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  1. Hi Sebastian, I am now very confused Real Record Carver? Kirsty
  2. 12-13 years on and just picked one up for £30 NM, just goes to show not all vinyl has gone through the roof Kirsty
  3. Not everyones cup of 'T' but I like this Kirsty
  4. Contours - Can You Do It Kirsty
  5. Didn't know where to put this but......... Kirsty
  6. And to add insult to injury Kirsty
  7. No but these do Kirsty
  8. Only one for me I have listened to top DJ's all over the country, heard the rarest of the rare heard every soul Genre (and god have I heard some sounds) but there's still one track no matter how many times I hear it no matter where I am that still makes my toes tingle, even after all the years I've been hitting the dance floor, that's the MVP's "Turnin' My Heartbeat Up" (True Atmosphere) Kirsty
  9. A Northern Soul Anthem By the Invitations "Whats Wrong With Me Baby" Released by Little Harold & the Nomads on Damon now a £400-£500 Record Is this the same Nomads? Kirsty
  10. It was just a film for entertainment like any film some enjoyed it, some didn't why do we feel the need to analyse every detail some people are as bad as our arsehole politicians!!!!!!!! Kirsty
  11. Love This track originally from Big John Hamilton ‎– How Much Can A Man Take CD 2006 Kirsty
  12. Robb Love the Originals version of Red Sails In The Sunset from their "Baby, I'm For Real" LP (1969) bit later than the '53 pressing, pity the Originals version isn't on Youtube. Kirsty

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