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  1. Stables soul club

  2. Stables soul club

  3. Stables soul club

    As always phil .
  4. Stables soul club

    DJ times for this Saturday night are as follows 8 - 9 Dave Allen 9 - 10 Jellybean 10 - 11 Ted Massey 11 - 12 Martin 12 - 1 Little Scotty 1 - 2 Phil Richards Hope to see you there!
  5. Stables soul club

    We were having a break this month , But due to a cancelation at the club we have been asked to put the night on . Ted wont be joining us this month as he has a pre organised booking but we will be joined by Hitsville chalky who has kindly offered to cover for Ted . mart
  6. Stables soul club

    Thanks for the nice words dave . The club is one of the premier venues in the midlands as you say and the combination of ourselves and lifeline nighters running there makes it a bit special . At the moment we are trying to organise for us to do one allnighter a year on one of our soul night dates . Young Joshua came along with a box of records and played a set that show,s he has got a real passion for his music . He has posted his playlist in our STABLES SOUL CLUB page on facebook . I must try and start posting my photos on soulsource again , havn,t done it for a long time coz of problems with the uploads in the picture gallery . Thanks again to all who support us . Mart , Helen, Phil, Little scotty & Ted
  7. Stables soul club

    Great line up as usual at the stables , Find us on our stables soul club page for photos and playlists fron our night .
  8. Stables soul club

    Im pleased to announce that june has been offered to us as a soulnight . The lifeline allnighter crew have other commitments on the night . So has our Ted . Little Scotty & Dave Welding have kindly offered their services for the night . And the welcome addition of a new resident little scotty
  9. Fist Full Of Soul Broad lane W M C

    just a small vid i made last year .
  10. Fist Full Of Soul Broad lane W M C

  11. Fist Full Of Soul Broad lane W M C

    superb video moldie and a fantastic set as well . read the room perfectly , thanks .

    And we're ready to take you on!!! lol see you later matey. Mart.
  13. Fist Full Of Soul Broad lane W M C

    Wonder what gem's our Moldies gonna play for us roll on next Sat!! Mart.

    A few years ago helen, myself wulfie decided it would be a great idea to start a club where all the djs double decked , giving them the oppertunity to play whatever they liked just as long as it could be danced to . It went better than expected as the djs bounced off each other filling my head with tunes to grace the best soul nights and allnighters anywhere . Well here we go .This is the night iv,e been planning in my head for a few years . we wondered how the double deckers would go down in a large venue and 2nite we will find out . We have put together some of thel djs who played at the original club . Just a pity we could,nt have more time on the night because i would have put the lot on . Come along and join in the fun at THE DOUBLE DECKERS . Hope to see you there. mart.

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