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  1. Love the Fellows Double Sider but most people don't know it's George Clinton & The Parliaments, Have never heard the Bobbie Black tracks any chance of a putting a sound clip up Viney? Kirsty
  2. Gold Band

    Happy New Year 2019 - Hopes dreams....

    Happy New Year To One & All on Soul Source hope it's a really good one!!! Kirsty
  3. Gold Band

    News: Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2019

    Feliz año nuevo a todos en Soul Source But I Don't Think Swamp Dogg Got The Message Happy New Year Kirsty
  4. Gold Band

    House for sale - reply

    Andy Maybe You Should have posted this Track 11 Kirsty
  5. Gold Band

    Biggest Northern Soul record of 2018

    Was there his And Hers Versions released in 73 Kirsty
  6. Gold Band

    Biggest Northern Soul record of 2018

    Got to be this ED Great Double Sided Kent release for 2018 has been around but first proper cut! Kirsty
  7. After hearing Andy's Jesse James offering and having to admit not going through all nine pages of this thread I don't know if this has been posted but you can pick this early seventies tune up for around a tenner got to be worth it. Kirsty
  8. Gold Band

    Bootleg label ? {solved}

    The Youtube clip is either speeded up some what or that pressing Sound Facts was recorded faster; track below correct speed Kirsty
  9. Gold Band

    US 60's Garage bands

    Brym-Mars - Keep On Goin Kirsty
  10. Gold Band

    Johnny Caswell

    Not to my knowledge Stephen but Johnny Caswell was used as a cover up artist name for three tracks I know of Paul Anka, Bobby Diamond & The Lucky Charms if that helps? Kirsty
  11. Gold Band

    Rev. Edna Isaac: Beautiful world

    Right so we know the Moton record is a carver as it seems to have three illegal cuts on it not only is the track in question a cut and shunt as the real track is Greene Sisters - Theme For Sisters Greene (Build It Up) (Whatever's Fair LP) & that only plays 1.30 vocal but the next track, Darrow Fletcher - The Time For Love is it Darrow Fletcher - Now Is The Time For Love on the Groovy Label & Finally is the Mary Mundy - Love Is Here track actually Mary Mundy - Love Is Gone (Laurie). As you now own a copy Russ can you check the other two tracks to confirm? Kirsty
  12. Gold Band

    Help Identifying this clip

    Thanks Mick any Label info Kirsty
  13. Gold Band

    Help Identifying this clip

    1.mp3 Thanks in advance Kirsty


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