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  1. Hi are these Select 45s still available. if so please let me know details of how to purchase them. £30 total, thank you. best regards Fraser.
  2. Henderson & Jones - I'm gonna getcha. Anyone got one for sale?
  3. So sorry mate old age don't come cheap lol
  4. Hi Pete, I have read your reply and there no details as how to pay for the items If available. Please send so I can pay for them.
  5. AD LIBS and MILLIE McCLAINE please if available. Please send details on how to pay, cheers. fdsoul63456789@aol.com Total £20.50
  6. Hi there, sorry for the delay with a reply. I have got the one's you offered. Thank you for this.
  7. Hi Barry, thank you for the prompt reply. I already have the BW 45. Thanks again mate
  8. Anyone got any 45s on the KEYMEN label for sale. Must be in good condition. Please let me know, cheers.
  9. sorry once again age does come at a cost lol
  10. sorry about that sir --- FRASER DUNN, 130 BALDWIN AVENUE, GLASGOW, G13 2JU
  11. Hi Larry, still no SHIRELLES album yet? Please let me know, thanks.
  12. Thank you sir record arrived safe and sound. Cheers for that best regards Fraser.
  13. Is this paypal address correct -- swaggy1958@hotmail.co.uk tried it several times and it does not work.

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