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  1. Lulu Howard - She Took My Man was on the Mr. Wiggles And His Sound Of Soul Family CD in 2002 does anybody know the the story about this RnB T@T@y Shaker? Kirsty
  2. Christmas Tree

    Now Now, Pete good will to all Kirsty
  3. (Please be aware this is not the original) Is that the most ever paid for a known BOOT? Kirsty
  4. Roy Hamilton. She Make Me Wanna Dance

    Totally Agree Kirsty
  5. Brenda & Barbara do I score double for this too? Kirsty
  6. Have you decided how to run this Ken A First Name, Surname group name excluding "THE" ? Double points for me a nice little dancer Kirsty
  7. Mark you said this 1 hour ago Just enjoy what we have the future dont matter . The handfull of kids around its just an alternative fad for them by 2060 I bet they wont be reminising about how the soul scene shaped their lives for the last 40 years . ...
  8. I asked my dog & he denied being into Northern maybe he was embarrassed as I bet he secretly watched it Kirsty
  9. Is it me or have I missed the dancers who spin on their heads at the nighters, all dayers & soul nights that I have attended Kirsty
  10. The Casualeers

    As far as I'm aware it's never been played out, Gene Serina had the master but sadly passed away in January this year. Dave Has been in contact regards some information & My other half has tried to contact the relevant people for a release by Dave but as ...
  11. How Rude

    For me personally I enjoy reading a lot of topics without contributing & I find that reading articles where people add information be it as a direct response or added information that was maybe not requested in the original post a god send. There are a gr...
  12. The Casualeers

    Here's an unissued clip of the Casualeers from around 1969 from a master tape enjoy Kirsty Casualeers (Unissued) 2.mp3
  13. the greatest NORTHERN soul artist of all time

    Cleveland Robinson for me love the echo in his voice Boy, Love Is A Trap, Mr Wishing Well, Francine, They Say, Work Song; he's another self penned artist! singer/writer/producer/label owner Kirsty
  14. News: Northern Soul In Japan - The Independent Feature

    Just read the comments at the bottom says it all Quote!!!! And what the PC Brigade don't realise, is that it is the ultimate homage & flattery. I for one stand by that. Kirsty UkBeachBum And what the PC brigade don't ...