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  1. Jessie James / Shirley

    Upgrading a few items in my collection and am looking for a mint- JJ Are You Gonna Leave Me. Please note: I already have it motorway caff-style, I am looking for extremely good nick only. Pls PM if you have such a copy for sale; may consider a swap ...
  2. Maybe it's the dementia, but I can't see how to upload scans (been a while since I last did). Can anyone advise or point me to instruzione? Ta very much like.
  3. Hi everyone Thanks for the interest (and apologies Tony, Moldie, for having taken a few hours to reply; work/life etc get in the way occasionally ) Too many emails and PMs to reply to all individually, so here's the update. Jack Montgomery and...
  4. Four classics for sale, all ex+ vinyl and labels All prices inc registered postage PM or email dancollins@tiscali.co.uk (the latter will get a quicker response) Cheers Jack Montogomery - Dearly Beloved / Do You Believe It - Scepter Very slight...
  5. The Tempest - Someday

    The albus is well worth buying Leeham - contains other outstanding tracks in a similar vein. You won't be disappointed.
  6. Want a copy of Love Me on TARX. Mint- only, thanks. Pls PM or email me if you know my email addy. It will probably take me a while to reply to PMs. Thanks all
  7. Must be m- - pls PM if have one to let go. I may take a while to reply to the PM. cheers Dan
  8. What should I expect to pay for a copy of this folks? TIA
  9. Lenny Curtis On End

    Thanks all. I thought about £800ish.
  10. Lenny Curtis On End

    What might you expect to pay for a mint- of Lenny Curtis' 'Nothing Can Help You Now', folks? TIA
  11. Terrible Confession

    Too good, Dave
  12. Terrible Confession

    I did wonder about that 'romance it out of him' line myself Steve Still, some people will do anything for records, eh. Anyway, here's my No1 jazz funk trivia question: - without googling, the father of which jazz funk icon played football for ...
  13. Terrible Confession

    Thanks to all for your help, and to Pete for his kind words I thought that would flush you out. Will def check out the comps mentioned, and Francine McNee. Bob, what's embarrassing? I kn ow you're American, but I believe there used to be fights at nor...