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  1. The Tempest

    Forgotten White Rock Wigan Oldie ?

    Found it !!!!!
  2. The Tempest

    Forgotten White Rock Wigan Oldie ?

    Nope none of the above so far .....
  3. Just been listening to a live recording of the Casino from 75 - one of the tracks is a kind of white rock style group record with the male vocalist singing the chorus of : Run , run , run my baby throughout Its inaudible when the vocalist / group / title is announced Apart from this recording - I have only ever heard this once in over thirty years played out oddly enough by Guy Hennigan of all people ! And he didn't say who it was either ! Any ideas guys ?
  4. The Tempest

    P.P.Arnold, which is rarer ?

    Whilst we're on this subject - Why are the prices for her first album on immediate so expensive ? - The First Lady containing the track - I always thought it was £50 but the ones on Discogs are 4 x that amount and upwards !
  5. The Tempest

    80s All-nighter footage

    Nice blast from the past Chalky
  6. The Tempest

    What's the best thing you ever won in a competition?

    A Sunday meat raffle at the local boozer mid eighties ! Wonder if pubs still do them ?!!
  7. The Tempest

    I won!!

    Keep the new car - sell your old car ! Double win !
  8. The Tempest

    Robin Wilson

    It’s also on her Lp - just in case you don’t find a 45 - the Lp is cheap as chips
  9. The Tempest

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    Yep and when I was in the army - based in aldershot early 90s I use to leave my mates clubbing in town and go to a church hall nearby - no alcohol - for a dance - but I was brought up in that generation - take it or leave it I personally don’t think that is the case nowadays - people like venues - vast majority Soul nights with a bar
  10. The Tempest

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    Alcohol is now the socially acceptable drug of choice nowadays for venues - good or bad Personally I think you would struggle nowadays to fill a venue The kids round my way have never had a youth club , wouldn’t know what one was , use it or more importantly how to interact once they were there ! Social media distfunction generation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. The Tempest

    Motown or Northern Soul

    Always filled both criteria’s for me - AND blue eyed
  12. The Tempest

    Alex Brown - In Search Of Love - Sundi - Lp - 1977

    It just went for £1200.00
  13. The Tempest

    Alex Brown - In Search Of Love - Sundi - Lp - 1977

    So another copy surfaces 3 yrs later almost to the date of the last post ! 17 bids so far at £600 and still running
  14. The Tempest

    Voices from the Shadows issues 1-6, 20 & 21

    Issue 9 please if you have it
  15. The Tempest

    Voices From The Shadows Copy

    Good point ! I’ll do that


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