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  1. I have always loved this photo of Paul and Helen, god it really brings it home to me that she is no longer with us, love you and miss you Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Ian what a beautiful tribute, words chosen lovingly that only you could convey to a truely special lady, I wish l'd known Helen in the early days of the "cats" but alas l was too young then, all l know is that l did know her and was proud of that fact. I had to smile where you refer to Helen as the "maternal soul mother", because l know this was so true, many a time she had to take me and Jennifer in hand and threaten to bang our heads together lol. I also remember the dark days of the mid 80's musically speaking, if it had'nt been for you Helen and Paul (Harpo) Wolverhampton would not have had a "Soul-Scene", you all where the driving force and the pioneers for what survives to-day. Helen was indeed a star shining bright on the scene, everything about her set her way above the rest, and as for her dancing ability Helen was unique........"THE QUEEN OF THE GO-GO". It was a very sad day the day the Earth lost her, But Heaven is so much more richer for her being there, I just hope she does'nt hog all the floor space because when l get there l want a bit of room to keep on keeping on. God Bless you Ian, our thoughts and prayers are with you now and always. Sandi and Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Venues, Birthdays, Weddings, Betrayal Most Horrid. Posted by sandi, 08 October 2010 · Along this road of life no matter what background we all as individuals have, no matter what our gender, race,views,loves and dislikes, We will encounter m... View full article
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  6. Acting as Harpo's secretary , here is his playlist from Saturdays event at Nuneatons Co-op. Bobby McClure "You Got Me baby". Jackie Wilson "I've Lost You" Duke Browner "Crying Over You" Precisions "If This Is Love" Bunny Sigler "Follow Your Heart" Frankie Loveman Crocker "Ton Of Dynamite" Benny Troy "I Wanna Give You Tomorrow" Skullsnaps "My Hang Up Is You" Flaming Emeralds "Have Some Everybody" Crystal Motion "You're My Main Squeeze" Jnr Walker "I Ain't Going Nowhere" Smokey & The Miracles "Whole Lot Of Shaking Going On" Donald Height "Talk Of The Grapevine" Oscar Toney Jnr "Ain't That True Love" Richard Temple "That Beating Rythm" Furys "I'm Satisfied With You" The Belles "Don't Pretend" Darrow Fletcher "What Good Am I Without You" Deon Jackson "Thats What you do to me" JJ Barnes "Please Let Me" Milton Wright "I Belong To you" Darrell Banks "I'm The One Who Loves You".
  7. What a great night, music,venue,people, what more is there!!!, arriving at about 8pm as we like to be at any venue from the start and stay to the end (pair of diehards that we are). Mark and a few others milling around were there to greet us, yet it did'nt take long before others followed in our footsteps, the place steadily began to fill up, as so did the dance floor. I was pleasently suprised throughout the night to hear the odd great record or two that l had'nt heard in maybe 30+ years, reminds you that there are still great underplayed records and some (never played , deserve to be played fantastic records out there ). Stacey did the business and set the venue on fire, once the feet were on that floor, on the whole thats were they stay as track after track set the dance floor up for the next DJ to keep the momentum going. Fay Jones being that next DJ did just that, and to think how nervous she had been before her spot.... if she still was while doing her spot it certainly did'nt show, fantastic full hour of pure dance beat music, it kept me on the floor, and thats saying something these days !!. Harpo followed Fay and yet again another hour followed with equal excellence in musical taste and again keeping the dancers on that floor...............................Now thats a refreshing site to behold, a dance floor full of happy paying punters being where they long to be on the DANCE FLOOR.....DANCING . Chris King was next, the original promoter of Hinckley Leisure Centre All-Niter, and still the dancers carried on , then Mark Freeman, Dave Evison (played a fav of mine "Jodie Mathis- Dont You Care Anymore), Rob Smith ( who played "New York In The Dark - The Ad-Libs"...Great record one l once owned and alas sold, yet no sense in crying over spilt milk .Anyway, Mark did the last bit just to finish the night off. Oh What A Night.
  8. If l'm honest, l was'nt really overly enthusiastic about going lastnight, not because l don't enjoy this venue because l do, just felt too tired after working all day and the thought of getting ready filled me with women are a undecisive breed when it comes to what to wear, applying the old slap, arranging our hair into some sort of fashion that looks half decent ( in our opinions ), even though the old man assures us we look fantastic . I knew it meant a lot to Paul (Harpo) because he was booked to do a DJ spot, so after soaking my sore feet and giving them a good old massage l made my way upstairs to get ready. Arrangements had also been made with Mark Freeman to give us a lift, so knowing that l was the only fly in the ointment, l stopped feeling sorry for myself and just got on with it.....and l'm glad l did because it turned out to be one of the best nights of the new year for me, not forgetting to mention also for all of my favorite people, venue's are made so much more enjoyable when the crowd is right. Samantha's is a two room venue, and usually l do wander from one room and back to the other during the course of the night, but not last night, if l was'nt outside fagging it and verballing my poor mate's ( and yes some people who l'd never met before), l was in the small room enjoying the top quality music that was coming out of the speakers. We did'nt get to Sams until about 11.45 ish, by that time l think 2 DJ's had already been on and we were told they had done excellent spots, Anton was into his set when l entered the room, and l can honestly say it was the best set l'd ever heard him play, He played a record l did'nt recognise,yet l thought it was pretty fantastic , l went to find out what it was , Anton claimed it was an old Stafford record, l went to most Stafford Niters yet l could'nt place it, so now thanks to Anton l'm on a mission to obtain a copy - Virgil Murray's Tomorrows Yesterday- "I Still Care" . Eddy B followed Anton, and he also delivered the goods, Harpo being next after him, he has put his play list on the forum, but just to mention some that l love - JJ Barns "Chains Of love", Fantastic Four "Pinpoint It Down", ******* Top star rated Al Hudson & The Soul Partners "When You're Gone", Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose "Big Time Lover", Sensations "Lonely World" and Darrow Fletcher "What Good Am I Without You". Ian James to finish a night of what l can only describe as "Musical Perfection".....IMHO. He played a Oscar Perry release on silver Mercury, that both Paul (Harpo) nor l had heard before.... l suppose that one also will be added to our collection....we will never be rich . Many thanks to all who made this night one to remember, the promoters, DJ's, and mainly the people in attendance showing their respect and appreciation by getting up and dancing their feet off. A special thankyou to Mark Freeman for his kindness of getting us there and back safely, also to Ian, for his terrible navigation skills, but very skillful entertaining banter. And last but not least thanks to Alex and Terry for their hospitallity. WHAT A GREAT NIGHT, CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT ALL AGAIN. Sandi x
