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  1. southgate 2010 open my ears to a lot of new tunes to me with some great people
  2. two photos from bhr/bsso racing this year
  3. soulpaul0


    iceland keeper will never buy a beer after saving the pen from messi 20 twenty mins to go hope they don't fade
  4. you right but some times it got a bit out of hand-people didn't want to listern to other peoples views (right or wrong)or take it in the right manner ie soft southerner/grim up north type post. we need ian levine or maggie thatcher post.
  5. easy its a lb jay better know as a little black jobbie
  6. ohh arh thats s*it, make me laugh hope you new year does'nt fizzle out so easy
  7. great to see you are keeping it going, is it pay on the door or ticket jobbie. as i will need to dance the mince pies off.
  8. lack of afro -recipe of love.
  9. thats it having a senior moment (its a worry) was trying to think of it all day of to play it again cheers paul
  10. the brain gone blank who sang- i cry myself to sleep- tried you tube ect and its not listed. girl singing about how she lost love.
  11. HAND BALL!! bet she feels a right tit the left one quiet nice to! ooh matron
  12. if the plaster is new you want a paint that breaths so it can dry out or leave it awhile before painting if it seals it. One other point if you use VINYL silk make sure that its ORIGINAL VINYL silk ONLY,
  13. should have rang her mobile (when she was driving) and told her to put her foot down. as you was peckish

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