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  1. After going to Nottingham School of Technology learning at a day / evening class a couple of guys in the same class asked what music I liked. I told them my sisters had leaded me the way to rock “n” roll. So they asked would I take a gamble and would I go to a club with them called the Dungeon. I thought what the heck I’ll give it a go.

    Feb1966/7 was my first taste of what they said were the mod scene two floors playing soul music back ground sound was from a black American group the Supremes. Never forget the thrill seeing a full dance floor with atmosphere I had never felt.

    In 1966/7, the same guys were told of a club in Sheffield called the King Mojo, it was a converted house on the out skirts of the city centre. They asked are we up for it being on a low wage I was unable, so they all clubbed together and said now you can we will pick you up at 7:00. All 6 were listened to the radio drinking Mansfield nut-brown in a mini van. All dressed to kill

    Not what we called Northern Soul but same sounds in some way with lots of Motown

    Bring back the good old days

    No Politics back then just a good time

  2. to-night at the Robin Hood i'm all set up ready to go

    startup is Sid, with some good friends to help out :wicked:

    we all know its gonna be a great night of soul

    Guest Dj Al Jones :thumbup:

    Start 8:00 till we done :shhh:

    i'll be at the venue early because the robin does a great meal

    see you all soon


  3. Soul Party At Oxcroft

    Hi Stuart thanks for the invitation to play some tunes for you at this great venue.

    The music I can honestly say was spot on, you and your mate Neil deck to deckin jelled together like cheese on toast. The company at Oxcroft on the night was excellent to say the least. Both Ann and I had a great time and looking forward to next month.

    (Like we both agreed on last night, it's not about the money: it's about the pleasure you get filling a dance floors):hatsoff2:


  4. Bestwood Village Social Club playing Northern Soul/Motown classics.

    Resident DJs, Steve and Rich Kev Greenwood

    Guest DJ for May: Andy Blood (Rotherham)

    Friendly atmosphere and an excellent wooden sprung dance floor.

    All requests will be played with across the board policy

    always the last Friday of any month.

    Come along and have a good night, we're sure you will be back!

    7.30 - 12.15 (11.30 bar)

  5. Its going to be a hot hot night at the Reunion with all day Monday to cool off

    Come and try it, you'll not be disappointed.

    with a line up like this:-

    ♫ Phil Kingswood ♫

    ♫ Kev Roberts ♫

    ♫ Studge ♫

    ♫ Steve Goody.♫



  6. ONLY 4 MORE DAYS TO LIFT OFF :hatsoff2:


    I've told the landlord to get some extra bar staff on "he will need it

    and leave room in the carpark for the scooter boys that are traveling over for our first night this year,

    Remember only 20 cd's are up for grabs so come early, they will not be repeated :rolleyes:

  7. What a weekend is installed for an old chap like me

    Great Bank holiday weekend

    Friday 27th Bestwood Village Social Club :lol:

    Saturday 28th The Robin Hood Edwinstowe :hatsoff2:

    Sunday 29th Mansfield Civic Reunion :yes:

    Monday 30th Scooter run out :D

    K.T.F Dennis

  8. Count down 9 days :yes: for a great night of soul and

    Soul is the mighty power of tune

    like the tides obeys, every days moon

    Dj's play one hour of there employment,

    to keep you entertained for your enjoyment.

    Harmony sounds, brings beauty to your ear

    dance to the music with its great atmosphere

    Mansfield Reunion will endeavour to "Keep,

    The Faith" flowing with its friendship so deep

    Read it, See it, Feel it.

    Soul @ its best


    :hatsoff2: K.T.F. Dennis

  9. Yes this is going to be another great night of bank holiday soul,

    a blast from the past and then some,

    great atmosphere, with a large wooden dance floor to boot.

    So take some time out from the normal Sunday night

    and be with some friendliest people around at the Mansfield Civic

    Sunday 29th May

    k.t.f. Dennis B

  10. It's a count down for the first of many soul nights, back at the Robin Hood Edwinstowe on Sat 28th then last Saturday Every month.

    The dj's for today's event are Sid from the Merlins and Mark from the Detour's.

    At this classic venue we will be providing a mix of soul sound from the early 60's through to the 80's with a tad of Modern

    but based around the Northern Soul Scene.

    Over the next coming months my aim is to provide something for every one's taste,

    and will be leaving the 100mh sounds to other soul venues around.

    So come and have a taste of the Robin Hoods magic

    the bars on till late and we start at 8:00

    £3 door tax.

  11. Cant wait phill the weekend is looking good for me coming to see you on Friday

    Then over to the tent in Worksop on Sat then the reunion at the Civic on Sunday

    I know i'm to old for all this **** but its the music that keeps me going

    :thumbsup: Den

  12. Selling some of my motown tracks


    This incredible Northern Soul sound

    from this all time classic

    on a British TMG 864



    £100 + postage






    £120 + Postage

  13. The Robin Hood at Edwinstowe.

    It will be a six monthly running venue; and will consist of three Wednesday's evening's

    Scooter run outs the first one will be April 27th, free food and music.


    Door tax £0

    Then looking at the last Saturday's monthly for those that wish to have a £2 night of soul

    this will be in-aid of charities that The Roadrunners Scooter Club and I support.

    We would appreciate donations for those wishing to participate

    by putting something in the tin, that will be available on the decks.

    We will not be going round pestering anyone with a bucket or Raffle tickets

    Music will consist of what's in my box that some will know what I play already

    Mi Mate Sid playing some Classic soul and a tad of R&B

    Guest Dj's that's willing to participate for free to play Northern Soul & club Classics

    Can ring 07958039148 or PM me S.A.P please

    :yes: Times will be 8:00 till late or when you stop drinking :lol:

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