  9. Yes so do l, it's one of the great's imho.
  10. Yes it was a great night with many old friends turning up to Celebrate Dave and Wagsy's 50th birthdays ,100 years collectively. Both the lads let their hair down (both still have hair, thats an acheivement for most guys at 50 ), and really enjoyed the night. Congratulations to you both, you are in our club now . Love you both, Sandi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. Venues, Birthdays, Weddings, Betrayal Most Horrid. Posted by sandi, 08 October 2010 · Along this road of life no matter what background we all as individuals have, no matter what our gender, race,views,loves and dislikes, We will encounter many trials, tribulations,and experiences that make us the people we are, most of us learn from our experiences and our mistakes, we don't always get it right in the beginnig, but because of who and what we are and our beliefs we strive to get it as right to the best of our abilities..............Note l said "most of us", unfortunately there is a small percentage who don't, Why!!!, well l don't know the answer to that, however l can make a few guesses, maybe it's a case that their brains synapses don't connect in the correct way, maybe they are genuinely slower at catching on, or is it that some just think it's acceptable to bulldoze their way through life without a thought for others and their feelings along the way !!!..,.......The ones like this really get my blood boiling, because when things they do are mentioned in public they are the 1st to turn a situation (they created and blame it on YOU and OTHERS). Right thats just a little intro for my Blog update, a little taster if you like, because over the past not sure how many months we (Thats Mr and Mrs Harpin lol, and friends) have encountered people like these, Stangely enough though, more often than not, it's the same people making the same "mistake's", or "NOT", and still no sign of making a situation better. In fact on the soul scene recently l and many others have heard names mentioned on a monumental scale........and l thought l was the one most spoke about So where have we been, what have we been up to !, Not too many places around the West Midlands, for the exception of Bishops Wood All-nighter, and Lifeline All-nighter, a few venues we have attended in the Mids to give support to the promoters and D.J.'s. one being Blackheath Disciples of Soul promoted by Mr and Mrs Soul, John Weston and Co, This was their 1st niter and l know Lou was very apprehensive about how the night would pan out, she need'nt of worried, for a 1st nighter as new venues go these day they had a fantastic response and it was well attended, having two rooms, the music on the whole was quality soul (exception of a few dodgy ones, but is'nt that par for the course?), Dave Welding was on fire ...AGAIN , so was john Weston, l even had to let Lou know that her spot was the best l'd ever heard her play, l don't mean that in a nasty way, l mean Lou and l don't always share the same taste in music,and she grabbed my full attention. Len Cook did a fantastic set and so did the Irish guy(soz 4got his name), in fact everyone did good, l must also mention Sean, a few Peeps came over to me while he was and asked who he was, so well done Sean x. Mick H, god bless him, l love him to bits and l'm sure he's a bit weary of me, he has'nt yet figured me out, then l did wave a bra at him during his set at Bishops wood some months back, he looked quite shocked, l did however tell him that it was'nt my bra it was HARPO'S .....Mick played a record and l swear to god it sampled "Blue Velvet", he was not amused when l mentioned it to him, he was more than not amused when l started singing "She wore blue velvet etc etc ...." having a titter to myself l went out for a ciggi, some time later Paul told me that Mick had requested over the mic for all to hear that Paul "Harpo" should come and sort me out, and tell me to calm down.........., how cute, l was'nt even in 1st gear, l showed him mercy however and did'nt say owt about the comment ,.................................not till later, much later while he was bidding everyone goodnight and god bless, I just asked him not to send my lovely husband to sort me out in future, it's not fair, Paul has to live with me lol......He Patted me on the back and said"oh Sandi you are funny"..."yes Mick and you're scared"......, only jesting with you Mick l think you are a super guy x. Remember "The few folk!" l will from time to time keep mentioning, well suprise suprise some made an appearance, l totally ignored them unless any spoke to me, yet by the end of the nighter l was sick of hearing one particular name/person mentioned, I can only comment that l'm glad l'm not they, some feathers have been truely ruffled and l think it will all end in tears . We went along to Brum to support Sean when he put on a venue there. This was the second venue we'd been to, the 1st being Neil Rushtons All-dayer at Rugely's Lea hall, somewhat of a poor turn out, however the music was exceptional, Rob Haige d.j.ed, and it's the 1st time in years l'd heard him d.j., good to know he aint lost it, still has the music in his soul, belting spot from Rob . I must also mention that although the music was great l was'nt too happy, l am convinced it was a conspiracy against me, l was on crutches after just coming out of hospital where l'd had an operation and skin graft on my leg...... all the tunes l love being played and me not able to dance.....well l had a bloody good go, cruthes and all. Ted massey blew me away with his set, again it's a conspiracy, l said to Ted "you're doing this on purpose cus you know l love what you're playing, and can you play em when l loose my sticks??".....I bet he don't . My Hubby also played a great set and l was supposed to but stepped down (if you pardon the pun),due to my gammy leg. It's a shame when promoters put on excellent nights and not many turn up, sometimes it's a case of the low rate venues pull the crowds and the top rate ones fail, l have my own theory why this happens, anyone out there have their own ??, l'd like to hear em if you do. We made our way over to Brum, because Paul was booked to d.j. , which was a shame really because l'd of loved to of stayed, in comparison to music quality Brum would'nt deliver like it was at Rugely,it was the place to be. The Brum venue, when Paul was asked originally if he'd d.j. there was as far as we could make out going to be a late "soul nite", so some weeks after when Sean called at our house with a bundle of flyers asking if we'd distribute them for him at venues he knew we would be attending,places other than local midlands venues, we agreed. A couple of days later, while reading one of the flyers l was a little if not quite suprised even shocked at the way the flyer had been worded. 1stly, it was now being promoted as a "Poma Tribute", because of it being Robs birthday on aug 15th, l dont have any issue with remembering Rob, l loved the guy he was one of my oldest dearest friends, and the way l look at it is by all means remember and pay tribute, not for his birthday but for the way he lived his life , the way he affected so many people, and the unfairness of his untimely death, or rather pay tribute that on that sad day we lost a major family member of the scene. It's time to let go and let him rest in peace. It's not my intention to upset people, especially Robs family, l dont need a tribute nite to remember, he's in my heart and will never be forgotten, along side many others we have lost along the way. 2nd, the d.j.'s for the nite were referred to as "Vinyl Carvers"......., what was that all about ??, Vinyl Carvers is a company that carves tracks onto vinyl mainly c.d. tracks and for a great deal of money, l don't know about you but it implied to me that all d.j.'s on the nite would be playing "Bootlegs", as a member of this elitist scene l know that a lot of stigma is attached to "Bootlegs", and most venues are strict about them not being played at all. D.J's such as Steve Whittle, and Harpo who both d.j.ed on the nite certainly do not have "Bootlegs" or indeed "vinyl Carvers".......Sean whoever came up with that idea needs sacking or shooting . 