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  1. Midnight express 45

    Midnight express "danger zone" 45 please Leo
  2. Ivory & Danny Samuel

    Ivory and Danny Samuel on Ivory please
  3. A few wants

    Hiya Looking for: Brown Sugar 45 on Shal-Turn Pleasure seekers on Pork 45 Darrel Young - more love 45 Bad News Band - diamond feather 45 Thank you! Leo
  4. [SOLD] CDS - big list

    Still here! 150 gbp and they're yours
  5. [SOLD] CDS - big list

    Hi all. Got some interest when i initially posted but no takers yet so here's te complete list. Getting rid of my cds, these are almost only rare soul and very little "hit" material with played out best of comps etc. All are playable and...
  6. Brown Sugar

    Brown Sugar 45 on Shal-Turn thank you! best Leo
  7. Various Sales

    Yeah great price on the right track.. agree with Carl
  8. Shades of brown

    Shades of brown "how could you love him?" missed it a couple of times in the past but oh so tired of waiting ;) best Leo
  9. Cds?

    Hi i have a pretty massive collection of cd comps from mainly kent, goldmine, bbe etc that i have no need for. is there an interest in this type of thing? I would like to shift them as a lot.. condition is mostly very nice. if anyone wan...
  10. Brilliance 45

    Pretty please, someone help me with: Brilliance "chillin' out" Touch and go 45 cash or trades best Leo
  11. [SOLD] aggression

    U got mail
  12. Video: Stockholm Soul Adventure

    Great time! damn Sickboyy trying to get people into water ;)
  13. Warfield Spillers 45

    Pm sent!
  14. Warfield Spillers 45

    Looking for: Warfield Spillers "daddy's little girl" Please/thanks! Leo
  15. LeoLyxxx