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Event Comments posted by Dendog

    the time is now 4:30 start and not 6:00

    Dj's times

    Dennis 4:30 till 5:00

    Sid Hopper 5:00 till 6:00

    Derick Banner 6:00 till 7:00

    Al Jones 7:00 till 8:00

    Phill Kingswood 8:00 till 9:00

    Gaz Shooter  9:00 till 10:00

    Dennis to finish

  1. Vinyl in mi box ready to address the soul survivors at The Polish Club “can’t wait”

    sorry to hear your leaving Bryn!!

    the dedication you put into helping Mal will not be forgotten

    you see its the Mod thing  pal like back in the 60's always there to help

    and I’ll speak to you later tonight m8


    Bring it on: Bam Dave Gaz lets give Bryn a send off he 'll not forget



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