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  1. There's a copy of the Rage on discogs now for £125
  2. Been on my wants list for a while put to no avail ! Anybody got any ideas of price / rarity ? I realise the APO label was a small local label so am guessing very small quantities were pressed ?
  3. So where are all these records being found?

    Gotta agree , I know of a lot of collectors who are now retiring at work having built up some great collections over the years and due to retirement , moving abroad , change of income / circumstances are selling up and cashing in on the silly prices people a...
  4. Cheers mick , this was sealed so will go with the higher end price
  5. Just picked up a copy of this for not a lot , interested in value ? A couple of decent tracks - aware her version of Barbara McNaIr - YGLMB has been played out over the years Popsike has only a couple listed in sales over the years, Any i...
  6. Kindly Shepherds

  7. what BPM is 100 MPH?

    I always use this as an example !
  8. wanted : Udell won't you try

    Take your pick on discogs 👍🏻
  9. Cross Keys Pub Northern Soul Night - Pocklington

    Putting this up on behalf of my local pub in Pocklington - which is a small market town between York and Hull on the A1079 First one this Friday and then monthly on every first Friday
  10. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    Great read, many thanks for posting
  11. An album that needs no introduction in it's rarity and quality With outstanding tracks throughout including " Loving at Midnight " & " I've Been Hurt " Sleeve / Vinyl - Ex con £325.00 including special delivery p & p
  12. Rare Goldmine CD - Ultimate Girl Groups Withdrawn after only 14 days on sale in 1992 !! Cover / CD - Ex Con £ 60.00 including p & p
  13. Nice one Good luck with the new venture

    I've always liked the other side as well !