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  1. Looking forward to hearing the guest Djs playing their tunes this sunday , plus Sue ,George and myself will be playing a few tunes as well . Am sure it will be be another great day/ evening of soul music.
  2. Looking forward to hearing Andy McCabe & Julian Bently play their tunes, should be a great day.
  3. Looking good , be loads there am looking forward to it.
  4. Looking forward to coming Alan.
  5. until

    108 days to go folks.
  6. Really looking forward to playing a few tunes here ,plus Mopsy will play a great set as per usual .
  7. Yep very sorry I was not able to come along ,glad Malc and Kev stepped in and played brilliant sets .
  8. Yep looking forward to playing a few tunes here on Saturday.
  9. Might just get there .
  10. Some really great Guest Djs there.always a top day / Night at Walkden.
  11. ?
  12. Dennis Black

    Audenshaw Soul Club

    Should be another Top night Steve.
  13. Looking forward to hearing these 3 play their sets.Always a top day at Walkden.great crowd and a good dance floor.
  14. Dennis Black

    Audenshaw Soul Club

    Looking forward to hearing Harry play his tunes .
  15. Looking to it as always, two rooms as well. Sure it will be busy.

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