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  1. I now found it quite iconic having listened to early live Wigan tapes when I was a kid in Scotland early 80 ‘s - listening to his spots - purchased from Richard Domar at the time - I loved his sets - I have lived just outside York for 20 yrs - but work in it daily - attended loads of soul nights / dayers etc ... But alas never met the guy to tell him how much of an influence he had on me as a kid and then going to soul nights / nighters mid eighties and my ongoing attendance since then The guy is truly one of the underclassed heroes of the scene Can anyone tell me how he got involved with Wigan at the beginning ? Did he already have an established reputation as a DJ at the time ?
  2. Thanks for the replies so far guys - I’d be interested in a copy if you come across one - thanks again
  3. Does this actually exist on the Satiron label - anybody got one ?
  4. Just listened to it - very amusing and a fresh take - it’s amazing how seriously people take all this !!!!! Well done
  5. I was quoted Betty Harris on here 8yrs ago for about £80 - got a copy for £40 about a week later - Is it really that rare / in demand ? Whoever is paying these prices are nuts ! There’s a search engine called Google !!! You’d be amazed the records you can find on it !!!!!!!
  6. If anybody wants a copy of this - a dealer in the states has found a promotors box of promos - mint condition - his user name on eBay is kain801 And no I’m not on commission ! Just stumbled across a copy at a decent price and he wanted me to let other people who might be interested know Cheers
  7. Don’t buy their album with it on ! It’s a different version altogether !
  8. Buy the album , it’s cheaper than the 45
  9. YES ! I did , got the Mike Vickers Lp off them with On The Brink on it - it has BFBS Radio Stamp on the back - only cost me a couple of quid at the time
  10. The Italian seller on discogs selling the picture sleeve Italian issue - funnily enough ! Has found a stash of these in mint condition - I know because my mate bought one and asked him if he had any more .....

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