3rd,Damage on the door ???, Why !, again a negative use of words in my most humble opinion to promote a venue with the hope it will take off....damage implys paying for a 3rd rate night out. Yet after saying all that, and l believe it had to be said, the night was a pretty good one, dance floor busy all nite and a good turn out, however not as good as the 1st few tributes to Rob. Paul was on last, and dilivered an outstanding set.....or should l say did his best to under the circumstances, about 20 mins into his set, lights go on, and Sammy and Lanky Paul start to dismantle the equipment from around Paul while he endeavoured to keep his composure and patience. That to me was totally unexceptable, do these people forget, do they not have any respect!, Harpo is one of the old Wolverhampton crew who when everyone else was doing "other stuff" kept the soul scene alive in Wolverhampton and influenced alot of D.J.'s over the years, not to mention the records he broke onto the scene, along side Pep, Neil Rushton, he put the midlands back on the map, they all deserve more respect than what they get, am l saying this because Paul is my Husband ......NO far from it, l say it because l was there and it happens to be true. Remember "Them Folk", one of them made a comment quite openly very recently that Paul is a "Puppet", said that everyone on the scene pulls his strings...Do you think this person should be named and shamed ? l do, but not yet. Going to backtrack a bit now, l went along for the "unveiling" of the plaque for the Catacombes, l expected the Mayor to be there and all sorts of important people (I mean officials), this was'nt the case, just a decent sized crowd, some of whom "l was there" were original Catacombes people, many more who attended were'nt including me, l'm sad to say the place had closed 6 months before l was old enough to go, plus my dad was still alive and he'd of bloody well killed me if l'd gone . There was a gezza from the express and star l believe, must of been, seeing it was in the paper on the following monday lol. To be honest l think it was a bit of a anti-climax, yet Neil Rushton yet again pulled off a fantastic night later at Great Wearly with the Cat's Revival, absolutely packed out. Going back yet a bit further,the news about Max, we were at Rolls Royce when we heard, apparently suffering a heart attack after finishing his set at Brookfields, nothing could prepare anyone there when about an hour later it was confirmed that Max had died. Everyone shed a tear or more, people were genuinely in shock. It really brings it home when something like this happens it reminds us that we all are here on borrowed time. So if l have something to say l say it, it will be too late when l'm dead. Max's funeral was very fitting to a man who gave us all so much, many many people turned out to say a final goodbye, and as the funeral procession drove away everyone started to applaude, how much was that man loved?, yet "Not All Folk", it is of no importance the ones that did'nt ,fade into the background and eventually disappear. Our Wedding Day was fantastic and everyone who attended came for one reason only and that was to help us celebrate our special day, it was a very informal occassion, no set seating, no long winded speeches, hey not even a bust up ,just a great day shared with great family and friends. The all-nighter at Bishope Wood after, that we had arranged, payed for and organised, was a fitting end to the perfect day.....what more could any bride want ? Isnt it funny how even "Some Folk" when invited to a private function, ignore the host's (bride and groom)on their way in and make straight for the record bar!, Now luckily for them there were some record dealers at our wedding niter reception purely because we asked them if they wanted to bring their sales boxes with them, not visa versa. One of these two "Folk" made a comment about the lack of dealers being at the niter, adding that is'nt that what nighters are all about.....well not in my world, yes l love my music and we collect records but they failed to understand that this although was a niter it was our niter and our wedding reception.A GOLD STAR FOR THE PERSON WHO CORRECTLY IDENTIFYS THE "ONE" WHO IT WOULD APPEAR IS NOT JUST CLUELESS BUT ALSO BRAINLESS. :hypocrite:Soz got carried away with the icons Most newly weds go home and do what newly weds do , however this is us we are referring to, no not us, we had a house full of friends who were as keen as us to keep the party going. Just when life gives you a boat load of happiness somone or something or "Both" comes along and tries snatching it away. BETRAYAL comes in many forms and l never expected it to come from someone l considered to be a very good friend, yet shit happens, usually l cope and handle it, but the day after our wedding, and that person being a guest also it knocked me for six, l dont give in to tears , it takes a lot to make me cry, yet this was the final outcome. How would you feel if you also was put into this position, You have a houseful of guests, all who are not local to our area, all are having a good time and are truely happy for us, we have one guest who is a very special person to us and happens to be quite poorly,he's attended the wedding and it's took it's toll, so as caring friends we are looking after him and making sure he's ok. Then along comes trouble with a capital T, Wlatzing around our house helping ones self to not 1 but 2 bottles of our wine out of our fridge without so much as a by your leave( one other guest addressed him for doing that but to no avail) pouring almost the entire bottle into one of our pint glasses and then sitting down next to me drinking it. I asked what was in the glass and when told wine, l initially thought that this person had been to the pub and walked up the road with it. I have no problem with giving anyone a drink in our house or offering them something to eat, but this was just disrespectful, that was the beginning of a string of events that eventually lead Paul to ask this person to leave, this was not the 1st visit of the day, we had 2 or 3 more after that. This person seemed to have a problem with DRUGS and those who take Drugs on the scene, however it was'nt mentioned until after this person had had their fair share. What else....Threats of violence towards at least 2 of our guests, unwanted touchy feely advances towards a member of the opposite sex, nasty hurtful comments regards a friend no longer with us, declaration of love and friendship for another dear departed member who this person when alive, slagged off,talk about two faced.There are also some things l won't mention because it would be too embarassing, not for the said one, but for our other friend who was very upset by the actions taken. All in all, we have been busy, but thats just regards our involvement on the scene, our private lives have also been very busy.......but thats another story for another time I Must Catch Up With My Blog: Lots Of Things To Put On Here.....but Where To Start ? Posted by sandi, 23 May 2010 · Just listing things l need to post on here which relate to up and coming personal events..... Two especially: 1. Harpo's (Paul's) Birthday Bash to be held at The Bushbury Arms, Showell Circus, Bushbury, Wolverhampton, WV10 9JL. On Friday 11th June from 8p.m. onwards. 