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  1. Butch & The Newports I'm Only A Man

    £15.00 for this piece of brilliant Detroit crossover magic - just buy it ...
  2. Judy Freeman Hold On Info Wanted

    anyone want a one ?
  3. Soul On Sunday Afternoon

    Looks like it could be a good turn out - heard the Boro Boys are coming up, a decent turn out from Co. Durham and the usual Geordie suspects .....

    Thought we were barred ?
  5. Paragon Soul Bishop Auckland

    All sorted man - just waiting for you lot now ! Party starts at 5 ............
  6. Paragon Soul Bishop Auckland

    Better get some more beer in ! Make sure you get here before kick off. See you later. Kev
  7. Paragon Soul Bishop Auckland

    Hey you lot ! Got beer, scran and music on at ours from about 5-ish if anyone's starting early !! About time we got together - it's yonks since we had a good bit crack. Kev J
  8. Anybody Know These Guys?

    Kenno ...Is he still alive !
  9. What Constitutes Original Vinyl?

    What county was the the dealer from - give us a clue Kris go on ?
  10. Jimmy Burns On Manship & Bobby Sheen

    I've still got my copy of Hang On - just can't bring myself to let it go.
  11. Jimmy Burns On Manship & Bobby Sheen

    Searling played it first at Wigan
  12. Ted White R.i.p

    Funeral details can be found in Members shouts & intro's Thank you Kev Johnson
  13. Specials " I Can't Find Another "

    Still taking offers until 5pm today
  14. Welcome Rod A legend indeed and a great compliment to the forum. Kev J
  15. Current Burnley Biggie ! Taking sensible offers until 5pm today pm or E-mail dellag1@tiscali.co.uk Thanks for looking Kev Johnson