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    lovely night,spot on atmosphere, friendly welcome, as always, and some banging music . . . Danced all night . . Great start to 2016
  1. Its not always just about you . . Ffs . . pmsl . . have a good weekend ;)

  2. seize the moment and cherish it.....never regret the last dance.....and take 2 asprin

  3. I hope you all have a brilliant night ...... unfortunately wont be able to join you as I'll be working nights ....... duty rota cock up save me an egg x
  4. What can i say dont think she will beat your fancy footwork gal
  5. Well Done ... What a night... what a venue..what good causes ... thoroughly enjoyed the whole night...soaking up the atmosphere wandering from room to room ... Brilliant amount raised... thankyou to all involved in giving us a night to remember.......Glad someone else drew the attention of those marvellous boys in blue of the south yorkshire traffic police .... we smuggled out the black pud and the mucky fat
  6. Not your age is me ...... I is organised you is the bloke ... you do the heavy lifting etc I do the girly bits like reminding you to buy Easter eggs early ...K !
  7. . Northern to me is more than baggy trousers and a few back drops and carrying a record box about, its all down to passion at the end of the day and the way of life. You gotta feel it to appreciate it. Well said and this is why we can sit back and groan at others attempts to emulate us They' just dont know' At the end of the day you can buy it or not
  8. Well what can i say storming night enjoyed every bit of the fantastic mix of across the board tunes that were on offer............ Pete smashing spot ......lovely to see old friends and to say hello to some new faces ........I just have to say thankyou to nigel for the additional lighting in the entrance corner....Not sure red is the right colour tho ...... tho did get offers of extra payments ! ?

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