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    Ive been listening to black music for over forty years , dancing to it collecting it occasionally( im not a collector though, as i prefer sharing too much) , and enthusing about it to those of a similar mind. I love hearing new sounds and although ive a long standing preference for sixties releases, i love hearing later releases, including house ,and techno. Music of any genre though can be soulful and so i love discovering the journey artists have made in evolving the music they create and the personal journey they have made while creating. 

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    Andy challis
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    music .biographies ,film,60s soul ,mostly uptempo ,to dance,,although ignorant of artists and tunes,like most blokes ,i think i know a good tune.My tastes are changing quicker now than anytime in thirty years. i think i listen a bit better than when i was younger,though the compulsion to move to some tunes regardless of age ,popularity,or familiarity remains,I still go out to a venue for the same reason above any other:! soul music &dancing among otherswho"get it", spent my youth in a sort of trance,which let me observe and regard the people i saw,spoke to and believed i got to know,in some ways more fully than members of my own family.Looking at it now,i think i had a chance to learn about trusting others and gaining the trust of others and grabbed it, in a period of 18 frantically short hyperactively spent months. i loved that time and love "it" still.
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    manchester uk
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    clyde mcphatter please give me one more chance

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