2. Our wedding, To be held at (Ceremony)Wolverhampton Registry Office, on Friday September 10th at 11.30 a.m. Daytime reception at The Bushbury Arms from 1.00 p.m. until family want to call it a day (approx 12 midnight). Main celebration reception for all our friends to be held at Bishops Wood Village Hall, from 8.00 p.m. onwards........We have booked this as a all-nighter, it is'nt "The" Bishops Wood nighter venue run by Col and Larry, this is our official Wedding Reception and only people who have been invited are welcome.Please note it is NOT A FREE ALLNIGHTER. I know some of our friends will be worrying because they may not of recieved their invitations yet.....fear not, it is all in hand and all invites are planned to be issued out by the end of June. Thats all l'm going to put at the moment, but will add to this blog as and when l'm able. By Popular Request "up Date" Posted by sandi, 12 March 2010 · It seems like eon's that l've put a post on here, for those who'd rather l did'nt.......................tuff. We have'nt been out and about much lately thats due to either one or both of us not being too well. I'm feeling ok now so thought l'd just put a update post on here.................just because l can !!!!!!!! Lots of things have been happening on the scene that have left me reeling, it seems that every week we hear about one or more of our long and established friends dying or being taken seriously ill. To mention two since Trevor Wrights scrape with the grim reaper ..........Margie Rimmer, such a crying shame,she was a very special lady and she will be sorely missed not just by me but by many others, Mrs Soul our Lou l know will be missing her and feeling lost without her............Who will she have now to tease me at soul do's by putting their waste paper sweet wrappers in my bag, not to mention their cheese and onion cob wrappers !!!!!!, they were so much a team together, and they made me laugh and smile with their silly school girl antics, What l would'nt give for them to be a team again.........yet we never forget the ones who we love,who gave so much and asked for nothing in return, yet they earned friendships wherever they went. The second person l want to mention who is still very much in the land of the living after suffering a heart attack is Mr Dave Rivers, when ever l see him out at soul nights and nighters l always make a bee line for him to ask about this record or that record, l know l probably drive the poor bloke mental, but god bless him he put's up with me . He was at Lifeline and it was great to see him looking so well, just goes to show you can't keep a good guy down. Also at Lifeline was Mr Dave Rimmer, Gave him a big hug and l know everyone else was happy to see him out after the loss of his lovely wife Margie. I want'ed so much to go and have a chat with him,yet did'nt quite know what to say, however l have since e-mailed him and we are looking forward to having a good talk when we next see each other......hey he even said he'd buy me a drink . We have been to the last two Radcliffe all-nighters and may l just say how great they are, absolutely packed out, three rooms catering for all musical soul tastes. But to top it all the dance floor in the main room at the end of the nighter is still buzzing, there is only one other major nighter that l see that at these days, and that is Lifeline at Brookfields..........................fooking fantastic. Talking of Lifeline We (harpo and I) were asked if we'd like to do the first hour at the last one, we accepted and we had a great time behind the decks, l hope we did'nt disappoint the promoters with the choice of music we played. Tony Foster also had his chance to shine at Lifeline, and in my opinion he played a belter, just a pity there was'nt that many there to appreciate it.....never mind Tony We were, and you were great mate . Other people at Lifeline we had'nt seen in a long time were amongst others Paul and Claire Clifford, and Pete and Julia from Worchester............Pete had suffered a heart attack last year and it was the first time we had seen them since the Marr's Bar well over a year ago, it was great to see them, julia of course was in full swing and if anyone is wondering who the noisey fooker was doing the high pitch wistles, then l can reveal it was non other than JULIA. Pete looked fantastic considering what he'd been through. Friends like these are true friends indeed. . Not much more to tell now, apart from only six months away from our big day......Sept 10th Wedding bells are gonna be ringing. Another Day , Another Dollar, Posted by sandi, 13 December 2009 · We had'nt been out since U.S.O.S. and had planned on going to Bishops Wood as we always do to show our appriciation and continuing support for this successful venue.....(you got to when so many fail too soon). Yet with the festive season just around the corner, Paul being off sick for the past two months, and me stuggling to keep my work coming in as many of my clients are also feeling the pinch and making cut backs.....can't blame them either, as l work as a mobile holistic therapist, great job, good money, but at times of economical depression like we are all suffering through just now, l would consider that most of the treatments could be classed as a luxury. So as saturday approached, l started to mention my concerns about wheter we should be spending money on an all-nighter, or putting it to a more practial use. This played on my mind most of saturday and l said "Oh Fook It, lets just go and worry about the rest later...." and l'm not usually like that because l always put priorites first. An allnigter is definately NOT A PRIORITY!!!!!. Off to Bishops Wood we went, and if we were being wreckless as to the money we did'nt have to squander we thought it better to be totally wreckless in every way we could, and along with us came our big green holdall of party planned goodies, instruments, silly hats, bog eyed spectacles which Harpo sported, birthday boy of the night Mr Paul Gould, he said it took him right back,"my eyes used to look like that when l used to go to the Twisted Wheel" he announced, is there no shame with a comment like that!! l mean you'd never catch me doing anything like that..would you !!!. It was a great atmosphere from the start and l was soon on the dancefloor with my electric guitar(well my grandsons actually),tamborine and jesters hat, doing an impersonation of soulful sandi gigging, with a whole lot of santana guitar work and my special tamborine Mick Jagger strut. Gaye can you please let me know what that record was again, the one l asked you about......bloody brilliant track. The music was outstanding from all d.j.s, yet l did'nt get to do too much footwork as the night progressed, for reasons that l think most of you will know about by now, yet l will try and report lastnights event in detail as it unfolded......bloody scary, made me sit up and think about, where l am in my life, and soul music as been the dominating factor, for almost 40yrs of it. During to-day l have been busy, answering text messages, phone calls and e-mails, to people who were genuinely showing concern and asking about a much love friend and larger than life expressive dancer at all venues he attends, that man being Trevor Wright from Hinckley. He is a very lucky man, lucky because when push come to shove, three strong independant females on this scene they being myself, Heather(affectionately now also known as Thistle), and Elaine, Larry's wife, also a major member of the promotion team at B.W. we all recognised that Trevor really was'nt well, and quickly his condition deteriorated, causing real concern and l made the decision to ask anyone who would listen to call for an ambulance, nobody really rushed l think they all thought l was over reacting...truth is l was in fear for Trevor, can't remember how many times l requested an ambulance be called for.Eventually both Heather and Elaine made the calls. We just ignored the guy's who for their own reasons out of true concern for Trevor wanted to get him in Fingers car,initially for some fresh air, but realising that it was more than fresh air