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  1. YES ! I did , got the Mike Vickers Lp off them with On The Brink on it - it has BFBS Radio Stamp on the back - only cost me a couple of quid at the time
  2. The Italian seller on discogs selling the picture sleeve Italian issue - funnily enough ! Has found a stash of these in mint condition - I know because my mate bought one and asked him if he had any more .....
  3. I used a guy on eBay - cost me a tenner - worked a treat ! If I can find the link I’ll put it up - am sure he was in Lincs somewhere
  4. First time I heard this there and loved it , still do , oh and not forgetting red stripe at 50p a can !!
  5. Does anybody remember the above article - had a few pictures in it The article had the headline - Shrine Closure or words to that effect What month - Sept 81 ?
  6. Georgie Woods a philly DJ used it to describe The Righteous Brothers after seeing them in concert .... It stuck , they liked it and so they went on to name their 1964 Lp - Blue Eyed Soul , the rest as they say is history !
  7. That’s the original 1970 issue also came out on the yellow promo , the other Spark Northern Soul releases were mid 70’s
  8. Caledonia Soul Mixcloud post on 33lp Whats the first track ! Scouting my album collection as sure I have it !!
  9. It’s also on his album - just in case you have trouble picking up the 45 - you can pick the album up fairly cheaply
  10. Withdrawn over a licensing issue after a couple of weeks
  11. Casino 6th Anniversary.pdf

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