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  1. sandi

    Playlists, Or The Lack Of Them

    could'nt agree more
  2. I have always loved this photo of Paul and Helen, god it really brings it home to me that she is no longer with us, love you and miss you Helen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. Ian what a beautiful tribute, words chosen lovingly that only you could convey to a truely special lady, I wish l'd known Helen in the early days of the "cats" but alas l was too young then, all l know is that l did know her and was proud of that fact. I had to smile where you refer to Helen as the "maternal soul mother", because l know this was so true, many a time she had to take me and Jennifer in hand and threaten to bang our h..
  4. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Conversations That Bring A Smile To Your Face. Posted by sandi, 05 October 2009 · There is only 1 Smokey I think that many of us on the soul scene know the name Smokey from Wolverhampton, he never fails to disappoint, he's larger than li... View full article
  5. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Venues, Birthdays, Weddings, Betrayal Most Horrid. Posted by sandi, 08 October 2010 · Along this road of life no matter what background we all as individuals have, no matter what our gender, race,views,loves and dislikes, We will encounter m... View full article
  6. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Prestatyn Starts Here, Well It Does For Me And Harpo Anyway Posted by sandi, 11 March 2009 · Endless mountains of ironing now eventually come to an end,and all this in preparation for Prestatyn weekender. We are really looking forward to t... View full article
  7. Acting as Harpo's secretary , here is his playlist from Saturdays event at Nuneatons Co-op. Bobby McClure "You Got Me baby". Jackie Wilson "I've Lost You" Duke Browner "Crying Over You" Precisions "If This Is Love" Bunny Sigler "Follow Your Heart" Frankie Loveman Crocker "Ton Of Dynamite" Benny Troy "I Wanna Give Y..
  8. What a great night, music,venue,people, what more is there!!!, arriving at about 8pm as we like to be at any venue from the start and stay to the end (pair of diehards that we are). Mark and a few others milling around were there to greet us, yet it did'nt take long before others followed in our footsteps, the place steadily began to fill up, as so did the dance floor. I was pleasently suprised throughout the night to hear the od..
  9. If l'm honest, l was'nt really overly enthusiastic about going lastnight, not because l don't enjoy this venue because l do, just felt too tired after working all day and the thought of getting ready filled me with women are a undecisive breed when it comes to what to wear, applying the old slap, arranging our hair into some sort of fashion that looks half decent ( in our opinions ), even though the old man assures us..
  10. sandi

    Michael Mcdonald

    Yes so do l, it's one of the great's imho.
  11. sandi

    Dave Shaw And Wagsy;s 50Th

    Yes it was a great night with many old friends turning up to Celebrate Dave and Wagsy's 50th birthdays ,100 years collectively. Both the lads let their hair down (both still have hair, thats an acheivement for most guys at 50 ), and really enjoyed the night. Congratulations to you both, you are in our club now . Love you both, Sandi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. sandi


    Brian Chigley...... cant wait for the mrs to take the dog for a walk tomorrow so he can play some know you'er welcome to come on over to our place and play some !
  13. sandi


    Paul Hargrove aka Hargy......or some of you may know him on ss as l call him Gonad lol
  14. sandi


    This is my old mucka Shute, l love this guy to bit's , he's the only person on the scene who say's "l'm the most sane and sensible person on the scene he know's " oh god bless him lol
  15. sandi


    Two of the nicest guy's on the scene, Snowy and Bod.