he needed want to drive him to the hospital, thank god we managed to stop them as we had eventially found someone (our Chalky) with a mobile phone about his person, Heather made the 999 call and l believe so did Elaine....l was busy monitoring Trevors pulse which initially was racing like a train on a track at 145 bpm, he was shaking violently pains to his head, neck, abdomen and worringly pain traveling down is left arm, sending out massive alarm bells for me, then suddenly he just stopped shaking, gave me a vacant look and started sliding down the wall, me still grasping tightly at his wrist and l could'nt feel a pulse for at least 6/7 seconds, l know that is'nt a long time but lastnight to me it seemed like an eternity, l quickly gathered my thoughts of what would be my next plan of action and l started to prepare myself for administering CPR, very scary moment indeed, then he made this really loud gasping noise and began writhing around the floor in absolute agony complaining of an intense cramp like pain in his right leg. Everything was telling me that this guy in my opinion was having a Heart Attack, and his pulse had gone to the other extreme and l was finding it really hard to detect a pulse although there was one it was slow and laboured so was his breathing, this guy was in real danger and needed help and quick, l was still busy monitoring his pulse and breathing, and thinking if l can get him in a recovery position it might make him a bit chance the guy's grabbed him up off the floor and literally carried him to the car, not without very assertive and truely headstrong women stopping them from making what would of been a fatal decision. I don't know what Heather and Elaine were thinking at that crutial moment, but l was thinking of everyone and their best interests, l appreciated their need to help a friend which to all by now was obvious needed urgent medical help from the professionals. It's no bad reflection on them, nobody knows how they would cope in this type of situation even when you are trained sometimes you will make mistakes and bad judgement especially when the patient happens to be close to you, we are only human and do our best to help a friend who is in real need. I'm proud of everyone who helped because without your help and caring nature another of the scenes lovely men would now be a satistic. Just a word of comfort to all involved especially Johnny Fingers by stopping and helping anyone who needs swift responsive basic 1st aid, qualified or not, is far far better than standing by and doing nothing. John learnt a valuble self anylised lesson yesterday, he commented that although he's good at dealing with situations and keeping a cool head, he said personally he felt useless because he lacked medical knowledge, and told me he would be joining a 1st aid class on monday....he also added he want's to do it so that if he were faced with that situation where knowledge awareness of the seriousness of what could of happened literally means that a life could be saved or not, he for his personal reasons was moved to take action. John you are a star, l know how passionate you are about the need to learn all you can about all the facets of soul music, so if you are that passionate towards learning 1st aid as you are for the music, then if l was ever in trouble like Trevor l would be happy knowing that if you were around at such a time you would do your best to help me. When you are faced with doing what is right, like lastnight time was of the essence, it really was a matter of life or death, and that is scary. The whole event happened so quickly, from asking Trevor basic need to know questions like are you Diabetic,Epileptic, or have a history of Heart Desease or Family related Heart Conditions......Food eaten, Drinks taken, and most importantly because of the nature of our scene Have you taken any Gear, what has been taken and how much, really pays to be truthful on this because it can help the medics administer the safest treatments again that would sway the balance on life or death. I think we all tend to take life a bit for granted and really think we are invincible, l have read Trevors comments he put on face book about how he was so looking forward to lastnight and wanting to dance his legs off, human frailty play a hand and stopped him in his tracks, now l'm sure he did'nt plan for that!!!! Do any of us ! After Trevor was safely wisked off to Stafford General, and hours later Harpo and Fingers returned to the venue more information came to light, from Johnny Weston, John told Harpo that when he was driving up that really long road that seems to go on for ever before the venue comes into sight, he had noticed Trevor was walking up the lane, so he stopped and gave him a lift.........bloody good job he did because although it's hard to image the seriousness of Trevors illness l suspect would of put him at high risk of him actually collapsing in the ditch and god only knows if he could of survived that, it makes me shudder just thinking of how things could of turned out. I was for some years not that long ago training in mediumship, l feel a strong connection to things spiritual and like Johnny Fingers now feels the need to learn how to save a life, l felt a need to understand things that were happening to me and around me l could'nt comprehend. This learning has taken me to a better awareness of spiritual thinking and in some way l also think that the passion l feel for the soul music l love triggered another facet or dimention of being a soulful person, you may laugh at this comment, yet until you have walked in my shoes for 40yrs and experienced the truma and heartache l have then you can't really make a judgemental comment, how can anyone make any comment based on what they think rather than what they know !!!! As l've already mentioned, we really did'nt want to go lastnight for the reasons l've given, and reflecting back on how events unfolded l really believe l was meant to go, not to be wreckless as l first thought but to be in the right place at the right time........l also think the same applys to John Weston... l can't explain it, yet l am a great believer in "things happening for a reason". I really hope my next entry is a funny one:unsure:. Be safe and take care, none of us can say with certainty whats waiting around the next corner. Sandi xx Technology Is Not My Forte Posted by sandi, 29 November 2009 · It would appear it's not Paul's either, especially when it's the day/next night going into tomorrow morning having no sleep (due to stress ) from the night before.........if you can follow that !!!!!, l understand what l mean. Anyway don't you find it's at times like this that usually it's the man that starts tatting with things around the house you'd rather him leave well alone until normal service has been restored, or is it just my man who does this !!!!, and do they listen !! do they hell!!. So today l left him to his own devices, we had purchased on saturday afternoon a cd rom thingy,to programme the p.c. for the use of recording vinyl from the decks staight onto the p.c. and then for the purpose of downloading our collection onto c.d's. It all sounded quite simple to me, and l'm sure under normal working conditions it would be...yet not today, eh! Paul!!, No! that would of been boring, so upstairs to set up what was needed, you know decks, records, ect, went Paul, me l headed for the sanctuary of the living room and shut the door and played lots and lots of good records to myself, drowning out any crys for help or bursts of angry frustration from Paul.....usually at the rate of once every 5 mins or so, phewwww . I had a great 8 hours, playing records to my hearts content, reading the odd true life story in the "Pick Me Up" mag, supping tea, coffee and the odd can of lager, and smoking like a chimmney, thats what sundays are for, a good rest doing nowt but