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    Getting spins again
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    Food, drink, soul records, ska and reggae, rugby union, daydreaming.
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    Washed ashore on a lonely island in the sea
  1. Boogaloo Club

    I played a seventies record there once. I waited until you had gone out of the room.
  2. Shs August

    Just to say many thanks to Ted for coming down and entertaining us with a set of fantastic sounds, just what the doctor ordered for us exiles.
  3. Hattie Littles

    More than happy to send you a recording of it Pete. I think the CD track is the same recording but mastered differently and slightly slower, and doesn't sound anywhere near as dynamic (but that may be just because its on cd). The acetate has a scratch at th...
  4. I'll be on time this week. I've never found a decent pub round that particular area but its been gentrified a bit now I suppose? I would be very careful with a pink monster in Bevis Marks, high risk of someone interfering with your exhaust or pinching y...
  5. Solid Hit Soul - Last Night

    I'm just dappy. Looking forward to August.
  6. Solid Hit Soul - Last Night

    I'm not that mean, its a bit hot at the moment!
  7. Solid Hit Soul - Last Night

    Really enjoyed it, had to bail out before the end due to a rather early start to the day plus a Stella or two too many. Thought I'd do a set list: West Coast Distributors Girl (I Love You) Jam-Cha George Jackson Don't Use Me Mercury The Tu...
  8. Your Top Record Ever! One Desert Island Disc

    Paris - Sleepless Nights - Doc. Mrs T.
  9. Boogaloo

    Hey, set list please Greg
  10. What Do You Most Hate About The Scene

    people who can't stand the music and only got into it for the trousers.
  11. Northern Soul Sales Some Dog Rare

    Oops, pm sent.
  12. That is probably correct, I still haven't worked out who the target audience is. I guess that its not me
  13. I don't think we need Ian to answer that. He'll just explain that the royalties would be too expensive to licence the tracks, and to use the originals would deny him the opportunity to introduce the roller disco production values that he cherishes. I wonder...
  14. Its been just like old times, with the same predictable ending.

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