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    Well that was a bit of a shot in the dark, and it paid off handsomely! I jumped on the train from leeds and trecked the mile or so into the wind and pissing rain into alfreton town centre followed my nose and found the venue, which is er,substantial , two dancefloors in thebmain room, got better as the night progressed , and the music was , of a calibre you dont really expect but when it pans out you realise what a treat you have been given, i can never really remember who played what , but its enough to say by the time nige brown amd sean chapman kicked off , i was already shattered, i think i heard the limitations ,”im lonely kicking off as i mounted the stairs from the bogs but my feet wouldnt lift for the first step and i fell flat on ma face! , friendly folk from the the bar and door staff , to gettin the “eye “ off some carrott top, john and terry have deserve to have this place bouncing every time its on, have a great christmas , see you in january , Now where ,d i put me horse linament!
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    Great opening spot,
  3. Theres a picture of him near the front of the stage at the casino with a cery young looking anna ford. Heard him play little tommy cant you see, the. Vibrations " i took an overdose"( mark lammarr used to play that too! And loads and loads more . He started on radio caroline with tony blackburn, where they tried snatch listeners off luxemberg which played black american releases, on his programmeshen he played say a recent addition to the kent releases , hed give the serial number as well as the official date of release,
  4. Hes the only person ive ever heard of had a sick note with amphetamine psychosis as the diagnosis , and kept his job! Heres his most recent i believe, commisioned by plan b for the film ill manors
  5. Youll find all kinds of ugliness in hideous excess, but youll never see a nipple in the daily express
  6. Gene toones was a few hundred quid in the early 2000 s i remember bill mayley telling me hed paid about 300 for his im sure it was a black issue
  7. I sing that when i finish work! To the bemusement of anyone still sat behind me. i love hearing belita woods thats when ill stop loving you, i liked hearing corey glover someone used to end with that quote regularly, theres another tune ,the artists name of which i cannot bring to mind, she sings, its driving me driving me driving me driving me mad! Heh heh ( think there are more of them than that in the chorus build up! She, s basically describing that horrible fixation we all get when someone we ve lost or separated from is quote the oracle, " baking our noodle". ! I cant remember what they used to finish with at the whirlygig , as the lowered a parachute silk over the dancefloor and everyone used to sit down , getting to me , is another staple ending somewhere cant think where! I like something you can dance or sing to , so even if your not still in full command of yer legs , you still feel as though your involved , if you know what i mean. Esther phillips just say goodbye , is a personal favourite , I need your love by clydene jackson another! Minshull always used to end with the incredibles , dave rimmer ,timi yuro, , keep coming back for more by lorraine rudolph would be apt, Tom page ended with i say a little prayer at the last rugby i attended which was a great choice! , i think it was theresa price suggested id probably dance to the sound of a car horn! ,( ,ive danced the sound of things i cant even describe in words so car horn, loooooads of times! The most surprising i think was as the manumission carry on at space ended they finished with louie louie by the kingsmen, and the surreal sight of folk wigging out with an inflatable croc as a partner, or tinsel hula skirts and pirate hats, shrek ears, deely boppers and fake tits, , superhero costumes and the ibiza residents themselves a sight to behold, all giving it large! ! An ibiza moment , to conclude then, i dont really give a shit, but a good ender is memorable, " said someone once , about something, what were we talking about again? Remembered the female vocalist , Almeta lattimore "these memories" .
  8. Looks well worth a visit, see you tomorrow
  9. Fantastic night at swinton, music was fab from start to finish , well done lads
  10. Im a bitnof a young un so my characters may be e different,FIrst of all where i grew up in keighley west yorkshire there were few characters who knew how to spend their weekends without ten pints a scrap bag o chips and last bus home, out of those , Jimmy summers r.i.p should get a mention as he alone kept soul music alive through local nights at central youth club haworth youth club occasional all dayers, but best known ( in keighley at least was the RAOB,or buffs as it was affectionately known,his scootering comrades being woz, dave cutler and norman gillson, the one person being the biggest formative influence on me age fiteen ,has to be ma big brother les,, he had style,he never failed to lift me out the shit, or make sure an argument always turned into a fight, in which he was ali and i was joe bugner! . No less important were weasel , paul reynard,(pabs) organised a minibus which took me to my first allnighter and made sure i got in , ,loads more from keighley alone, stevie frear,andy reynard, (pabs brother, ,a grumpy, in yer face , opinionated and fucking surreally hilarious hitchin,train jumping, ,occasionally flawed