relaxing.....Perfect, and then all hell lets loose, ranting and raving, apparently he had done really well and was successful in installing the programme, he enjoyed playing the records and being happy in the knowlege that they were actually recording onto the p.c., I think he got carried away a bit and went over the time allowed to download the set onto the c.d. so oooops it wouldn't burn what he'd recorded, kept telling him he was over by 1min something.... , no matter how he tried it just would'nt have it, it was a bit like watching the monkey, you know the one that sticks his hand into the cookie jar and grabs a handful of cookies and can't get his hand out, and fails to understand why!! So here we are again still no nearer to sorting the problem, and Paul giving me a list of the records he played and wanted to share with you all. Out of pure love for the guy and a bit of pity, piled high with tittering from me at yet another disaster when "it should of been left until at least weds" I have agreed to list his play list for him on here. They never learn do they!!! Oh l've just noticed the title at the head of the list. QUOTE: "HARPO ON FUCKIN FIRE" Jessie James "If You Want A Love Affair". Rena Scott "We Can Make It Better". Garland Green "Come Through Me". Lakeside "Ever Ready Man". Ronnie McNeir "Now She's Gone". Roger Troy "Don't Put The Blame On Me Baby". Chuck Strong "You Beat Me At My Game(Like A Lady)". Ava Cherry "I'm Always Ready". Lamont Dozier "Cool Me Out". Chuck Simmons "Am I Grooving You". O.T.Sykes(The Singing Dentist) "Stone Crush On You". Revelation "Feel It". Bileo "You Can Win". Leon Bryant "Mighty Body(Hootsy Totsy). Oscar Perry "Let Me Do It(Til I'm Satisfied)". Charles Mann "Sho'nuff No Funny Stuff Love". Bobby King "If You Don't Want My Love". Peabo Bryson "Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind". Elusion "Living On The Verge Of Leaving". Softones "That's What Love Can Do". Bluenotes "Standing By You Girl". Randy Brown "I'm Always In The Mood". J.T.Brown "Like Taking Candy From A Baby". C.B.Overton "Superstar Lady". Lucky Davis "It's Not Where You Start (It's Where You Finish)". Mike Jemison "You'll Never Get My Love". Al Johnson "It's Not Too Late". Walter Jackson "Touching In The Dark". Bobby Thurston "Very Last Drop". Zingara "Haunted House". Major Update By Request From Many. Posted by sandi, 15 November 2009 · MY 50TH, PRESTATYN I will start with my birthday bash, held at The Bushbury Arms , this was a great night as far as l was concerned, however still had the odd few complaining. Then ain't that just par for the course!!!!! D.J.'s for the night were Harpo, Shute, Johnny Fingers, Ted Massey. Myself and a great female D.J. with a fantastic collection Mrs Soul...our very own Lou. All D.j.s played 1st rate soul music,( except to those who moaned ), Harpo started the night with a half hour spot, followed by me and lou, then Shute, Fingers,Ted, me again and finishing the night my lovely man Harpo. I diliberately did'nt put Lou on first, because l believe her taste in soul music deserves to be heard when people are actually at the venue. God bless her she said she thought it was a privilage to be double decking with me, yet she also said she did'nt know how she'd follow what l'd play as she knows l'm into crossover,70's and through to modern. I just replyed "Lou you play what you want, enjoy it and l'll follow you".................there's this rumour on the soul scene that l and Paul(Harpo) only play disco music......NOT TRUE. .........l wonder who started such a rumour..... :g:. I will submit the playlist for me and Lou a bit later in this blog. Right ,now, down to thanking everyone who attended and brought me gifts, it was lovely to recieve presents from my many friends, yet what they don't realise is that by their very precence was the greatest gifts they gave me....THANKYOU GUY'S I LOVE YOU ALL X Although l do have to mention two very special gifts that meant so much to me, 30p off Gary who said l could buy some sweeties with it, , and BIG MAD ROGER........Well his gift was different to say the least...........l must tell you all the sorry tale he gave me before he let me peer into the gift bag(the gift bag was lovely by the way, so for that l should be greatful). He said "Sandi, l've got you a present but before l give it you l must explain that l had phoned Sean and asked him'what shall l buy Sandi for her birthday!!!!', he went on to say Sean had told him "buy her anything", so i did" he said............then he thrust the gift bag in my hands, "Happy Birthday" he said. I did'nt open the gift immediately l just gave him a knowing glare as if to say "What the fook you up to"!, everyone around us by then had developed the titters, so l bravely opened the could of been worse knowing Roger.....yet in the bag was a fookin Pineapple:yes:, Roger was on his guard because he was expecting me to wang it off his head or shove it up his arse.....but l composed myself and played it cool, something Roger was'nt expecting, l gave him a kiss on the cheek and said " Oh how lovely, it's the best gift l've ever had", Roger was like eeehhhh "really"!, oh yes l replied, it's the most beautiful Pineapple l've ever seen , smiling sweetly at him...yet thinking , l'll get you back. And l have, yet l have'nt seen him since my party so he don't know it yet. Not all my friends are like those two jokers, I had a rare German picture sleeve copy of Jerry Naylors "City lights" from the lovely Johnny Fingers(a lot of dollar), Two tickets off my very good friend Gillian to go the day of my birthday (10th Oct) to Prestatyn to see Chuck Jackson. Lou and Woody gave me three 12" singles, Shute also gave me records one being a rare 12" studio acetate apparently only two copies of this record...not gonna tell you what it is,yet Mr Fingers got a listen to it and he liked it.I had loads of booze (some of my mate's must think l have a drink problem.....l have l can't get enough of it . Perfumes and other smelly's were also given me and one very useful c.d. box. lots of other stuff too, flowers chocs oh and a watch from Chris and Ingrid, not to mention all the records Paul brought me, Milton Wright Demo, Jodi Mathis, Fred Hughs Demo, 100% Pure Poison . Can't not mention that Dave Welding and Louise gave me a demo copy of Skip Mahoney and he Casuals "Running away from love". I am very greatful and honoured that l have so many lovely friends who cared enough to give me such fantastic gifts, thankyou all xxx Remember l said we did have some moaners....well l actually said to one of them, "you know this is'nt a soul night, it's a 50th birthday party, nobody said it was going to be "a northern soul night", then l nearly said to this person "l'll tell you what, if you don't like it you can have your money back...then l remembered it was free to get in...because it was a party...ddeerr:frusty2:. I must say at this point, no matter where you go, no matter how far you travel, no matter how hard you try.....I'll NEVER UNDERSTAND THE MENTALITY OF THE SOUL SCENE...OR RATHER THE MENTALITY OF THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE UP THE SOUL SCENE........YOUR ALL BLOODY NUTS ........And l mean that in the nicest possible way . EXAMPLE:........... I knew most people who came along to celebrate my birthday would assume that l would be playing just soulful house and garage, and to be honest l wish l had because we still had the MOANERS. The order of the night was 60's soul with some 70's 80's played(you know the type that get played in the oldies ...