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  1. fdsoul6345789

    The Volumes , Casanova Two

    Have you still got the VOLUMES. Interested please let me know, thanks
  2. Hi there, a long shot I know but do you still have THE TROPICS 45 for sale. Please let me know, thanks best regards Fraser
  3. fdsoul6345789


    Wanted CONNIE AUSTIN on KING Let me know
  4. fdsoul6345789


  5. Wanted - anyone got a copy for sale. THE INTERNATIONAL FIVE - SO IN LOVE WITH YOU
  6. fdsoul6345789

    label 45s wanted

    Anyone got any 45s on the CLE AN THAIR label for sale. Please let me know what you have for sale, cheers
  7. fdsoul6345789

    News: Eddie Parker - But If You Must Go - Deep Soul 45

    Hi Sean, when is the official release of the 45. Need a copy bad mate. Let me know, cheers best fraser
  8. fdsoul6345789


  9. fdsoul6345789


    PRESENTING THE FANTASTIC VIOLINAIRES Anyone got a copy for sale. thanks
  10. fdsoul6345789

    album and 45s on Maple label wanted

    anything on this label for sale please let me know thanks
  11. fdsoul6345789

    New Boxed Ortofon Pro Stylus

    Have you any left? Looking for 2 if you have any. best regards Fraser fdsoul6345789@aol.com
  12. fdsoul6345789

    Charles Spurling

    Anyone got a copy of this for sale. King 6115 - She Cried Just A Minute Please let me know, cheers
  13. fdsoul6345789

    Soulful Allsorts

    Every Saturday LIVE on www.subcity.org at TWO till FOUR Something for everyone with a LISTEN AGAIN feature all with playlists COME AND JOIN US WE WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU WITH US
  14. fdsoul6345789

    45 Wanted

    Crystals I Got A Man U.a.
  15. fdsoul6345789

    45 Wanted

    Anyone got a copy of RUBY AND THE MUDFLAPS -- BREEZY For sale please let me know thanks


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