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  1. Thank you sir just purchased (Ordered) Where I'm Coming From LP 1973 and put it on the LP Only Northern Tracks thread... Kirsty
  2. True Reflection - That's Where I'm Coming From (Where I'm Coming From LP) 1973 To Be Fair Mr Bellwood pointed me in the right direction (What a Track) that's made me spend this months budget went over my £15 but you do get the whole album £19 inc P&P Kirsty
  3. Just says released in 75 second issue http://www.45cat.com/record/r813 Kirsty
  4. Darrell Banks - Only The Strong Survive (Here To Stay LP) 1969 And before we all get hot under the collar I know one or two artists have released it, Jerry Butler, Billy Paul And theres even a country cross over by Skeeter Davis!!! Kirsty
  5. Bobby Womack - Never Let Nothing Get The Best Of You (Pieces LP) 1978 Kirsty
  6. Never heard that before but I can't say I've been to every Venue, Nice Track Kirsty
  7. Willie Tee - Mirror (I'm Only A Man LP) 1970 Kirsty
  8. Just Arrived £8.90 inc P&P "Chairmen Of The Board Feat Prince Harold - You've Got Extra Added Power In Your Love" (Invictus 1278) 1976 Kirsty
  9. My Favourite Is Gonna' Be Alright From The Here I Am LP Kirsty
  10. Hi Mick wasn't Little Ann released by Kent on 45 in 2006? Kirsty
  11. http://www.45cat.com/record/5357428 https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Magnificent+men+keep+on+climbing On Top Of that even a test press of Rufus Lumley has surfaced Kirsty
  12. Vi Velasco - Benefit Of The Doubt Another considered poppie too, but another I like Kirsty
  13. Chris Clark - Born To Love You Baby Bit Poppie but I Quite Like It... Kirsty
  14. Just Paid £14.95 with P&P for this double sided twisted wheel classic. I couldn't afford it on Coral but I did manage to get it on the demo the same as this copy that Mr Manship had although it wasn't as pristine only VG+ Kirsty
  15. Worth a look... If it's already on here feel free to take it down or move it... Kirsty

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