[60's only] room's ......with the odd exception of maybe one or two or three etc modern tracks, that because the oldies people like them, say it's okay for them to be played......., always does my head in that one, e.g."Tribute to betty" D.J. Genesis 2004/5, Ron Hall and The Mutha Funkaz "The way you love me" early 2000's Michael Proctor "Love Don't Live" 1996. l could go on and mention loads more ,but l'll save that for another day. Anyway l diverse, my sole aim for my birthday was to give a little something back to my friends so made the decision to play what they liked, namely good 60's soul, and thats what l did, especially while doubling up with Lou...although Lou did say "I ain't got no 70's....and she craftily played The Pointer Sister's "Bring Him Back", l forgave her and followed that with Sister Sledge "Love Don't Go Through No Changes", now these are both "modern" records played and accepted in all oldies rooms up and down the country. So when l went on and did my solo spot, l thought l'd give them a mixed bag and go entirely across the board, that way all tastes would be catered for.......yeah rite, and still the moaners, in the end l just made a statement over the mic , l said " l'll never understand you lot..l've played 60's classics, rarities, newies, crossover,70's 80's and you're still bloody well moaning, well l only have one genre left to play in my box, so how about l play you a bit of ROCK music......(stunned faces looked up at me and wondered what l'd play)......apparently Rock music fills a dance floor where much asked for 60's empties it MOVE OVER ELVIS:elvis:MAKE ROOM FOR ..........Babe Ruth "Elusive" , I rest my case soulies are nutters. Whats even more laughable is when the same said peeps who did the moaning, when leaving say "We had a great night ". When the party was over we went back to our house and was joined by Johnny Fingers and Gillian, (gillian because she was our weekend house guest) where we just carried on the party....and not a moan was heard by any of us . I apologise to Lou for the lateness of the play listings from my party, but when l got home that night/morning after, discovered that the note pad l'd been writing everything we'd played had gone missing, l did ask Benk if he'd found it at the pub the next day, yet it appeared it had took a walk and l know l have a good head for remembering record titles and artists, but l aint that bloody good.........yet tonight a miracle happened the book was found.....huh, in Shutes record box, the little monkey took by accident, he says .....:g:uuuuuuuummmmm. The listings are'nt entirely complete so Lou if you can remember one's that l've missed, please post them on here. PLAY LIST MRS SOUL (AKA LOU) AND SANDI. S. The Mob "I Dig Everything About You". L. The Masquerades "I Aint Gonna Stop". S. Milton Wright and he Terra Shirma Strings "I Belong To You". L. The Servicemen "I Need A Helping Hand". S. Al Robinson "Sho 'bout To Drive Me Wild". L. Marvin Gaye "Come Get To This". S. Jimmie "Bo" Horne "If You Want My Love". L. The Hesitations "You Can't By Pass Love". S. Percy Wiggins "Just Loving You". L. Johnny Robinson "Gone But Not Forgotten". S. Billy Harner "What About The Music". L. Venturas "Heart Of Love". S. Marvin Smith "Who'll Do Your Running Now". L. The Embers "Where Did I Go Wrong". S. Mystic Moods "Astral Trip". L. Four Pro's "Just Another Girl". S. Bobby Hebb "Love Love love". L. Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators !!! S.The Soulful Strings "Burning Spear". L. The Isonics "Sugar". S. Fred Hughs "Baby Boy". L. The Soulful Twins "I Can't Let You Go". S. The Artistics "Hope We Have". L. !!! S. The Epitome Of Sound "You Don't Love Me". L. !!! S. Fantastic Johnny C "Don't Depend On Me". L. Pointer Sisters "Bring Him Back". S. Sister Sledge "Love Don't Go Through No Changes" L. !!!! SANDI'S PLAYLIST Sandy Mercer "Now That You're In (What'cha Gonna Do About It)". T-Empo "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning". Cameo "Find My Way". Curtis "How Can I Tell Her". Crystal Motion "You're My Main Squeeze". Babe Ruth "Elusive". Lenny Welch "Hundred Pounds Of Pain". Jodi Mathis "Don't You Care Any More". Gregg Perry "It Takes Heart". Larry Saunders "The Real Side". A Way Of Life "Trippin On Your Love". Main Ingredient "Everything Man". Nights "When You Drop Your Guard(Love Knocks You Down)". Wee "Try Me". Righty "O", just looked at the time and l aint been to bed yet, so off l go for a bit of rest and will finish this later,....................................... TO BE CONTINUED . O.K. l'm back. Still aint got any sleep yet, hey but who cares..plenty of time for that when l'm dead. With my 50th bash(Fri 9th Oct) well and truely over, we started to make plans for our visit to Prestatyn and l was very much looking forward to seeing Chuck Jackson live at the allnighter, all l kept saying was "I hope he sings 'All Over he World'", anyway he did'nt disappoint he sang it and so did everyone else with him bloody fantastic. I have fast forwarded a little so l will rewind to when we arrived, straight forward enough soon found friends and seating area. I have forgot to tell you about our unplanned for travelling companion....THE PINEAPPLE l'd been given the night before......forgot to mention that on the night of my party some bright spark had taken the pineapple and gave it a face, so now it resembled a human looking being, but much more cute.We had to give it a name and because of it's spikey crowning glory we decided that it should be a he, his name Peter Pine. Like any carer we could'nt just leave him at home to fend for himself.......could we !!! We took him everywhere with us and he met all of our friends and told them that Mad Roger was his daddy. Most people think l'm Barking mad already, but now they are convinced l am, yet there is method in my madness, Rogers little prank did'nt give him the desired response, which in some way had already got those cogs for a brain of his slowly moving, he probably can't understand yet why he is'nt walking around with a permanent gait like a baboon's throbbing red raw ring piece.Let me tell you there is more than one way of skinning a cat, and this way is much more fun and entertaining. However the gezza wot's his name! fingy-me-bob who publishes Manifesto Mag did offer to give me his psycotherapist's number, cheeky thing him, l soon put him right and told him to give the number to Roger. Everyone took to peter and he was welcomed as part of the soul you may think l'm mad, what about the one's who baby sat him while l danced my little legs off . I knew it was a pineapple really.....but did they!!!!!, some were even rocking it like a real baby . Prestatyn although l would'nt of chosen to go to the November event, as it's not truely a "Soul as we consider it weekend" more hand baggers than true soulies, yet after saying that the music quality in the main room and the modern"Soul intent" room was top dollar, l did venture into the larger room at the back of the venue just to get served quicker at the bar, scary place that, lots of strange looking old men(and don't say "they are all bleeding old on the scene......yes they are :whistling:but you know where you stand with our old un's)....not all looked strange , but you could easily spot the ones who were there to snatch up a granny...if you know what l mean.. Must mention Dave Rimmer and his lovely wife Marg and give them a special thankyou for the gift they gave me for my birthday, those of you who know Marg will know she is Chuck Jacksons greatest fan, and the promoters had arranged for both Dave and Marg to meet Chuck, not only did they meet him but they also were invited to dine with him on the friday night.....How great is that for Marg, l was really happy for her, she never stopped smiling , l'm not sure wether she has come down from the ceiling yet. I think it's fantastic well done Marg. While they wined and dined with Chuck they mentioned to him that it was my 50th birthday and he wrote a personal message to me and signed it in one of the weekenders programmes, l was well chuffed. Thankyou you are STARS.:king:. Well those were the highlights for me, and l'm really looking forward to Feb when Kenny Bobien and his beautiful and very talented wife