but never improved upon ,mate who was my best mate and fellow miscreant every single weekend , til station rd shut,and clifton hall took over(sort of) ,i read here earlier, the name Craig dethiick and his mate rob ,when i was sixteen i watched "everybody "dance, (still do), and have to say to watch big craig dance, which werent, frequent, you could say he loved major lance, but he was completely unique, to me, as was dave evison, either dancing or introducing music onstage, he stood out, as did gary rushbrooke, , mace from manchester,pip scouse from prescott, john zoff and karl heard from saarth yawwkshir, bev and sylv janet amd her twin from wigan, mick francis vernon and a lad called ,i think simon who won the dance comp in 81,for being superhuman on the dance floor,,fox and duncan and the eight coach loads of a few mates they brought with em from trainspotting toon. . Whoever promoted and kept clouds goin and chose the music policy , george seddon who stopped some locals gadges from giving me a hiding outside wallgate station, .little rob from wigan, for showing us how to avoid tripping on broken glass. and the best way to hoover it up, georgina from scarborough, karen from shipley, ,lynn from chesterfield, ,the record bar , somewhere in which nobody ever fell over ,unlike the balcony stairs, and the baths which seemed to cause it,.adey crossdell , and those hes involved for over thirty five years , anita holland,for never ever sounding surprised, and ed battin,his sister and mentor val and fearsome elder brother , " dust my broom??" Dust my bollocks more like!" . Each in their own unique way never failed to grasp the opportunity to take the piss out of us. . I havent forgotten countless mates , acquaintances ,,vendors, victims, vikings and visionaries, , all of whom helped convince me i had a career waiting in psychiatric care , ,the reverend andrew hall ,(or three livers, as hes never referred to ,not even by ross mcwhirter..who hes outlived anyway. ( more transplants than wayne rooneys crown.) .he was that sickof people drawing crosses on him, he just hung one round his neck, and several dozen around his office. ricky and sue warburton , brent and ronnie,(and party sue) ,and greg and nige and dusty ,(and trusty),cuthbert dibble and grub( you know who you are).
  11. in 74Theres a few cracking compilation albums some chock full of freat sounds, get down with it has all little richards releases on the okeh label with sleeve notes by paul mcartney. This is northern soul with sleeve notes courtesy of richard searling which has bobbie smith dickie wonder the servicemen doni burdick soul communicators fantastic album if you can find it, levines solid soul sensations is a cracker too his first compilation album released In 74. Another comp called for collectors only which i think was on soul supply. Which i remember was the source for a bootleg ep 45 with four tracks on it i was given by mad mick from notts (R.i.P) , included the topics the nomads the ellusions and cecil washington , . I later acquired this lp to find all four recordings in this one lp. As pointed out ealrier any of the kent releases, the chess story the story of sue . The compilation of the detroit labels , d town we 3 . All raw underproduced gems like lee rogers dee edwards buddy lamp the fabulous peps, . Ive only ever seen this on a comp cd but if you see it buy it, . Bargain. Id probably blow ma entire wad on something ive probably already bought three times , two of those from the same person. ( kid you not!) or couple of bobby womacks , anne sextons and a copy of the soul twins , shes the one or johnnie mae matthews. . .
  12. It was just running through my head as i found your post!
  13. Dunno but prefer corn beef and was taken aback to hear jim ie bo horn wanting to fist someone for their love. Probably norman lamont
  14. Betty boo when i was younger, san fransisco tkos and lilly fields changes was a recent one
  15. Clydene jackson still a want as the record not found in collection by person who messaged me friday, anyone else with a copy to sell can contact me andy challis 07872891640 or andydchallis@hotmail.co.uk . TA TARA !
  16. Anyone have a not too shabby copy of clydene jackson they would be happy to sell to a good home. Contact andy 07872891640 . I need your love is the track or the album its on , either would be acceptable thanks
  17. This event has been cancelled . Just spoke to andy h .
  18. aintgotit

    Liverpool SoulFest 2015


    An old friend of mine JudithUde is playing this event if anyone has time they should seeiously check her out she has a fantastic vocal talent and is really buzzing about playing this weekend She writes her own stuff too. ( when i worked on the edale unit at manc royal infirmary she asked if id allow her to bring her guitar into work I dont know what i was expecting but it was a momemt where everyone stopped whatever they were doing and stood dumbstruck as they heard her start to sing and play!
  19. aintgotit

    Rugby Allnighter

    Paul shaw worth the admission price alone !
  20. aintgotit


    Really enjoyed the night the tunes the place the people. Look forward to the next one.
  21. aintgotit

    sam 0503

    Looks like ive wound me neck in there
  22. If ive not been chuckin maself about to his rythm ive been sat on me arse feet and hands trying to follow his lead for thirty five years . Great stories a real unsung hero good work fella

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