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  1. southgate 2010 open my ears to a lot of new tunes to me with some great people
  2. easy its a lb jay better know as a little black jobbie
  3. ohh arh thats s*it, make me laugh hope you new year does'nt fizzle out so easy
  4. great to see you are keeping it going, is it pay on the door or ticket jobbie. as i will need to dance the mince pies off.
  5. thats it having a senior moment (its a worry) was trying to think of it all day of to play it again cheers paul
  6. the brain gone blank who sang- i cry myself to sleep- tried you tube ect and its not listed. girl singing about how she lost love.
  7. well done for the post it might be 30 years old but its well worth a listen 2 down 9 to go you forget how good the tunes are because you heard them a million times before but never play them as they are only motown/not rare /northern so off to listen to some TMG
  8. cheers pete will try and track it down plus b side you deseve a pat on the back
  9. Does anyone know if ronnie forte's that was whiskey talking every come out on cd ? super tune never seen it on cd must be many more that are hard to get and not released (talking about well knowed tunes/big hitters on the dance floor.
  10. so did marrying the ex and look where that got me got to say every post i'ma thinking yes thats the one, then read next and think top tune just because most are common/not rare they don't get play out as often as they may warrant it's to late to night but it's a motown night tomorrow
  11. sounds good worked out nightbus etc then forgot it was on that weekend kicking myself as its alot easy than going to kenndeys ect as its only 10 miles not 240 on a duty vist to my mum looked like a good night from the play lists. paul

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