Stephanie Cooke will be appearing live, great stuff, what a voice that man has......hey maybe if l'm kind to the promoters they will arrange for me and Paul (Harpo) to meet them....think l'll contact a friend in high places. Lifeline at Brookfields riding stables, All Hallows Eve, or Halloween if you like,was again a packer, we love this venue and it just gets better and better. Quite a few turned up in fancy dress including Paul and myself, it was a fun night and everyone was in the party spirit, l'm sure there were a couple of spirit soulies there too !!! but thats another story. At the end of the nighter we had a few friends come back to our's for tea/coffee and entertainment before making their long journey's home, Gillian and Ross were amongst them and they stayed until late monday night and it was a pleasure having their company. This is the last part of my update...yeah l know, l can hear you all saying"Thank God". One of my clients approached me some weeks ago knowing the kind of music l collect and play publicly(sometimes),and asked if l would be interested in at the pub she is manager of, well of course l was, any opportunity to get the old vinyl out and give it a good spin is an opportunity l find hard to turn down, so l accepted the offer and event took place lastnight, nice pub called The Pear And Partridge in Perton near Wolverhampton. We went over a few weeks prior to lastnight to get a feel of the place and see what type of audience we would be up against, mixed cliental younger and old un's alike and very busy, after having a chat to Sam the landlady she filled us in on the info we needed, apparently one of her punters had gone to a "Northern" soul and Motown night that she had previously put on, and he was'nt a happy bunny, he complained to her and told her that the d.j. was'nt playing "Northern", l think he was a bit more fluent with is words, and l met the guy and his wife lastnight when he came over and introduce himself to us. At first l was'nt too sure that the punters were enjoying the night and l mentally prepared myself for the onslaught of verbal abuse that l was conviced was coming our never happened, they loved us, and as they losened up they were dancing around the pub and really having a great time ...phew . In fact they want us back again, and Rob the fella we met lastnight want's us at some of the local soul nights over that side of Wolverhampton, he took my phone number and said he will contact us within the next few days with possible booking dates........ So there it is folks, "keep knocking and the door will be opened", "good things come to those that wait", We have impressed people detached from the political bollox of the Soul Scene, and been offered a chance purely through merit and the love of the music we obviously exude.
  12. After a very hectic week sorting final plans for our wedding we threw caution to the wind and decided that we would be attending after all, Lou and Woody being friends for too many years to mention we wanted to be there for them and support their venue. Glad we did.....what a night, music all night was outstanding made all the better for the company of great friends. The atmosphere was fantastic and the whole event was buzzing from start to finish, well done to all who worked hard to promote and make this a night to remember. We will certainly be coming back if lastnight is anything to go by. But please don't take my word for it.......come along to the next one and see for yourselves, this venue if supported by soulies wanting to go to a nighter that delivers what they crave will not be disappointed. Soulful appreciation is the order of the day to make any venue work, this is such a venue that warrants local and national support. SAVE OUR SOUL. Oh the best smoking area in the county so far, situated upstairs, ample room, seating and tables for comfort while you puff away, completely under cover.......better than standing outside freezing ones tits off.............what more can any venue offer??......but like l said please don't take my word for it. Roll on the next one. Sandi x
  13. This is the 1st time for a few weeks that we have had the p.c. up and running after the thing went and blue screened on us . Coming on here to catch up on things has left me feeling quite proud of most comments made by fellow soul bro's and sisters, at long last more and more of you are voicing your true heartfelt feelings about the state in which the scene is in and has been for many a year. In a way l'm happy now that our p.c. was out of commisssion because as most who know me know l have no reservations about speaking my mind, over the years it wears you down to try and encourage "stuck in the mud soulies" to progress forward. I'm not gonna get on my "Soap Box", l'll still voice my opinions when and how l feel fit to, but casting pearls before swine was turning out to be a very costly affair, l'm not into wasting money and time on lost causes. After saying that though l applaude everyone who has posted a supportive and soul uplifting comment on here for a great promoter, and friend, lt makes a refreshing change to read on here that peeps are in full agreement with Neil and giving him verbal backing. Are we going to be united in backing a pysical war, it's about time we thought back. John Fisher made a very poignant point that l and Paul saw many years ago about the demise of the "Modern soul scene" and John l fully agree at the moment that scene is now done and dusted , however l refuse to believe lt is dead buried. I have my own views and idea's on how it could be salvaged but thats for future debate. Neil whatever you choose to do in advancement of forward moving events we will be there right next to you with all the support and encouragement we can possibly give. Helen you had every right to reply, the unfortunate events surrounding the lifeline thing should be left where it ended.....way back months ago in the past. Lifeline has'nt suffered to it detriment, it's still this countries biggest rare soul all-nighter, and you have continued to be a part of the scene in the west mids gone out and enjoyed yourself. End'nt that what it's all about?? Last thought the D.J. on the night played to their audience, sadly much to my frustration as all records played were right up my street, alas l was on crutches after having surgery to my leg. . Sandi x
  14. As most of you will know by now that Paul and I are getting married on friday September 10th. With only 1 week and 6 days to go, some of our friends, who have been given their invites are now confessing that they have indeed lost their invites tut,tut,tut,tut, . Not to worry , here are all the details needed for the day. The ceremony is taking place at Wolverhampton Registry Office, the marrige is booked to start at 11.30am, so for those of our very close friends and family who have been invited to the ceremony need to be at the registry office by about 11am please. After the ceremony we will then be having photos taken before moving onto the 1st venue of the day and should arrive at The Bushbury Arms, Showell Circus, Bushbury, Wolverhampton, WV10 9JL by approx 1.00 p.m. The 2nd venue booked for the rest of the day/night is Bishops Wood Village Hall, Nr Wolverhampton ,Staffs, ST19 9AE. This is an allnighter booked,organised and payed for by us for our friends to come and enjoy the day with us......*please note it is NOT a FREE allnighter, of course we are'nt charging our guests to come in, we are merely stating that this is a wedding reception and would appreciate all to treat the event as such by not harrassing the D.J.'s on the choice of music they play.......we have picked the D.J.'s because we like what they play. Any quiries please contact either myself or paul via e-mail. Thankyou Sandi and Paul. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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