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  1. OT Sykes - First Love - Lp Everland Issue Brand New - was sealed but opened to check Vinyl / Cover - Mint £25 including p & p Thanks
  2. The Tempest

    ENCHANTMENTS, manship auction

    Sold mine 13 yrs ago to a Japan buyer for £200 and thought I got a cracking deal on it then ! Nuts !
  3. The Tempest

    Larry Saunders strangers lp

    Three on discogs now around the £70 mark
  4. The Tempest

    realistic price please

    £800 ish ! Old Colin Law spin up in Scotland during the early / mid eighties c/u as Lou Washington at the time - only ever seen one copy in 35yrs - it’s a rare one mate - good luck
  5. Anybody got a spare copy of this 2007 release in Ex Con Thanks
  6. The Tempest

    Winter Songs

    Not much change out of a grand nowadays !
  7. The Tempest

    Sunday Times 1976

    Found a copy this morning !
  8. The Tempest


    Top Dog - Stafford Soul Promotions - Morecambe Stateside - Ashton Allnighter Allnighter Club - Various venues - a lot of venues on scooter runs in 80’s
  9. The Tempest

    RIP Aretha

  10. The Tempest

    Happiest and most uplifting records..

    Always a dancefloor winner , just builds and builds from start to finish
  11. The Tempest


    It’s also on the Brenton Wood Boogaloo compilation from that time on Brent - original and way cheaper than the 45 on Mainstream if your interested


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