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  1. It’s also on his album - just in case you have trouble picking up the 45 - you can pick the album up fairly cheaply
  2. Withdrawn over a licensing issue after a couple of weeks
  3. http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/articles/Wigan Casino 6th Anniversary.pdf
  4. http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/articles/Wigan Casino 5th Anniversary.pdf
  5. http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/articles/Wigan 1st Anniversary.pdf
  6. http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/articles/Wigan Casino 2nd Anniversary.pdf
  7. http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/articles/Wigan Casino 4th Anniversary.pdf
  8. http://www.independentmovement.co.uk/articles/Wigan Casino 3rd Anniversary.pdf
  9. Did Blues and soul magazine ever do a feature on the casino’s 7th anniversary ? I know they did for all the others in the various anniversary issues between 74 and 79 but can’t find any mention of the 7th in 1980 Or was it deemed as all over and they didn’t bother ! Any ideas
  10. When I first started going to allnighters - Crown Hotel Thornton Fife then Glenrothes YMCA - Colin Law spin from then - still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with the opening bars !!!
  11. Anybody got one of these for sale ?
  12. Allan Harris Arthur Fenn has the acetate Lp and had a carver 45carver cut off it for Love is the answer There is also a 12” Columbia test press of the track out there Dj Nick The Record has it
  13. Plenty of dealers out there who buy whole collections My singles collection went to Pat Brady 15 yrs ago and I was very happy with what I got - I choose him because he was the closest dealer to me at the time Still got my albums and 12” collection for a rainy day So you either get rid in one full swoop and take a hit on the mark up for dealers or sell individually if you have the time which means all your big ticket and expensive items will fly and you’ll be left trying to shift whats left with people haggling and eventually eBay ! Where you will have to pay the fees in the end ! Good luck
  14. Never seen that one before ! Where’s it from ?

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