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  1. J Manship Auction Results 22/11/2017

    Chapter Five , wow !! Paid £40 for mine mid eighties and thought that was a good deal at the time , later sold it for £500 , about 12 yrs ago and thought that was a good deal ! One I always regret selling .....
  2. Nice one, thanks for the update
  3. J Manship Auction Results 08/11/2017

    That Kindly Shepherds tune just keeps rising and rising ! I only valued one at half that price only a couple of months ago ! Crazy .....
  4. Larry Davis - I've been hurt - Kent

    There was a copy for Sale last month by member eddiefoster for £300 Be worth contacting him to see if he still has it Good luck
  5. LP only tracks?

  6. BB King Album wanted

    Two on discogs from the states at £16 and £26
  7. Sealed Mint Copy of this Rare Modern Soul 12” spin for Soul Sam £ 80.00 including p&p
  8. A Most Peculiar Record...

    That bloke get’s everywhere !!
  9. the greatest NORTHERN soul artist of all time

    Patti Austin for me ! Love her range of beat ballads to full on uptempo dancers Sheer Class
  10. value please...

    Last copy I saw for sale was about 3 yrs ago , that went for £ 600
  11. Is it me, but?

    Supply and demand as always.... A fool and his money are easily parted !!
  12. Pat bradey records

  13. How far would you travel..

    I travelled back for the 100 Club 16th Anniversary Nighter from Cyprus having been stationed out there with the Army at the time in 95 ! Great night as always and then moved to London the following year which saved the travel Regularly use to tra...
  14. WANTED: 2 Mod Revival 7" : RAGE and CIRCLES

    There's a copy of the Rage on discogs now for £125