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  1. One From The Ladies Kirsty
  2. take a look inside-The Supremes

    Take A Listen Here Kirsty
  3. tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    Got to be the best pulling gear I've ever seen, she looks so sexy & are they edible him indoors says they have got to be & he would munch on them to save the planet in an Eko sought of way (Urrrrrrgggggg dirty W@@@@@@r) he's on the setee tonight!!!!!!...
  4. Jesse Davis - Look Here Girl

    Thank you both for sorting it out for me Kirsty
  5. Jesse Davis - Look Here Girl

    Blue Eyed Soul Track Anyone With Any Info? Kirsty Jesse Davis - Look Here Girl 1.mp3
  6. Most ridiculous cover version of northern soul record

    I dunno if it was released but if it dunna get you up dancing I dunno what will EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Inquiring Minds Would Like To Know

    If the latest evil-bay sales are anything to go by & if you mean 60's soul then the answer has to be a big fat yes & it's collectors & DJ's all over the world who prize the possession of what you are calling Retro Soul & these die hards talk w...

    Some Big Money Now 2 Days to go https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&_ssn=recordjungle&_sop=16 Kirsty
  9. The 'upfront scene' ?

    This is my quandary Russ I really Like Sir Joe - Every Day but I can't get my head around the Triads - If You're Looking For Love, so for me I would be up down, up down with my dance floor reaction, I suppose that wouldn't be a bad thing as I could swig my La...
  10. The 'upfront scene' ?

    I agree chalky & I think Ed was just trying to give the same point of view some do feel that we are moving away from our roots, I do like some upfront tracks but it's not for me maybe one day but hey, I still enjoy a full english or my Sunday dinner so ma...
  11. Northern Soul Well to me it’s a certain beat, it can be danceable or not (too fast to slow) it’s not completely black dance music as I like a fair number of blue eyed soul tracks. Some tracks can Border on Doo-wop, Funk, Rock n Roll, progressive, Disco, ...
  12. Anyone know what this is?

    When you listen to the actual record Is It me or can you hear the metronome ticking away in the background? West Coast Distributors - Girl (I Love You) (Jam-Cha 101) 2.mp3 Kirsty

    Totally agree, but why do people continue to slag off records that many feet have danced too, May not be the best record but it sure has a place in the history of Northen Soul love it or loathe it. but having said that a £300 price tag is pushing it. Kirsty
  14. downtime - now resolved

    Cheers Mike Tried always to get to the site through chrome, mozilla, Explorer & even Tor all gave the same restricted signs glad to here it's all back up and running Phew!!!!!! Kirsty
  15. Shifty's old c/up

    Just Curious but can anyone remember, what artist/group it was covered it up as? Kirsty

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