cash again bought this just for the memories so straight from the heart (I used to think this way) a late casino spin (Mine is on the more comon label orange & yellow "Patti Drew - There'll Never Be Another") Kirsty
  7. Yet another for less than a £10 note with P&P Nice Little Dancer (Atlantic 2663) Kirsty
  8. Looks like J.Manship still can't "Un-load" it £15 now. https://www.raresoulman.co.uk/133303-love-is-like-a-heat-wave-sweet-elaina.html
  9. Another Unusual Cover Up this time from wigan The Mystic Moods covered up by Mr Winstanley Kirsty
  10. One Of Mr Bradys Stafford Cover Up's Kinettes - You Got Me Baby (Inst) (International Acetate) C/U Stanley Mitchell.... Kirsty Kinettes.mp3
  11. If we're going down the unusual root this has got to be up there with the scenes classics Kirsty
  12. This modern track been around for a few years now has it ever been uncovered ? Kirsty (Cover Up) 2.mp3
  13. Anne Sexton - Don't Need The Shame C/U Edwin Kirsty

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