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  1. Gold Band

    Songs That Use Same Arrangement /backing Track

    A weird one this, their not the same backing track but the same tune Kirsty
  2. Gold Band

    Poll: Version Battle - Run For Your Life

    It's the beautifully delivered 15 second intro on The Harrison Brothers that delivers me to the dance floor, truly magnetic can feel my feet sliding just thinking about it. Kirsty
  3. Some years back this track appeared on the scene does anyone know anything about it origin, tape, Acetate, Carver? I know the Anna King, Chuck Jackson, Lenny Miles & even the Equalos versions & their labels but not the Baby Washington history. Kirsty
  4. Does this give you the answer Martyn from a year earlier This Sounds Much Better +4 or 5 Kirsty Rosco & Barbara Gordon - That's What You Did (Abc Paramount 10501) +4.mp3
  5. New to my ears nice slow tempo stepper Kirsty
  6. Does anyone play this out Jimmy Dee - Shanty Town (Palm 306) 1962.mp3 Not on Youtube so only one minute great dancer Kirsty
  7. Gold Band

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Eighties Misery Kirsty
  8. Gold Band

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    Seventies Misery First Loving alone and not receiving Love back has got to be the most miserable feeling Kirsty
  9. Here's one of those cheap enough records if you can get hold of one, not on Youtube so only one minute Voicemasters - Dance Crazy (Copa 15235) 1965.mp3 Kirsty
  10. Gold Band

    Couple of Old Shifty cover ups

    I take it was a Chess label or one of it's subsidiaries Checker, Cadet seems like a number of people either know who the artist is as the Gerald Sims arranged track "Gene Chandler - Such A Pretty Thing" must be from the same stable or was it an uncredited acetate that Russ chose a name for? Kirsty
  11. Don't know if any ones posted this but I like it anyway Kirsty
  12. Gold Band

    Artist or group beginning with the letter K

    Kalidrons are Chicago Paul, Dave was looking for Philadelphia artists/groups Kirsty
  13. Gold Band

    Watts 103rd Chelsea Bank

    This is the Chelsea Banque I Know both produced by Gary knight & Gene Allan Kirsty
  14. If Your Gonna force my arm one for us England fans was an Arthur Willis track but to be fair Unsung Wonders did a good job with there version in 2017 & then for 2018 the Enkays original unreleased, a cracker of a tune Enjoy Kirsty
  15. Gold Band

    News: Hank Hodge - One Way Love / Thank You Girl - Tramp

    Kev was asking on another thread do you own a copy or do you know someone that does? Kirsty


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