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  1. bam


  2. bam

    Soul Survivors Nottingham

    Now this will be a cracker Guest DJ Nev Shooter ( NG4 soul club resident DJ) along with Dave Dee and Gaz Shooter all playin top tunes . It all starts at 8 with me hopefully getting you in the mood for a top night of music you all love .Bam
  3. bam

    Soul Survivors Nottingham

    Records all sorted it will be good to see Kev again on the decks been along time . BAM
  4. bam

    Soul Survivors Nottingham

    Thank god it's Friday tunes all sorted A BIG warm welcome to Gaz on joining the team down at soul survivors . BAM
  5. bam

    Federation Soul Club Nottingham

    Will see you all Sat and don't forget your dancing shoes my pal Kev from NG4 is guest DJ so your sure gonna need them look forward to your spot pal.......... Bam
  6. bam

    Soul Survivors ....Nottingham

    Friday is just around the corner and so is soul survivors this month will be a little different of course with the departure of a GREAT DJ but as one leaves another Top DJ steps in . Plus the added bonus of a Crackin guest DJ . FRIDAY is gonna be top notch .... Bam
  7. bam

    Soul Survivors Nottingham

    Well it seems like ages since the last SOUL SURVIVORS. Friday night without doubt will be a good un CRESSY'S is the guest DJ for the night . And with Bryn handing his notice he will be pulling out all the stops on his penultimate spot . Plus my poppa doin his stuff it doesn't get any better . Oh yes and it all start's at 8 so see ya nice and EARLY . And last but NO means least a BIG welcome to GAZ SHOOTER into the team now he is one to look forward too every month .... Bam (Mark)
  8. bam

    Federation Soul Club..Nottingham

    The FEDERATION welcomes BIG Clive this month his first time behind these decks a well travelled and radio DJ so a crackin night on the cards. I missed last month so really up for this month records sorted and ready to go . All the best ... BAM
  9. bam

    Soul Survivors Nottingham

    Looking forward to Friday ain't been out for a while . Martin Stanford crackin DJ + the rest of the team this will be a great night see you nice and early ..... Bam
  10. bam

    Federation soul Club Nottingham

    Bring on the weekend .......Its never been a problem for you before pal always crackin sets . ITS ME THATS GOT THE PROBLEM HAVIN TO FOLLOW YOU .... Bam
  11. bam

    Soul Survivors Nottingham

    Friday down at Soul Survivors is gonna be a crackin night " GUEST DJ Mr TED MASSEY " Don't think it gets any better than that ... Mark (BAM)
  12. bam

    Federation Soul Nottingham

    See you all later should be a good un. Had the pleasure of hearin Tony's spots a few times got some very nice tunes this man . On behalf of myself ,mark,kyp,tony,rob and malc we hope you all have a great night down at the FEDERATION SOUL CLUB.....all the best Bam
  13. bam

    Soul Survivors.....NOTTINGHAM

    Roll on Friday all set for a brilliant night . Mr Shooters spot at cotgrave was top drawer so we are in for a top night of crackin tunes See you nice and early......... mark (BAM)
  14. 3rd anniversary " time just fly's now day's " But a BIG pat on the back must go to Malc for all his hard work in making this venue a big success. I think many have tried but none have managed to pull it off so your doing something right pal. So back to Friday what a way to celebrate an anniversary than to have YOCKY as guest DJ for the night. Mixed in with Bryn and Dave a crackin night on the cards for sure and hopefully i can add a few nice tunes for the folk to warm up to see ya nice and early .... Mark (Bam)
  15. bam

    Federation Soul Club Nottingham

    Will be good to see ya again Tommo long time no see pal . Also looking forward to Steve's spot and like you say Malc " NO SNOW " this time .See ya SAT.... Bam

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