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  1. Gold Band

    The blurred line...

    Blackpools Highland room late 70's blurred the line for me, not that i'm against mid 70's sounds each to their own but I remember feeling the change had come & I wasn't feeling to comfortable with it at the time Just a few I remember Kirsty
  2. Gold Band

    Guy Hennigan Tape 20th September 1983

    Brilliant as usual, You must spend hours not only reshaping the sound from the cassette but also filling in all the titles with the Artists & Tracks including the cover-ups. A Big Thumbs Up Karl Kirsty
  3. Gold Band

    Tearjerkers - what does it for you?

    Always Loved This Kirsty
  4. Gold Band

    Precisely what is it...?

    It's records like this just wish I could own or at least have a decent copy the atmosphere when this is played is electric!!! Kirsty site note sorry but have just removed the link as as per
  5. Gold Band

    ‘Wishing well’ Chuck Ray ?

    Here's a minute for those that haven't heard it! Chuck Ray - Wishing Well (Gemigo 101) 1974 (Reconsider Misspress) 2.mp3 Kirsty
  6. Gold Band

    Zeal - Summers Groove

    Sorry Oiseau never owned the track on vinyl only MP3 Kirsty
  7. Gold Band

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Only just heard this : http://www.6ts.info/music/Aaron-Neville.mp3 Not sure if it's another recent tailor made or not loved the original.. Even without the words! Ed Maybe someone could ask Ady Croasdell (See bottom of Page below) https://acerecords.co.uk/about-us/staff-consultants/ady-croasdell Kirsty
  8. Marginal Records released the above CD in 1997 I Can't find anything about the Sandy Phillips Track "Unchain My Heart" as the CD's origin is Belgium is it one of those popcorn tracks that have been slowed down or sped up or has it got a label? Kirsty
  9. Gold Band

    News: RIP Don Gardner

    Gutted just been listening to one of his tracks "Somebody's Gonna Get Hurt" & then I read this Kirsty
  10. Gold Band

    Old WIGAN COVER-UPs !!

    Yvonne Vernee (Correc-Tone) also not on Daves List Grant Does Anyone know the Billy Woods & Holly Maxwell - Nothin' more than you (Cover Up Artist & Title) I've Listened to Hundreds of Duets but can't seem to find it (Maybe its not a Duet) Kirsty
  11. Gold Band

    Has anyone used unbiased.co.uk (Pension Advice)?

    Ed you were lucky. You have a small occupational pension scheme (SSAS) governed by people you work with or worked with; the modern equivalent is a SIPP which is personal investments using your pension pot and investing it in stocks & shares yourself, although lots of companies are willing to gamble/I mean Invest your money for a fee on your behalf (The value of your pension can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally paid in). Most companies have moved away from defined Benefit Pension (DB) where yours & everybody else you work with pools their pension money & pay out a guaranteed sum. Most people are now placed in a defined Contribution scheme (DC) where you carry all the risk with your pension investments (No Guarantee) so when you retire you either buy an Annuity or Drawdown pension (You Can Combine The Two). The annuity gives you a guaranteed income although payout very small sums for your investment & you would usually have to live until you were 105 years of age to recoup your original investment. Drawdown pensions can be run by a lot of big companies for a fee you can usually invest across three units Stocks & Shares, Fixed Interest & Cash altering percentages of investments in the three according to the amount of risk you are willing to take Cautious, Moderate or High but as they say (The value of your pension can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally paid in). I Am Not A Financial Advisor & the above thoughts are only my own & I take no responsibility for the way in which you invest your pension. Kirsty
  12. Gold Band

    Old WIGAN COVER-UPs !!

    Can't see "Billy Woods & Holly Maxwell - Nothin' more than you" on there (Anoraks Corner) or am I going mad? Kirsty
  13. Gold Band

    Old WIGAN COVER-UPs !!

    Did anyone know the duo cover up Billy Woods & Holly Maxwell - Nothin' more than you or has it been consigned to forgotten soul history? Kirsty
  14. Gold Band

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Remember this so well but I haven't heard it played out for years like others on here; truly what it says on the tin, A Forgotten Monster From Wigan!!!! (Good Call Tempest) Who played it first? Kirsty
  15. Gold Band

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    Cody Michaels - Seven Days Fifty Two Weeks Liza Mae - Up Until The Night Time Comes Kirsty


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