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  1. Someone has the Shipp version at '67 I tend to agree the Chino Feather version on Chex '63 & on Gateway '66 the Straker's version much later mid 70's for the Christmas Market... I can see that the Cashbox shows it at '71 but that doesn't mean it was cut then... Kirsty
  2. The problem with the top side of the Straker's Version is it has a Christmas Intro, The Shipp version is an all round year record (Nice Cheapy) Kirsty
  3. Clifford Binns - You've Got To Help Me (Carrie 014) The slower green Re-issue version, Just up +2 and it's almost like the 6501 version that sells completely out my price range. Beggars can't be choosers. Forgot to say waiting for it to arrive £19.49 with P&P pushed the boat out with my Christmas Money... Will have to "rein it in" to Only spending £15 max for the rest of the year (Promise) Kirsty
  4. just arrived "Half A Boll#ck" £9 plus P&P As Dave Says a good version of the Impressions spin Kirsty
  5. Anyone on any info on this please? Cheers Kirsty
  6. Is it it the Original 1:38 second release or the later 2:02 release on Tramp Andy as its titled "It's Got To Be Some Thin' on the Original. Kirsty
  7. Just got this on Amy 975 for £14 with P&P bit cheaper than Mr Manships
  8. Luckily Mark catered for both our tastes someone else will probably tell us were both wrong..... Kirsty
  9. Having read and listened to what i must admit is a great compilation of sought after vinyl, I have one tiny itch. To me Brand New Faces is just a poor over dub of "Bobby James - I Really Love You" which I really do love (No pun intended). Just my personal view Mark! (PS I honestly don't know which came first I only know Bobby's take was released in '69). Kirsty
  10. Mick, yes the misspress playing above is "hold back the tears" that some believe is Don Gardner. What i was wondering is the "One More Try" track i have put up is the music file that should have had that vinyl release? Kirsty
  11. There was a Misspress on Broadway called "One More Try" by Tommy Andre (Think the song is actual called "Hold Back The Tears") but I heard this and I don't actually know the title or artist i'm just assuming it's "One More Try" anybody help me out? One More Try.mp3
  12. The 60's Chartbound release does seem elusive as appose to the modern take above, not many sold or been for sale so unless collectors have been squirralling them away it does look like the chartbound release could be rare...
  13. Eh Eh Calm down lads its just differences of opinion we have all had that at one time or another and I know that there are a great number of true gentlemen on here that support the views of others whether they agree with the posts or not. Please Please Please lets not fall out over peoples opinions points of view or whatever you want to call it everything is open for discussion maybe this post should have been placed in freebasing to save any confusion. Just my thoughts Kirsty
  14. Anyone Help Me Sounds a bit Dean Parrish along the lines Lonely Girl Cry or Cry Cry Cry Can someone put me out my misery Kirsty (Who Is This) 1.mp3

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